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17 - 2 - 2018

Firstly I just wanna say thank you for all your support and sweet understanding messages ladies, they mean a lot to me, and I'm so happy you've decided to come join me over here. I hope you will like it here, even in my 'new' style.
All Tied Up, should be up and working now in the Running Stories, I had some scripting and corrections I needed doing with the move here, but it should be working, and I'll add a whole new chapter soon.
Have a great weekend.

xx Linda


4 - 2 - 2018

My first ever update on Sinful Directions. I am excited to start of as the webmistress of this site, twisting it into what I hope will be the start of a long exciting journey of fiction and alpha males ;-)
I am still working on getting the site just right, but so far so good. And at the very least I got one story up and running now, as in Tangled. I am also on twitter with this site, so you can also catch me over there.
So for now, all I really wanna say is welcome to my "little" universe here.

xx Linda

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Former webmisstress of West Words for 14 years, and now in charge off the all new Sinful Directions. It's a new start, of a new world. It's time for an escape, so let's take a road trip to a land where dreams happens, there's Alfa men on the taken and the food calorie-free. Block out the world, choose a story, and answer the questions to get lost in story land.

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