Chapter 1

Picking up her mobile turned the volume up louder, making the music surround her as she placed the phone back down onto her little kitchen table and turned around, staring at the boxes standing on her floor, the clear evidence of the change that awaited her. once more felt the nerves kick in, leaving Dublin scared her. It had always been her home and now she was leaving, and not just leaving to another city, no she was putting an ocean between her old and new home, with no knowledge of what would happen in near future, but she had hope, hope that it would turn out to be her best decision taken so far. Sighing padded over towards her fridge, gently she took down the photos she had decorated her fridge with, liking whenever she went into her kitchen she would be greeted with the happy faces looking back at her, reminding her of happy memories. Walking over towards the kitchen table sat down on the edge of the chair as she placed the photos right in front of her, gazing at the photos with a smile. There was one of herself with her friend from one of their girly nights, was glad they still had those, had always been determined they kept them, and when she started dating she had told him he just had to accept that. couldn’t help but giggle slightly at the thought, but had settled with it and now down the line he had asked to marry him. Letting her gaze fall at the other photo of and smiling up at her like two love sick teenagers, still couldn’t fully believe that was actually getting married. Before , it had always just been the two of them against the world, now it was them against the world with on the sideline, like a bodyguard that wanted to protect . A smile tugged at ’s lips, she was glad had found , after all they were great together, just wished she would find that special someone too. At that thought ’s eyes fell on another photo, feeling her heart beat a little faster as she picked it up into her hands, it was from a night out celebrating and ’s engagement, it was then for the first time had actually had a real conversation with , ’s best friend who would also be his best man at the wedding in just a few weeks time. Stroking a finger softly over the features of as he stood laughing with and holding a Guinness in his hand, felt her heart tug, he processed what wanted in a man but also resembled a man she couldn’t have. Rolling her eyes at her own thoughts let the photo slip from her fingers back onto the table, her gaze moving to the ticket lying on the table as well, a ticket that would bring her to her new life, a life that may and may not revolve round a man she couldn’t have. Groaning to herself tried to free her mind from thoughts of , cursing her deep feelings for a man, that was married and seemed unable to be the charmer towards her that he was to everyone else.

Suddenly hearing the door bell, was torn from her thoughts and made her way to her front door, immediately being met by a pair of shinning orbs as she opened the door.

“Ohh you are way too happy, it’s not normal.” murmured in a laugh as threw her arms around and hugged her tightly.

“Awww sorry but I am happy.” beamed as she let go of and they walked into ’s kitchen.

“And I’m glad you are.” smiled and found two glasses that she hadn’t packed away yet.

“You alright hun?” asked sensing a vibe from her friend.

“Yeah I’m fine, just nervous about the move.” replied glancing at , watching as she had picked up the ticket from the table.

“Awww , you will do FAB in London, I know you will!!” spoke honestly after she had read the departure time on the plane ticket.

“You sound so sure.” said quietly as put the ticket onto the table before stepping up to and placing her hands on ’s shoulders.

“And so are you. You can do this. You will be the most amazing musical actor in the whole of London, you are going to kick arse.” said firmly locking eyes with .

“They won’t know what hit them right?!” answered unable not to smile at ’s strong faith in her.

“You Bet!! Now do you need help with anything, you all packed and ready?” enquired.

“Yes, only messing these couple of glasses, but thought we would use them for the white wine.” said as she took out the wine from her otherwise empty fridge.

“I can’t believe this is going to be our last girl night in your flat. It sure has lived to see all our emotions fly high over the strange world of men and work.” laughed in a sentimental voice.

“Sure has but you sure landed on your feet with prince charming.” responded just to see a smile break free on ’s lips.

“Uh uh now we are talking about , I brought you this along...thinking I would give it to you in person especially since the mailman kept losing it, instead of delivering it to you”. frowned at the lack of trust in the mailman system while she opened her purse picking out a little box and handing it to .

“What is this?” asked taking the box from ’s hands.

“Open, open.” cheered, her eyes shining back at .

“Wow.” uttered opening the little box and taking out a white card that was rolled up and tied with a golden ribbon. Easing the ribbon off opened the card and smiled at the words.

Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in love.
It is with joy that we,


Invite you to share
in a celebration of love
as we exchange our marriage vows
on Saturday, the twelfth of July
at three o’clock in the afternoon
Ballintubber Abbey, Claremorris,
Co. Mayo, Ireland.

“Awww .” whispered, happy for her friend.

“I assume you are still coming?!” spoke, eagerness filling her voice.

“Of cause I am, wouldn’t miss it for the world, besides as the maid of honour I am meant to be there.” chuckled.

“Uhhh you bet you have too. Oh , I can’t believe it’s possible to be this happy.” chimed, her hands clasped together in front of her face as her entire features lit up in joy, making her happiness rub off on .

“Aww you deserve it hun.” beamed, giving her friend a hug.

“I see you choose to have the wedding in Ireland.” added.

“Yeah it’s always been home, all our family is here, it just seemed right you know.” explained.

“Yeah I know... you will do more flying back and forth from Ireland and London until the wedding now then?” replied putting the wedding invite carefully away again.

“Yeah probably....Ohh it’s so exciting and now you’re moving to London as well so I get to see you more, life is good.” beamed while handed the white wine and took the two glasses and they walked into the living room.

“Oh is that a fact?” laughed.

“Sorry my furniture has already been shifted off.” added noticing gazing around at the rather empty living room.

“That’s alright, we’ll just do as we did when you moved into this place...we get comfy on the floor.” sniggered as they settled down onto the floor resting their back against the wall.

“I wanna ask you something?” said watching while poured wine into their glasses. glanced at having noticed the nervous weaver in her voice.

“What is it?” asked planting the wine bottle beside her on the floor.

“I noticed something last night when we all went out as a wishing you good luck in London kind a party thing.” rambled unsure how to say her words.

, just ask, what’s on your mind?” smiled yet feeling a nerve rushing into her gut.

“Alright.....do you have feelings for ? Because I think you do!!” blurted out.

“What?!” muttered unable to meet ’s gaze, feeling unsure of her own feelings and not ready to share any of them.

, I saw the way you looked at him last night, and I’ve seen it before... don’t worry no one else have noticed, it’s just that I know you so well...you like him don’t you?” replied softly, watching as fiddled with her glass and let out a deep breath before spelling the words...

“He is just so drop dead sexy and I don’t even know why I’m so into him, he is so sweet with everyone else, but with me his all strong and domineering” sighed finally meeting ’s gaze and seeing nothing but sympathy in ’s eyes.

“That would be because of the F-S-S-F” spoke with a sly smile.

“The what?” questioned confused.

“The F-S-S-F” repeated locking eyes with and nodding her head.

“What are you talking about” asked frustrated not getting what was hinting at.

“Forbidden, suppressed, sexual, frustrations!” explained, proudly of her little play of words, but they seemed to go missed by who stared back at her with her mind going a mile an hour.

, you have to have noticed! You are a woman with a serious radar, spotting things I never do, you got to have spotted this one too?!” uttered surprised watching as ’s gaze suddenly widen as she processed what was telling her.

, he wants to shag you, I’m not blind” finally spoke seeing as seemed to have lost her way with words.

“WHAT?” shuddered in mock astonishment, like a bombshell had just been revealed upon her.

“You heard me. That’s the reason why he seems so strong and domineering towards you, his trying to keep his forbidden, suppressed, sexual, frustrations in check or so I think. Hell, even has told me in a drunken state, man to man had told he thought you were sexy as hell” chuckled while kept starring at her friend in shock, not having seen any of this coming.

“Are you sure about all this?” whispered, grabbing her wine glass taking a long and calming sip.

“Yes and he would be perfect for you. I knew that from the moment introduced me to his best friend but has one big defect.” smiled softly turning more serious.

“Defect?” raised an eyebrow, not following.

“He is married!!” said quietly, squeezing ’s bend knee to give her support.

“Can’t you make him divorced?” rolled her eyes wishing it was possible.

“Haha would love too hun, I can’t stand his wife, she is such a cow, you would suit him soooo much better.” chuckled making throw her a smile before she rested her head back against the wall.

“I don’t really know her, don’t really wish too. Yet it doesn’t matter how I feel does it ? I can’t have him anyway...” sighed sharing a small smile with as they silently put the subject of away for the night, and just enjoyed the last evening they would share in ’s Dublin flat.

Chapter 2

Standing inside her new flat in London a week later stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and brushed her hairbrush through her long soft hair one last time before putting the brush down onto her makeup table. Her mind wandering to the hen party she was planning, she already knew what would like so it wasn’t hard. Walking into her living room glanced down onto the table with scattered brochures and a notepad with her ideas scribbled down upon. had found a castle in Ireland where they could have a luxury girly hen weekend, where they could get pampered and just get some relaxing fun down time, there just were one problem, . didn’t know if she had to include the woman, she knew neither her nor wished to be there but with her being married to it was a touchy subject. With a sigh knew she had to figure it out so grabbing her purse went to her car. If she left now she would have time enough to go by and ’s place first before heading off for her audition later that day. So settling into her little red car, drove out of the parking space and set off through the city.

Reaching her destination eased herself out of her car, grabbing her purse and headed up the driveway to the house right in front of her. Having just ranged the doorbell saw open the door a moment later but the smile on ’s face faltered as she saw the upset condition of her friend. Seeing leave the door open for her and walk back to where she came from with angry steps, frowned and walked in through the front door and closed it herself.

“I’M NOT DOING IT !!!” ’s voice cut through the air making ’s mind drift to what on earth was going on, she knew and rarely argued, so something most really have tricked off.

BE REASONABLE!” swore just as entered the living room and saw the normally loving couple having a go at each other.

“REASONABLE? THE BLOODY COW HATES ME!” cried out making sigh heavily.

“She doesn’t hate you, baby come on!!” grumbled.

“She does and she doesn’t want me to marry you and you bloody well know it !!” hissed while she stared at , both seeming oblivious to being there.


“BUT IT MATTERS TO ME!!! Tell me why we should invite someone to our wedding, who doesn’t want us to marry each other?!!” snivelled brushing a tear away furiously, while ’s mind ticked into place, realizing the fight was about .

“Because baby, she is my best man’s wife, we can’t just not invite her, that would be like they invited me to the christening of their baby but wouldn’t let me take you with me. I would hate them for it, because I want you with me, you’ll be my wife and I want to take you with me. Don’t you see, you may not like her but she is ’s wife so he will want to take her with him?!” explained, understanding ’s worries but wanting to do the right thing.

“WELL SHOULD HAVE MARRIED SOMEONE NICE!!!” fumed, angry that she had to invite someone who didn’t like her or even like .

, he does have a point.” injected quietly, startling a little as both and glanced at her.

“What?! You don’t even like her!” exclaimed.

“You are absolutely right, I don’t but imagine as said that he would be invited to something and had to go alone because they wouldn’t invite you. I’m sure that would hurt your future husband and I know you don’t want to hurt him.” enlighten, receiving a grateful small smile from for her attempt to clear the waters.

“ARHG!!!” shouted and turned away from them both and breathed in.

“Baby!” soothed, hating arguing with .

“I don’t want her there!!” spoke in a firm voice, indicating for not to come near her and to stay quiet.

“I know but she is still s wife baby, I can’t change that. I care about you both so very much and I just wish to do the right thing.” said quietly watching going silent on him for a moment before slowly turning around facing him again.

, I love you so much and our wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of my life, because you want to have me as your wife…” trailed of breathing in as tears filled her eyes.

“I love you too baby, so much, and it will be the most beautiful day.” croaked, feeling it safe to step closer to and stroke the tears sliding down her cheeks away with his thumbs.

“But how can it be, when I’m going to stand in church and be afraid that cow is going to stand up and say I protest to this wedding….” cried feeling mortified at the thought.

“Because I’m going to make sure she won’t. I’ll threaten her if I have to. Trust me babe, she doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of neither nor the press. Besides I’m telling her that if she does that, then she won’t be invited ever again to any of our celebrations, and that will have to go without her.” soothed softly watching calm down slightly.

“And in case, I’ll drag her out of church and kick her arse, which most probably will ruin her dress and make her cry!!” injected with a grin, seeing sniff with a chuckle at ’s statement.

“There, see baby, you don’t have to worry, okay?” spoke searching ’s eyes for the shine of happiness he usually saw there.

“Mmmm….alright….but she’s still not going to my hen party!” said determined, reaching her hands up resting them upon ’s chest.

“Alright, but we can’t deny her at the wedding baby.” said softly.

“God, why did marry that awful woman?” groaned, making look to the floor wondering the exact same thing.

“Because he love her and I’m marrying you because I love you with all my heart.” whispered, resting his forehead against ’s.

“I love you too.” breathed as she locked eyes with .

“And that’s all that matters.” smiled, leaning in placing a lingering kiss on ’s lips.

“And now I’ll let you two ladies catch up, I think I should go and have a chat with and .” said winking at before turning round to .

“Sorry about the greeting by the way, guess you didn’t expect walking in on us arguing.” hinted to .

“It’s okay and no, you two rarely argue.” spoke looking between and .

“No, only about that b-i-t-c-h!” muttered.

“Babe!” warned raising an eyebrow at her.

“Sorry.” murmured looking down.

“Just remember I love you and it’s all that matters.” said gently, tenderly lifting ’s chin with his finger and locked his eyes with hers.

“Yes.” uttered.

“Good, I’ll see you two later.” said and was just about to leave when grabbed his hand.

“Kiss.” pouted making grin at her.

“Always.” chuckled, cupping her cheeks in his strong hands, kissing her lovingly, while looked away feeling an ache in her heart, no matter how happy she was on ’s behalf it never did seem erase the ache she felt to have the same thing with . Seeing leave turned and looked at and couldn’t help but smile seeing the dreamily look upon ’s features.

“You seriously got it bad girl.” chuckled.

“Yeah I know, he is just so wonderful.” sighed making chuckle even more at ’s love sick condition.

“Sorry about the drama though.” spoke softly gazing at .

“No worries. I know more than anyone how makes your skin curl.” rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” whispered.

“Whatever for?” frowned.

“For being so love sick happy, when you’re aching.” confessed, wishing could be just as happy.

“Don’t be, I’m happy for you, ’s is quit a catch, and one day I’ll find my price.” reassured.

“And I’ll help you find him!” beamed lighting up at the thought, the mare excitement rubbing off on , making her smile.

“As long as you make sure you find me a catch.” chuckled.

“Ah I’ll find you a treasure of men.” giggled, her former good mood returning, as she joked with .

“Sounds promising. smiled.

“Oh, by the way you texted saying you had something to ask, what is it?” asked moving the subject along.

“I just wanted to hear if was supposed to be at your hen night, but I assume I got my answer from your ermmm discussion with just now.” chuckled glad with the prospect of no wife of ’s would be there.

“Yes, she’s not going to be at the hen party.” grinned happily. “So you got something nice planned for us Miss Bride of honor?” added excitedly.

“I got plans yeah but it’s a surprise and now I must dash I got an audition to attend too.” winked.

“Uhhhh good luck babe.” cheered hugging tightly as they said goodbye.


“Yes okay. Yeah…Thank you. Bye.” spoke ending the phone call and placing her mobile down onto her kitchen table with a deep sigh. Another audition not going to plan muttered to herself as she grabbed her Costa take-away hot chocolate mug from the table and took a sip. She needed an audition to go absolutely perfectly soon, she wanted back on that stage using her acting skills, besides working seemed to take her mind off Bloody and his train rack of a marriage. Drowning the last of her hot chocolate heard her doorbell and so dropped the empty mug into the rubbish bin and went to open the door.

“Oh, hey …….” trailed off when she opened the door and stormed inside, her mood the total opposite from when had left her earlier that day.

“What’s up?” asked with worry following into her living room.

“I HATE HER!” cursed and slumped down onto the hardwood floor right beside a half opened moving box.

?” questioned although by the look on ’s face knew she didn’t even have to ask.

“I hate her!” exclaimed once more, instinctively grabbing onto the box and opening it completely while bend down and sat beside her.

“What’s she done now?” sighed fearing the worst.

“She wants to be my bridesmaid and I know it’s just because she wants to get into the spotlight, attention whore!!” fumed unable to keep her emotions in check.

“You told her no right?” asked praying she didn’t have to do any bridesmaid duties with the woman.

“Of cause I did! You know, she came over earlier tonight with and she just threw it on me, that since she’s married to she should be a bridesmaid. AS IF!!!” snarled looking over at who sighed relieved.

“And so they went home and you went here?” questioned while crossing her legs trying to get into a better sitting position.

“No they were still there when I left but understood that I had to get out for a moment, he actually whispered to me to go and see you.” smiled for the first time since entering ’s new flat.

“Bonus point to .” replied as looked into the box her hands was grabbing on to.

“Yeah, there’s one problem though and I’m SO sorry.” said quietly shifting her gaze to ’s who instantly felt on guard.

“Sorry about what?” enquired getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Well to smooth the waters about me refusing to let be a bridesmaid, she demanded to be allowed to attend the hen party.”

“What?!” shrieked sensing her plans going down the drain the second said it.

“I know, I know but pleaded with to agree because otherwise it would be hell to go home with and then pleaded with me to agree for ’s sake.” explained sighing deeply.

“Sounds like and has the perfect marriage!” grimaced yet deep inside her heart she couldn’t help but feel a little pleased, giving her an inch of hope that maybe, just maybe one day wouldn’t be attached in a marriage.

“Oh yeah! Anyways, I’m really sorry , I know it’s not easy for you and I wouldn’t want her there but I couldn’t say no to . I just….I’m sorry.!” whispered, truly feeling sorry and knew she was. Breathing in, closed her eyes for a few seconds knowing it wasn’t ’s fault, it was ’s really, if she had to be honest about it, he was after all the one who married her.

“It will be alright , I won’t let her ruin your hen party, we will have fun.” said cheerfully, determined not to let ruin what was supposed to be a fun memorable night for .

“Thank you .” spoke gratefully.

“No worries” smiled, hoping for the best while shook her head trying to rid her thoughts.

“Anyways you went to an audition today, how did it go?” asked changing the subject.

“It didn’t, I didn’t get the part. I have some more auditions to go to so I’m hopeful.” answered, hoping her big chance would be just around the corner, afterall she had bills to pay.

“You will get a fantastic part soon I’m sure of it.” cheered making her friend smile. “Maybe I should bring you along the next time so your faith can rub off on them” joked.

“You just name the time and place and I’ll be there” grinned watching as picked up a candlestick from the box.

“Hmmm I looked for this the other day” laughed lightly.

“And here’s the other one!” spoke rooming through the box and picking it up.

“Nice.” stated as they both glanced into the box once more.

Chapter 3

With a bag in her hand from the grocery store turned the corner round her apartment complex and immediately felt her heart beat just a little bit faster when she spotted standing with his broad muscular frame up against his dark blue car typing something onto his smartphone. Taking a calming breath while her mind ran a mile an hour as to why on earth he was there, suddenly saw him look up and flaming eyes bored right into her ones causing her heart to take a double leap. Unable to look away from his powerful stare, just about spotted him tug his phone into the pocket of his black leather jacket. Reaching him they both kept quiet, just staring at each other with tension raising, causing to remember ’s words the last night in her old flat in Dublin “he thought you were sexy as hell” the mare statement making ’s cheeks flush lightly, as she tried to regain her full composure.

“Sorry to barge in on you like this.” finally broke the silence while crossing his arms in front of his chest and pushing himself of the car into an upright standing position.

“No, its okay just surprised to see you.” rambled unsure of what to say, her mind still running as to why he was there, he never usually came round to where she lived.

“I assume you’ve heard is joining you for the hen party?” asked raising an eyebrow, the mare action making ’s body shiver mixed with the disappointment of the mention of his wife.

“Yeah, told me last night.” confirmed recalling how had stormed into her flat in a state of rage.

“Right, I know I have no claim on you or any right to ask for favours….” trailed off as felt transfixed watching him slide his tongue over his lower lip. The sight making swallow the lump in her throat when his tongue slowly slipped back into his mouth away from sight causing to lift her gaze and just about catching the amused twinkle in his eyes, making fully aware he had done it on purpose and probably knew about the tension felt in his presence.

“Favours?” asked shaking her head trying desperately to keep her feelings in check.

“Yeah could you possibly let in on the planning? I know you probably already have your ideas, but maybe you two could mix them up or something and make it spectacular.” replied his gaze boring into ’s trying to give across that he really wasn’t asking her to agree, he was telling her too.

“You know I’m sorry but…” started but instantly closed her mouth when leaned forward, his right hand coming up cupping her chin forcing her to look straight into his eyes.

“If you do this, I’ll owe you a favour!!” ’s voice came out in a raw tone, sending shudders down ’s spine. Unable to say no to the smouldering domineering request within his eyes found herself nodding before her mind even registered what she had just agreed upon.

“Thank you!” sly smiled letting go of the grip on her chin and moved to open his car door, while shook her head getting her thoughts back into their right path.

“Have a good day….Mrs. !” nodded and eased himself back into the car closing the door and set it into gear. Blinking with her eyes watched drive off while she kept questioning herself about what the fuck had just happened.


It had only been a few hours since had watched drive off in the park way, and now she was sat by her kitchen table looking at papers scattered around in front of her with all her plans for ’s hen party. She had just known what she wanted to plan right from the moment had told her she had got engaged, but now saw her plans crumble minute after minute, just because a pair of smouldering eyes had asked her for a favour, and she hadn’t been able to refuse. A favour that to right now felt like the biggest mistake on earth because only an hour later had stood on her doorstep wanting to plan everything, telling they had to move it into gear quickly as the hen party only where a few days away. It was a true statement really but having sat in discussion with the last hour knew her original plan wasn’t going to go as she had planned. With a heavy sigh shifted her gaze to the notepad beside her, with the list of names attending the hen party. Moving the pen over the last name wanted to cross it over so they once more would be ten women out on a luxury fun weekend. The number eleven name now on the list changed everything. Firstly didn’t want to go away for the entire weekend with and she knew wouldn’t either, so now just had to make damage control over all of ’s plans, she had to keep in line to prevent her from ruining the special night. Hearing ’s footsteps returning from her short visit to the bathroom looked up just as entered the kitchen once more.

“So, shall we go shopping?” asked grabbing her purse from the edge of the kitchen table.

“Depends, are you sure you can rent that private party room at Cliveden House Hotel?!” questioned glancing at pushing her for an answer.

“Yes, look here…” spoke stepping over to the laptop standing on the kitchen table and scribbled in her password for her email, and clicked on a confirmed email from Cliveden, letting them know the room was reserved for them on Saturday night.

“How did you manage that exactly on such short time?” frowned.

“My last name is !” shrugged like that was equal that every door would automatically open for her.

“And my last name is !” rolled her eyes in utter sarcastic measure.

“Shall we go?” simply said ignoring ’s comment.

“Yeah. Who’s driving?!” asked turning off her laptop and then went about getting ready to leave her flat.

“I am. Oh this will be so much fun.” grinned and all but gave a weak smile feeling very unsure about heading into town and further more into the shop in question. Locking her door had a feeling she had to keep an eye out on and make sure she didn’t go to far, which would push over her boundaries at her own hen night.

Only twenty minutes later walked through the revolving glass doors into Ann Summers with excitedly by her side. Her excitement causing to be on guard, instead of had it been by her side they would both just had gone into the shop and had fun, but being there with was very different.

“Over there.” spoke nodding towards the rails filled with so called fancy dresses but in reality sexy and naughty would be a more accurate term for the dress outfits hanging in front of them thought as she gazed at them.

“If we just pick the right pieces, this might be a good idea actually.” admitted, her gaze spotting both a sexy one for herself and one for , but before she got to suggest them, eagerly pulled a piece down from its rail and held it up in front of .

“Oh my God look, this will be perfect for .” cheered yet a hidden agenda seemed hidden in the depth of her eyes, as starred at the piece of clothing in front of her feeling mortified.

“NO, God no!!” exclaimed shocked at ’s suggestion.

“What? It’s sexy.” grinned turning the piece around.

would hate it!” protested firmly knowing she under no circumstances could give in on this one. would be utterly horrified and if found out he would be furious.

“Ohh he would be drooling.” rolled her eyes.

“Only in the privacy of their own bedroom, not around in a fancy hotel where other men could see her” exclaimed, her eyes widening in shock at ’s opinion until she finally spotted the wicked glimpse hidden within ’s eyes. In that second knew what was playing at, to embarrass and get furious with for risking other men seeing her in a dirty outfit by the accurate name ‘Teacher’s Tease’. It was an outfit only consisting of a pink halterneck top, a flirty pleated skirt with a wetlook waistband that by the looks of it wouldn’t even cover her bum and not to forget a crotchless thong and saucy suspender straps. It was plain dirty, something for fun in the private bedroom, but not something you would wear at a party in a luxury hotel.

“It says its perfect for indulging your fantasies.” spoke reading on a label.

“Yes in private , it’s a NO!!” fumed grabbing the objet out of ’s hands and hanging it back onto its rail.

“You agreed upon this theme of fun and saucy” argued.

“Yes and these outfits could be a fun idea but jeez , let’s keep it a bit more decent and classy.” shrieked annoyed.

“Why it fits her.” snorted, her thoughts about not hidden the least in her remark, making count to ten and prevent herself from shouting at her for why on earth she wanted to come to the party. knew though, she knew why, was right, wanted some of the spotlight on her, and she wanted to put under a bad spotlight if she could get away with it.

“Because she is not single, she is the bride!” fumed and was just about to throw a comeback when a salesclerk appeared beside them.

“The Bride?” The salesclerk going by the name Sally, spotted as she quickly ran her gaze over the woman’s name badge.

“Yes, we’re trying to find a sexy outfit for the bride to be but yet keep it a little decent as not to upset neither her nor her future husband when she’s out to party in it.” explained quickly turning the appearance of Sally into her advantage. “I was thinking about this one.” said reaching out and pulling down an outfit called ‘Pc Most Wanted’.

“Ahh yes that would be a good choice she would be sexy in this police woman outfit, yet at the same time her body would be covered where needed.” Sally smiled brightly while from the corner of her eye could see curse under her breath but knew wouldn’t cause a scene in front of the salesclerk.

“It’s got handcuffs too?” questioned looking the fancy dress over.

“Yes it includes a white top with teasing fishnet details, a zip front closure for a sexy reveal, a matching black skirt, hat and a pair of handcuffs.” Sally explained.

“Oh would love this one.” grinned feeling sure that this was the one.

“I don’t know what kind of night you’re planning but if you plan the hen party and stag party to mix up at the end, you could even use the handcuffs to snap the bride and groom together for the rest of the night.” Sally winked making laugh lightly.

“Now that was an idea.” chuckled as Sally turned her attention to .

“So what do you think? It could be a great outfit for a night of raunchy role play later on for the bride and groom as well.” Sally hinted but before could say anything interfered not wanting to risk messing this up.

“We’ll take it. Now we just need one for the two of us as well.” injected hinting to and herself, making Sally beam even further.

“And what would you both like?” Sally asked her gaze instantly on when she picked down a ‘Major Tease’ outfit from the rails. “Ah yes that is a sexy piece, you’ll look prepared for kinky combat in this one.” Sally added.

“Hmm my husband would like the sound of that.” smirked, a wicked grin in her eyes, causing ’s heart to do a quick twist and immediately making her want to pick an outfit that would make drool over her instead. knew that very well may never happen, but the mare thought spun her on.

“I like it.” spoke quietly as she ran her fingers over the piece, a camo print dress featuring gold stars, a major tease badge, studded mesh side panels, a zip front closure for easy reveal and a matching hat.

“It’s bond to turn your husband’s head, and its perfect for role with him.” Sally grinned unaware of rolling her eyes at her comment.

“Mmmm sounds promising. I’ll have it.” beamed while at the same time read the label of the outfit that had caught her eye, one called ‘School Of Seduction’.

“Oh that one would suit you incredible.” Sally said shifting her gaze to .

“Mmmm..” whispered with a cheeky grin sneaking over her lips.

“It’s perfect for fancy dress parties or naughty bedroom fun.” Sally smiled broadly watching pounder whether or not it was the one. “It’s also got a teasing zip front closure and features a traditional tartan pleated skirt, a matching collar and mini tie as a finish.” Sally described as lifted her gaze to Sally’s.

“You’re right, it’s perfect, and I’ll take it.” smiled her inner sex goddess purring in delight at the maybe prospect of seeing her in it.

“Great, now anything else I could help you ladies with?” Sally questioned.

“Hmm maybe we should get a whip as a present from all us girls?” muttered in a raw irritated tone meaning to push ’s buttons getting her temper rising but instead just turned and glanced at her with a devious smile on her face.

“Actually that could be a great idea. Then or could use it on each other if the other didn’t obey.” smirked loving the stunned look washing over ’s features.

“Oh but we got a good selection, if you will come with me and see.” Sally beamed obviously enjoying the prospect of selling yet another item to them.

“Fabulous, show us.” spoke as they followed Sally further through the shop near to the other end.

“Right these are what we‘ve got.” Sally spoke as they stopped up and glanced at the shelves in front of them. “How about this ultra kinky chain flogger? It’s perfect for domination and submission and it comes with a thick handle for a firm grip and long chain tresses that’ll leave you breathless.” Sally continued while stared at the chain flogger with wide eyes knowing instantly wouldn’t want it.

“Hmm I could see that.” smirked reaching out letting her fingers touch the chain tresses. wasn’t sure what she was more shocked about, the fact that it seemed like wanted to try it herself or that she suggested she could see into something like that with .

“It would take bondage play to another level...” Sally spoke but straight away trailed off when she saw the look on ’s face.

“NO!! It’s a firm no, is not into that kind of raw bondage.” exclaimed making sure she kept control of this shopping trip with of which easily could get out of hand.

“Oh, right something lighter then?” Sally asked glancing at getting the hint that the one knowing the bride to be best was .

“Yes” sighed relieved when Sally put the chain flogger away again.

“Then how about this one it’s a ‘Feather tickler two ended whip’ it promises to put you in control and it comes with options for both tickling and teasing. On one end there’s a light and fluffy feather ball for gentle stroking and flirting, and on the other there’s a wide flat paddle that’s perfect for dominating.”

“Much better.” smiled having a feeling this one would get smiling excitedly when she got the present.

“We’ll take it. Can you wrap it up in a present?” said giving up to ’s opinions on the matter.

“Certainly, if you would come with me to the desk?” Sally spoke turning around walking towards the desk to wrap up the present, with and following to pay for their items before heading off home.


Collapsing into her comfy white sofa an hour later sighed deeply feeling utterly exhausted from her shopping trip to Ann Summers with , but thankfully they hadn’t bought anything couldn’t agree upon. She had held control of the crazy wife of ’s and it had been just as draining as had thought it would be. Turning her gaze looked to the sofa chair opposite her and watched their fancy dress outfits lying there promising a night of fun. Suddenly hearing her mobile set off on her coffee table wriggled a little to be able to reach it with her left hand. Seeing ’s name flash on her phone smiled and pressed the button.

“Hey Mrs. to be.” answered tiredly, instantly receiving a giggle from her words.

“Hey....just wanted to check you were alright?” blurted nervously.

“Yeah tired but fine, why?” frowned.

“Oh great. Well came by earlier to talk with and he mentioned you were out with , so I just wanted to check no damage was done.” explained.

“Yeah hen party duties, she wanted to make sure she was part of it now.” replied unsure if she should say had come by to ask her to include in her planning, but not wanting to ruin any surprises for decided against it.

“Ahhh.....should I be worried?!” questioned quietly, knowing with trouble was never too far away.

“No, I’m keeping her on a leash!” chuckled glad she had actually managed to.

“Good and I’m sorry about her. I know you don’t want to spend time with her.” said sadly.

“Don’t be it gives me practice to handle her to the actual wedding.” laughed weakly.

“You don’t have to worry about that for the wedding, has already made sure keeps her in line for that day.” sighed at the fact that even had to do that.

“Great, I do like your future hubby more and more every day.” grinned.

“Good cause he is staying in our lives forever now.” beamed happily.

“Oh I’ve noticed and it’s great . Listen I’m really tired, any chance we could talk later hun?” enquired just wanting to sleep.

“Sure, just wanted to hear you were alright. Have a good night.” answered.

“Thanks you too. Bye smiled as they hung up and she tugged herself more into the sofa. Only a few minutes passed before she was fast asleep...

Chapter 4

Parking her car by the home grabbed her little mini suitcase and dragged it over to the house where she ranged the door bell to indicate she had arrived before opening the door and making her way into the hall.

“IT’S !” called back through the hall just as she got there. “ is padding about getting ready, he thought it might had been the guy’s coming to pick him up.” explained walking up to .

“Oh, he must be excited about his wild stag night.” chuckled as ’s eyes widen at her comment.

“Wild stag night, how wild is wild?” blurted suddenly feeling worried.

“Haha ohhh relax I’m just teasing you.” laughed.

“Very funny, come in, let’s head into the living room.” spoke and they both headed off into the room where placed her little suitcase at the end of the coffee table.

“Wow, I didn’t know you where moving in.” grimaced stepping into the room, causing too shift her gaze to his, seeing him roll up the sleeves of his black shirt with the top buttons opened.

“Yeah I just thought that in this big house you might as well rent out the guest room to me.” joked along, watching as walked up to , gently putting her hand against his shirt clad chest.

“Well since it’s you I think we can manage that for a few nights.” grinned to before locking gaze with .

“What’s up baby?” asked softly stroking his fingers through ’s long hair.

“Tonight, don’t do anything you shouldn’t...okay?” breathed feeling a little worried after ’s earlier comment.

“Sorry, I think I might have said your stag night would be a wild one.” injected to and murmured sorry before grasping hold of the zipper on her suitcase. ’s remark making chuckle a little and move his right hand, his fingers holding ’s chin as he gazed into her eyes.

“You got nothing to worry about, I’m still your fiancé in the morning, okay?” reassured watching her take an intake off breath and nod.

“Good….I need to go find my phone….” smiled and chastely dropped a kiss onto ’s lips before heading off in search of his phone.

“So …” spoke getting all of ’s attention back.

“What’s that?” asked, her gaze immediately spotting the present in ’s hands.

“This is for you, just from me. I wanted to give it to you when we were alone, so here you go.” answered a twinkle of mischievous in the depth of her eyes.

“Uhhh I love presents.” beamed excitedly and more than curiously grasped hold of the package and started unwrapping it. couldn’t help but impatiently wait for ’s reaction as the item came into view causing ’s eyes to widen stunned.

“Oh my God.. !” blurted, the use of the contents in the box making a dirty glam appear in her eyes.

“Well this way can still please you when he is away on tour.” smiled, loving the reaction she got from .

“Ahhh I LOVE it, thank you hun’.” exclaimed in utter exhilaration just as entered the room once more.

“What’s with the squeals in here?” questioned while tugging his phone into the pocket of his black jeans.

, just gave me this.” giggled turning around showing the box to , who in return raised an eyebrow.

“Now you and I can make a copy of your thick, hard, dick…so when you are on tour without me, I can kind a still be fucked by you.” leered close to ’s ear, feeling ’s fingers dig into her hips at her words. Pretending to cough as he straightened himself from the emotions ’s voice created in him closed his eyes for a few seconds before looking over at who gazed back at him smirking, always loving the act of teasing .

“Ermm that was ermm very thoughtful of you , thank you.” chuckled unable not to love the present.

“You’re welcome.” grinned just as they heard the sound of a couple of land rovers speed into their driveway outside followed by the unmistakable sound of car horns.

“I think the guy’s are here.” rolled her eyes with a laugh.

“You bet they are and I’m stealing your stud .” declared striding into the living room only just giving enough time to close the lid on her present and hid it from .

“As long as you give him back.” responded while pulled her tightly into his arms, breathing in her scent as he rested his face in the crook of her neck.

“Miss. .” greeted across the room, making her heart leap at the sound of her name falling of his tongue.

“Mr. .” nodded trying to act her coolest.

“Right , shall I drag you away?” rose an eyebrow watching as lifted his head just too firmly brush his lips against ’s.

“I think you have too.” injected sensing was worried about ’s stag night and therefore wouldn’t be the one letting go of .

“Hmm right …..3…..2….” started counting “…1…” added when pulled an inch away from . “Yeah yeah, give me a sec .” muttered and locked eyes with again.

“Have fun tonight baby but remember your marrying me so no…..” trailed off at ’s beaming smile towards him. “I know, don’t worry. You be good too..” added snatching a last kiss while started tabbing his left foot against the floor. Letting go of stepped over to clasping his strong hands onto her shoulders and leaned close to her ear…

“Keep in line tonight, trample her if she wants’ my girl to do unspeakable things!” whispered and pulled back looking at waiting for an answer.

“I’ll do my best.” confirmed seeing a satisfied smiled on ’s face at her answer.

!!” rolled his eyes.

“Yeah yeah I’m coming.” laughed, dropping a last kiss on ’s cheek as he passed her and followed into the hall where he grabbed his black leather jacket, leaving and to hear the front door close and cheers from all the guy’s outside erupting when they saw and come out to the cars.

”Don’t worry .” said softly seeing standing still staring in the direction had disappeared in to.

“Yes, your right.” smiled shaking her head and turning her attention to . “So what have you got planned for me?” added curiously.

“Ohhh you’ll see, first thing first, you need to change clothes.” winked opening up her suitcase completely now that had gone.

“Into what?!” questioned suddenly feeling rather on guard watching ’s every move as she picked something out of her suitcase.

“This is what you are going to wear the whole time of your hen party.” grinned holding up the ‘Pc Most Wanted’ outfit she bought the other day with .

“But that’s….OH MY GOD !! You’re not kidding?” exclaimed stunned while taking in the sight of her piece of clothing for the night.

“No I’m not, and you will be the sexy bride to be tonight and ’s going to be so jealous he’s not there to see it” smirked.

“Hmmmm…” murmured taking the outfit from .

“Trust me it will look fabulous on you, besides be glad I picked this one for you, would have had you in a really slutty one.” spoke as she picked up her own outfit from her suitcase.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all” rolled her eyes and then spotted the other piece of clothing in ’s hands.

“Wow you’re going to be bad ass sexy too. Shame isn’t there.” teased causing to grimace and wishing would actually see her in it.

“Now come on , we got somewhere to be in about two hours.” said pushing gently in the direction of the staircase to head for the bedroom to change.


Two hours later found herself standing in the middle of a private party room they had rented at Cliveden House Hotel just outside the busy City of London. The room looked rather magnificent in all its dark wooden glory, setting an intimate atmosphere. Glancing over towards who had been all smiles throughout the evening was happy she hadn’t had to step in and rescue anyone and anything from ’s crazy mind ideas, but knew the night was still young and with the dangerous smile gracing ’s lips, felt sure she was up something.

“I believe we got a present for you from all us girls.” ’s voice cut through ’s thoughts giving her the cue to go and get it from her bag.

“Hmmm wonder what it is...” trailed of giving a smile when she passed her the present. Looking at waiting for her reaction couldn’t help but grin to herself when she saw looking shocked as she had unwrapped the ‘Feather tickler two ended whip’ and took in the sight of it as laughter around her filled the room.

“Is this a hint for me to go play with because you know I will.” smirked.

“Oh I definitely know.” giggled and took a sip of the cocktail in her hand, while rolled her eyes in mock annoyance.

“So , is the whip going to be controlled from your hand or ’s?” asked standing beside .

“Probably ’s, he’s the dominant one, right ?” giggled causing to shake her head in a warm laugh.

“I love him like that.” admitted just as the door into their private room went open and a man with a broad muscular frame, dressed in a police uniform entered the room, causing to instantly gaze at who looked just as surprised back at . Having a bad feeling in the pit of her gut shifted her gaze to and spotted her grinning dangerously, making fully aware that this stunt had written all over it.


“What can I help you gentlemen with tonight?” The reception clerk behind the hotel counter spoke seeing a group of well and truly jolly men walk into the hotel lobby.

“You could direct us to the hen party.” grinned strolling up to the desk giving her his award winning smile, while glanced in every direction trying to spot his girl.

“I’m sorry Sir but isn’t a hen party for women only?” She asked with a raised eyebrow while her fingers tabbed with the pen in her hands.

“Ah but we’re crashing it.” laughed but instantly saw his mistake at the shocked expression washing over the females face in front of him.

“He meant it in a good way.” suddenly interfered stepping up to the desk beside .

“Right!” She mumbled not convinced at all.

“Look we are allowed in I promise you.” spoke trying to sound sincere while keeping his tipsy state at bay.

“Either way it’s still a private party and I was told not to let strangers in.” She replied in a firm tone.

“Strangers?” chuckled clasping a hand onto ’s shoulder. “This man here is the future husband to the bride you have at that party.” explained as a grin broke free on ’s face, both men gazing at the woman in front of them trying their best to win her over.

“That may or may not be so either way it’s a closed party for various reasons.” She croaked and immediately made both men frown at her.

“What reasons?” muttered, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Well because……” She trailed of as she was abruptly interrupted as her fellow colleague walked through the door behind them and came laughing up to her, not registering the two men on the other side of the desk.

“Jesus, I would sure like to be the future husband or well at least get a taste of….” He chuckled but stopped abruptly at the stern warning look within his colleague’s eyes.

“Would that be the hen party you’re refereeing too?” snarled, alarm bells ringing in his tipsy mind.

“Well yes but how?” He blurted.

“I’m her hus…..fiancé” growled at the man in front on them.

“You were just about to say you were her husband, you are a week to early yet for that mate.” chuckled looking at trying to calm him.

“Either way what are you both on about?” asked shifting his gaze from to the two on the other side of the desk obviously looking slightly uncomfortable meanwhile knew nothing would calm unless they got into that hen party.

“Honestly they are seriously sexy in their outfits, it’s a sight every man would like. Your one lucky man” He spoke glancing up at .

“Hey my wife is in there too.” spit out, instantly getting the man’s attention “Well then you’re lucky as well” he replied while snorted to himself, not feeling like the lucky one, his wife wasn’t the one he wanted to see, his mind only revolving round seeing once more.

“So are you letting us in or what?” enquired while held firmly onto the edge of the desk with his strong hands.

“I’m not so sure..” The woman trailed off...

“Look my wife told me the address and around what time we could come by, you can just head in and ask her if you don’t believe me?!” spoke...

“It’s not that I don’t believe you but the woman in charge of the party, said not to let anyone in.” The woman explained.

murmured instantly feeling a shiver rush down his spine at the prospect of seeing her in a sexy outfit, knowing from his wife they all wore one. Looking at the woman in front him, knew he had to get in there...

“Look just let us in, no damage will be done.” pleaded finally seeing the woman weaver in her decision.

“Alright! Alright you can go in.” She smiled at last and with a grin watched turn to the men standing behind him.

“Come on guy’s let’s go in and see our ladies.” grinned clasping a hand onto ’s shoulder. “Ready to see the wifey?” added in a smirk at who smiled broadly in return.


!” whispered towards , feeling helpless as the policeman who had turned out to be a stripper stood in front of her and ripped his white shirt open, showing her his six pack of a toned naked chest as his shirt feel to the ground. While could do nothing but to shrug her shoulders in mock defeat unsure of what to do. Hearing yelp chuckled as she saw the police man grasp his hands onto ’s hips and stood shaking his groin to close to ’s. Not knowing what to do heard yell for her to place her hands on the man’s naked chest and feel him up but just as the words had fallen from ’s lips to the other women’s amusement the door into the room swung open once more and both and froze instantly at the booming voice of echoing around the room….

”GET YOUR FILTHY PALMS OF MY FIANCÉE!!” barked storming right in the direction of and the male stripper. Grabbing a firm hold of ’s waist pulled her back towards his chest and out of the grasp of the stripper’s palms. Knowing instinctively ’s next move ran towards his wingman just as had let go of and with strong forceful arms flexing pushed the stripper backwards making him curse and stumble.

! STOP!” yelled reaching them.

“DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN!!” ’s voice was raging through the air, leaving the room in complete silence, everyone holding their breath staring at and the stripper.

Chapter 5

Watching the hen party come apart before her eyes, a thing had sworn she wouldn’t let happen, she made a drastically decision. She knew she wouldn’t be able to pull away from the male stripper, he was just too strong for her, but she could put her female talents into use. Shifting her gaze to the nearby table spotted the whip they had giving and went to clasp her hand around it, and quickly moved over to ’s side, who tried to pull ’s hand to get his attention but he was to furious to give in. Grabbing ’s free hand tugged at her to make her look at her..

“Come” muttered quietly pulling with her.

“But… what are you up too?” argued thinking she should stay with .

“Damage control , just do as I tell you!” ordered just as she caught sight of and hinted for her to follow her as well. Reaching a small little stage got both and up there with her.

“Okay , you are going to dance right here until you get your man’s attention and then you’re going like an purring sex kitten down towards him, pushing him down onto a chair and give him a lap dance!” spoke resolute.

“WHAT?” exclaimed as quietly as she could muster while stood beside them chuckling at the thought.

“It will make forget about the stripper!” pointed out watching bite her lower lip nervously and turn to look in ’s direction, catching him still staring at the stripper with a hard expression on his face and trying to get in the middle of the two. With a deep sigh turned to once more “Fine but I’m not doing it alone, everyone would be staring at me.”

“I know you won’t. will do it as well, I’m sure would love a lapdance from his wife.” hinted glancing over at .

“Ohhh yeahh.” beamed shaking her booty in her short black dress with black see through lace down the sides teasing the eye of males.

“You too.” said determined to have her friend beside her during this nerve wrecking stunt.

, I’m not exactly the one dating any of these men in here” protested feeling slightly on guard seeing a sudden smirk rolling over ’s features.

“Use !” grinned only to pleased at the prospect of getting back at .

“No…I can’t….” trailed of feeling her every nerve in her body stand alert at the mare suggestion.

“Come on, she got the stripper here, right?” reminded her.

“Yes but..” argued unsure of this being a good idea.

“It would be the perfect revenge! Revenge us, please pleaded with , knowing she almost had her by the wavering tempted look within ’s eyes.

“She will get livid.” uttered.

“Yeah but she won’t make yet another scene on top of this one, not deliberately anyway, she won’t risk getting even more angry with her” argued trying her best to convince .

“Girls, we need to get this going now, if we’re doing it” injected making and shift their gaze to her before sneaking a glance at yelling at the stripper once more. spotted standing close by the men with a satisfied smirk on her lips that pushed the finally edge.

“Alright I’ll do it!” breathed out, trying to suppress her nerves at getting up and close to with her body like that.

“YES!” cheered just as pushed ’s whip against her stomach.

“Use this, it might help!” whispered only to see shake her head.

“I’ll be okay, it’s he won’t deny my sexy booty” leered making chuckle. “You use it, show what he’s missing out on.” teased yet with a serious expression on her face.

“Okay, let’s do this!” breathed in for courage, just as one of the other girls rushed up towards the stage.

“Here, I had a inkling of what you were going to do, so quickly borrowed these from the hotel lady” She giggled and nodded towards the door where one of the employees of the hotel grinned back with a smile before she disappeared out of the door.

“Uh thank you, now we got something to strip of.” cheered utterly excited by the whole thing as they all three put on a black blazer with ‘Cliveden House Hotel’ written across the little left breast pocket.

“I’ll put on the music” The girl beamed and rushed towards the music played standing in a corner.

“Just breathe” mumbled to herself. Her words all but quietly sneaked into ’s mind as she closed her eyes, and heard tones of soft music enter the atmosphere around them. Trying to settle her nerves, determined to make this the hottest and only lapdance she’d ever done, forced herself to slid into a trance to calm herself and let her inner goddess take over and slowly she started to sway her body in time with the music. A sly smile skimmed over her lips as started to enjoy it and slowly she opened her eyes, glancing to her side seeing leer in ’s direction, obviously finally having got his full attention, meaning ’s idea was working. For just a second all three women grinned at each other and nodded in agreement and stepped towards the edge of the stage, with swaying hips, they slowly bended down sitting upon the edge of the stage. ’s hands were holding onto the edge of the stage and as she looked up she felt a shiver shot down her spine catching looking directly at her. Holding his gaze slid slowly down against the small wall of the stage, her hands moving to hold onto her knees, spreading her legs apart while she threw her head back to cheers breaking through the room at the three women’s antics. Almost in sync they all three clasped their hands onto the floor and lifted their heads in a quick move, and clasped their gaze on each their guy to give them strength for their next move. Like a sexy tiger they crawled over the floor closer towards the men. felt her heart beating frantically knowing the whole room where staring at them, and by each second she got closer to , closer to make her move, to bring revenge over , and sink into the pleasure of being close to . When she was right in front of him felt every nerve in her body rushing through her, yet in some way finding courage in ’s presence close by knowing she was doing the exact same thing. Forgetting the presence of scrolling nearby, shouting daggers at her, lifted her knees up from the floor, now on bended knees shifted her gazed to her own hands touching her hips and letting them slide over her thighs as she in a swaying move seductively got back up into a standing position while letting her whip rest on the floor. Taking one step forward felt her pulse quicken standing nose to nose with , her right hand grasping round his black silk tie, causing him to raise a questioning eyebrow. A hint of surprise showing in the depth of his eyes at ’s blunt action at choosing him for this little stunt, but a wicked dangerous challenge for her to go on shifted into his orbs.

“Do your worst...Vixen!” whispered, his breath falling on ’s features at their close proximity, making swallow a lump in her throat. A low groan coming from beside her pulled out of her trance and she sneaked a glance beside her catching up close and personal with who groaned once more annoyed as gently slapped his wandering hands away. Turning her gaze back to ’s smouldering orbs grasped even tighter round his black tie, stepping backwards in her high heels pulling him with her by the tie. Out of the corner of her eye, caught sight of clasping round a cocktail glass so tightly her knuckles turned white, but just as had said she kept still. Catching the sight of three wooded chairs pulled towards the middle one and stopped right in front of it, pushing him down, forcing him to sit there. Turning around on her heels in front of she shifted her gaze and shared a grin with and as they all three took a few steps away and with their back towards the three seated men they clasped the edges of their black blazers. With her long dark hair wafting round her features moved her face looking over her shoulder and locked her eyes with ’s. In slowmotion let the blazer fall over her bare shoulders, down her arms until it finally hit the floor with a quiet bump. couldn’t help but smirk seeing lightly shift in his seat, yet his gaze never leaving her body, almost seeming like he was an hungry animal awaiting for her to tear off every single piece of clothing just for his pleasure. Turning back around puts her hands on her hips swaying to the music while she walked back towards . Reaching him grabbed the glass of beer out of his hand, holding his gaze while she took a sip and placed it underneath his chair. Placing her hands on his shoulders sensually ran it down his muscular arms and back up, teasing him with her touch. caught his eyes getting darker with heat as she slid her fingers back to his tie, losing it from its knot and sliding it from his collar, just to let it hang loosely round her own naked neck. Turning around bended down and positioned herself on his lap, feeling every nerve in her body stand alert at the feel of heat between them.

“Fuck” snarled causing to feel light headed yet making bravery shouting through her body and instinctively began to grind her body against his crotch. The mare action was making bite her lower lip at the sensation of her pussy starting to tingle at the feel of ’s growing bulge pushing against her. Unable not to enjoy the sear pleasure of making ’s flesh harder by each second, grind even harder against him, while she rested her hands on his hips and bended slightly forward. Suddenly feeling ’s hands rest on her thighs as he moved them up and down, felt her body burn at his touch. Breathing in started gliding down towards the bottom of his knees, and bended towards the floor, completely forgetting about their surroundings as she felt him grasp her ass, before running his hands over her back and down to her hipbones. Hearing let out a low guttural moan as his grip tightened around her waist, bit down hard on her lower lip to prevent herself from gasping when suddenly tightened his grip even more on her waist and pulled her back on top of his growing erection. Just knowing and feeling how much she turned him on made feel like such a sexual goddess. Somehow a high pitched snarl coming from somewhere behind them sneaked into ’s awareness, and shifting her face slightly she watched fumed like a mad woman making fully aware that she was taking it too far by letting touching her like that. Not wanting to risk burning the place down, slapped ’s hands away from her body and arched her back like a kitten as she got up. Turning around to face she licked her tongue over her lips while slowly sliding his tie from around her neck. Clutching his knees spread them apart and stepped in between them and leaned down, their faces inches apart. Noticing ’s eyes shift from hers knew exactly that they flicker to her breasts, which he got an even better view of in her outfit when she stood bended like that.

“No touching” leered in a whisper causing ’s eyes to instantly flicker to eyes, boring into her, almost asking if she was kidding. Wishing she was stepped back walking around behind him grabbing his arms tying them up with his black tie round the back of the chair. From the corner of her eye spotted the whip still lying on the floor, grabbing it swayed her hips as she moved back in front of . Raising an eyebrow at the item in her hands ’s gaze heated dangerously, and realised the object seemed to turn him on. Moving forward stepped back in between his knees and let the feather end of the whip slowly slid over his muscular broad shirt clad chest, just as the song in the distance was seconds away from coming to an end. So with a last look into his burning orbs stepped back almost in sync with and , turning their backs to the men and did a little wriggle with their hips as the song stopped and cheers erupted in the room, making all three women grin at each other. and jumping at for a group hug before pulled away.

“OH MY GOD, I can’t believe we did that.” beamed, her features shinning with pure delight.

“I KNOW, crazy arse shit” all but managed to say before ’s hands roughly pulled ’s body towards him, and his lips instantly clasped onto hers in a demanding hunger, like he was trying to devour her in front of everyone. Turning her face around, blinked while trying to locate but wasn’t able to spot him anywhere and couldn’t help but feel lightly disappointed she couldn’t.

giggled trying to pull away while he held her in a bear grip. “I just need to talk to for a moment” added in a laugh.

“No can do.” mumbled launching his face into the crook of her neck.

“I’m throwing the bestie card” yelped when ’s hands tightened even further at her waist.

“And the bestie card triumph the fiancé card” injected in a laugh when lifted his head looking at her and in mock annoyance rolled his eyes.

“I CAN’T wait to get the husband card which will triumph every single other card.” growled.

“Mmmmm babe that’s not entirely true..” said carefully, making sigh desperately.

“But you made me all worked up with that FUCKING sexy lapdance, I have to touch you” complained.

“It will only take two minutes tops. Get yourself a beer mean while.” smiled at him, making finally give in and smile.

“Fine, but you get two minutes tops” smirked walking off, and letting turn her attention back on .

“So , what the fuck happened with that dead sexy lap dance covered in serious F-S-S-F?” exclaimed staring at , probing her for an answer.

Chapter 6

“What? There was no F-S-S-F.” shrugged trying her best to deny it.

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t fool me. I saw you two!” pointed out, waving her index finger in front of ’s face, causing the handcuffs hanging from ’s right wrist to jingle slightly.

“I thought you were to busy with to notice anything else?” frowned.

“Well I saw you from time to time, and I definitely saw you wriggle you arse on his groin and he didn’t seem to mind at all, may I add.” stated as a matter of fact.

“He didn’t seem to mind?” grinned at the thought, even though she had felt him getting hard and unable not to let his hands wander over her body, then it was still nice to hear the words from her friend.

“Ohhh you’re so busted. You were trying to get him all worked up and horny.” blurted out.

“You…what?!” croaked at ’s frank answer.

“You heard me.” said crossing her arms under her chest.

“Well you wanted revenge.” argued waving the whip still in her hand in front of ’s face and watched a smug expression wash over ’s face.

“And we got it. Damn she looked pissed. Guess that is why she has disappeared over to the bar.” chuckled as they both glanced towards drowning a cocktail.

“She will probably take it in her stride and get back at us though.” speculated.

“Yeah but she would have anyways….” trailed off as she suddenly felt a pair of strong arms pull her in from behind.

“Your two minutes is up, actually I was nice and gave you five.” murmured as he dropped his lips to ’s cheek.

“Thank you babe..” whispered just as glanced at ’s hands resting over ’s over her stomach and spotted the handcuffs once more and remembered she was the one who carried the key for the cuffs.

“You know to prevent further attempts from to throw sexy men at , you can play her bodyguard for the rest of the night.” smirked as she grabbed ’s hand and ’s and snatched the free cuff from ’s handcuffs round ’s wrist, linking them together for the rest of the night.

!” blurted out as she stared at her hand now cuffed together with ’s.

“She meant to say, brilliant idea.” winked at and raised their two linked hands up into the air.

“SEE THIS PEOPLE, SHE’S MINE!” yelled through the room, while playfully hit his shirt clad chest with her free hand. Shaking her head with a laugh stepped away from them, spotting she walked over to her for a chat.


“Mmmm not sure I like men having seen you saunter around on your way to this place in this sexy outfit especially when I wasn’t by your side baby” murmured cupping ’s face, his breath hot on her lips.

“Then you should thank , if it hadn’t been for her, I would have been in a teasing outfit only existing of a halterneck top and a flirty pleated skirt which wouldn’t even hid my bum” muttered suddenly watching as shifted his gaze and glanced at standing close by.

get over here!” called after her, seeing her nod gazed back at .

I presume!” snorted instantly knowing of which length would go to embarrass .

“Yeah told me, but I kind a like this outfit picked for me, it’s sexy” grinned, her smile rubbing off on and he relaxed once more.

“I’m not giving you the keys for the cuffs back” smirked stepping up to and .

“I don’t want them” winked, causing both women to chuckle “I just want to say thank you, told me about the slutty outfit would have picked, my girl is not to wear something like that outside our bedroom….but this one is damn sexy.” leered planting a firm kiss onto ’s lips before easing back a little letting his gaze run over the length of his fiancée.

“I thought you might love it!” laughed at the hunger in ’s eyes.

“I really do. You’re looking feisty as well, any particular reason for that?” smirked glancing at with a grin on his happy face.

“Haha no, just fun dressing up.” croaked not into telling him she liked the effect her outfit obviously had on as his gaze seemed slight glued to her since he entered the place that night.

“Yeah I know right?!” beamed all of a sudden stepping up to them and stroke her hands over her tight outfit, visibly happy with her own.

“Shouldn’t you show that to your husband?” blurted eager to get away from who was shouting daggers at her and at the same time wanted to rescue from having to spend more time with the woman.

“I should right? But he seems to have disappeared.” complained.

“Who could blame him?” cursed under her breath so quietly only heard her, standing right beside her, while was to busy staring down at .

“So are you happy with the outfit wears? If it had been up to me I would have chosen a much sexier one for her, it would have had you drooling.” chimed.

“I am actually, my future bride, looks DAMN sexy in this and if you had gotten your way of choosing, I would have ripped you apart!” growled leaning forward tugging slightly at the cuffs at his action. and looking on worried between the pair.

“Wha…What?!” muttered backing an inch away.

“How could you possibly think I would want my girl to walk around in a slutty outfit that wouldn’t cover anything?” snarled, his anger rising with every second.

“Maybe because SHE’S AN WHO..” cried out not even getting to finish the last word before moved forward and pushed backwards, making her stumble in her high heels.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!” barked at while stood wide eyed unable to believe had just been about to call her a whore to ’s face.

“You deserve better , why can’t you see that?” whimpered.

“And why can’t you see that I FUCKING LOVE HER!!! GET OVER YOUR FUCKING ISSUES. I’M NOT GOING TO GET TOGETHER WITH YOUR FRIEND!!!” yelled, the entire room of party people now all staring at them. It was in that second noticed that even the music had stopped. Shifting her gaze towards , could read her mind, could see how saw her hen night fall apart before her as tears started to fill up in her eyes. Cursing in her mind was determined for her not to ruin her friends’ one and only ever hen night, so grabbing ’s arm pulled her away from the raging , knowing would easily get calmed down. Raising her arm towards the music saw someone turn it on once more, just as appeared before them.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I told you not to fuck anything up!!” fumed at who just stared back at him with a sullen expression.

“Thank you, I’ll take over!” muttered towards and grabbed ’s arm, pulling her away. Watching them leave down towards a hall sighed and shifted her gaze back towards and , just to check her friend was alright. Seeing them gaze into each other’s eyes talking quietly before leaned in locking their lips in a tender kiss felt relieved, damage control once more intact and by God she needed a drink now. Reaching the bar, got herself a cosmopolitan and let the liquor slide down her throat, calming her. Just as she was about to take another sip she felt a strong hand grip her arm, making her instantly turn her face and looking straight into a pair of smouldering ’s.

?” uttered surprised “Everything alright with ?” added not seeing her back in the room as she did a quick glance over the room.

“Fine!! But you and me not so much!!” snarled not giving a chance to reply before his grip on her arm tightened and he pulled her through the room and down a small hall.

what are you doing?” exclaimed trying to pull her arm back but he was to strong and just shut daggers at her with his heated gaze, making her immediately keep quiet. She didn’t even question him when he swung a bathroom door open and pushed her inside the room, and followed her inside, slamming the door shut and locking it securely.

“What are we doing in here?” asked, looking around at the posh bathroom before her gaze once more fell onto .

“You crossed the line tonight!” fumed, his hands clutching into fists at the side of his broad frame.

“What do you mean I crossed the line?” mumbled, having an inkling what he was referring to but he had told her to do her worst after all.

“Are you that naive?” growled looking like he was about to blow his stack with his eyebrows furrowed and his usually crystal eyes flashing like lightning.

“No!” hissed, not liking his attitude.

“No I don’t think you are. I think you did that lap dance on purpose. I think you made my dick hard to the bursting point on purpose!” snarled grabbing with his arm behind her waist and crashed his lips onto ’s with an fierceness that oozed carnal domination. felt taken completely unguarded and gasped into his demanding kiss but feeling just as hungry for him surrendered as she felt his tongue plunged into her mouth seeking hers. Getting lost in his heated kiss tugged her fingers into his short hair while he pushed her backwards until her bum hit the back of the table sink in the bathroom. Watching him pull back instinctively licked her lips, still sensing the touch of his lips while his eyes now ran hungrily over the length of her body.

“So damn sexy Vixen.” whispered while he let his strong hands run up her soft thighs and pushing her little skirt up at the same time. “I don’t think we’ll be needing these” mumbled as his fingers gripped on the hem of ’s black lace panties either side of her body and slowly slid them down her legs. felt a lump in her throat watching pull her panties past her feet in her high heels and letting the material fall to the ground. She couldn’t believe she was letting this happen but when was standing back up straight and felt his exploring fingers playing with her pussy, all thought of reality washed away and all that existed was .

“So sopping wet…Just like I imagined your pussy to be.” groaned while thrashed her head to the side as she felt him enter her with two fingers and flickered her clit with another finger. Unable not to moan from pleasure whimpered disappointed when pulled his fingers away. Sensing her displeasure at his action, glared at with a dangerous smirk…

“I have to fuck you Vixen, NOW!!” muttered, his words making swallow at the thought of his huge dick inside her dripping wet aching pussy. Without taking time to remove his clothes simply opened the zipper on his dark pants and let his large stiff cock sprang free from its confinement. The sight made feel another release of wetness as she thought of that hard dick was a reaction to her and it thrilled her. Biting her lower lip watched as reached down and stroked his cock in slow fluid movements, pleasuring himself right there in front of her. Locking eyes with him watched as he stopped rubbing his cock and instead grabbed her hips and determinedly turned her body around, making face the mirror in front of her and her hands gripping onto the edge of the sink table, preparing herself for his attack. Without a word pushed ’s legs further apart, making feel his length, feel the swollen end of his cock enter her entrance, teasing her at first, making her whimper in a plead for more. Taking his tip dipped it in and out, spreading ’s wetness around with the head of his hard flesh, making feel another wave of tightness building in her center. inserted his dick a little further, then grabbed the sides of ’s arse with his strong hands and slammed into her with full force, almost knocking the air right out of her. felt herself gasping as pulled out and repeated with the same level of force deep into her wetness.

“So fucking tight, so fucking amazing….just like I imagined your pussy walls to feel like around my massive dick” groaned in pleasure as he sank deep into her, while his hands held a firm grip onto ’s hips. was staring down into the sink in front of her with her hands clutching onto the sink as she desperately tried to settle into the feeling of having ’s hard flesh throbbing inside her, like she had dreamt about so many times, but now as it was actually happening she was clinging onto her senses trying to absorb the sheer raw bliss it caused running through her entire body.

“It’s your fucking fault!!” cursed making instantly lift her gaze and meet his wild horny blur eyes in the mirror, her expression one of confusion.

“I was tough towards you to prevent myself from grabbing you and fucking your brains out….but you just had to give me a lap dance, had to grid your sexy arse on top of my fucking hard dick, in that bloody little dirty outfit of yours!!" swore and plunged his cock into again, their bodies meeting on a smack at the sheer force was fucking , almost like he was trying to get months of build up frustrations out of his system.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you but that wasn’t even the worst part, you know what that was vixen?” questioned while his hands flew to ’s front and grabbed the front zipped of her outfit pulling the zipper down in one quick motion, his eyes getting smouldering dark as his eyes fixed on ’s breasts which were being exposed in sexy black lace. “Do you Vixen?” repeated the question, his eyes never leaving the sight of her bra increased breasts. Opening her mouth to answer all that left her mouth while her eyes clasped together was a moan as she felt hammer his hard dick deep into her dripping wet pussy again. His rhythm fast and hard as he fucked her from behind in the bathroom.

“It wasn’t that I wanted to fuck you, though I am married, it was because I could smell you. I could smell how much you wanted me to fuck you too. So does it feel good Vixen, to finally being fucked by me?” grunted, while his hands came forward and gripped ’s full breasts into his hands and squeezed them tightly.

“Does it feel good to be fucked? ANSWER ME!!!” demanded harshly while felt like her whole body was just melting into ’s demands and did as he wanted and she couldn’t stop herself, she didn’t want to stop herself…..

“YEEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!! It feels SO GOOD!” finally managed to cry out in a sheer motion of pleasure as she felt ’s hard dick pushing against her pussy walls to get the space inside her he needed for his massive cock.

The bathroom fell silent, only broken by their pants of desperate pleasure with each thrust gave as he slammed into ’s hole. couldn’t believe how good it felt and she couldn’t help but impale herself onto ’s every thrust, pushing back against him, getting him that inch deeper inside her, she just couldn’t get enough of him.

“Harder!!” moaned pleadingly causing to groan even deeper in an animalistic satisfaction at having the upper hold of their frantic fucking.

”Mmmm I love long, soft hair….” snarled as he curled ’s hair into his right fist. “It’s so HOT to pull it while fucking a tight little soaked pussy raw” growled through gritted teeth making cry out as he forcefully once more slammed his rock solid hard dick deep into her soaked hole, possessing every inch of her hole in his action. could feel herself on the brink of cumming with ’s next slam into her and by the increased power was fucking her sensed he was close too.

“FUCK!!” growled, his voice harsh as he came, his massive dick jerking deep inside at his last thrust inside her. couldn’t hold back as she cried his name, her pussy walls clinching tightly around ’s jerking cock as she came long and hard. Her legs giving away underneath her, the only reason she was still standing was because of ’s broad muscular chest collapsing against her back, pushing her upper body in over the sink.

”This is our secret!” His voice rasped in a raw order when he caught his breath before his lips enfolded ’s earlobe and bit down, making shudder. Pulling back slightly to turn her body around still held her locked between him and the sink. Her eyes drowned in the depth of his eyes as they bored into hers while his strong hands gripped the edge of the table on either side of her body, keeping locked in his spell.

“…and it includes the bride to be, she can’t know!” fumed, his eyes narrowing making ’s breath hitch, unsure of how to keep a promise like that, she told everything. Sensing her wavering emotions bit down on his lips and roughly lifted his right hand and grasped it onto her chin, forcing his domineering act even more onto her.

“DO YOU HEAR ME??” growled, his voice raised, it wasn’t a request it was a straight forward order. Not being able to find her voice, just nodded, watching the satisfied glimpse in ’s eyes as he stepped backwards and tugged his now flaccid cock back into his pants.

“There’s no going back now Vixen, you crossed the line you will have to take the consequences” muttered stepping away from her and walking over towards the door.

“Consequences?” enquired confused while trying to get control over her shaky body and yet at the same time riding on a bliss of feeling her pussy being completely satisfied.

“It won’t be the last time I fucked you. Just remember you started it!” simply stated before sneaking out of the door and closing it behind him, leaving breathing heavily at his last words. Slowly moved over towards the door. Locking the bathroom door as had disappeared back to the party, paddered back towards to mirror on her unsteady feet and glanced at her reflexion. She couldn’t help the smile on lips, she definitely looked like someone who had been thoroughly fucked, her hair messy and the front of her dress still zipped open and her legs felt so shaky after ’s raw attack on her pussy. couldn’t believe how good it had felt, if she could just do it again, if she could just…Her thoughts suddenly trailed off and clicked into place and her eyes widen as she came out of her just fucked bubble. Biting her lower lip quickly zipped up her dress while she realized she really had just been fucked roughly during ’s hen night and she couldn’t even tell her,…she couldn’t tell ….but she wanted too…damn it thought “how was she going to pretend nothing had happened, when it indeed had been even better than she had ever imagined?”.

Chapter 7

”Best hen night ever” giggled throwing her arms around giving her tight hug as stood beside them and chuckled, trying to follow ’s action as his hand flung behind at ’s move, his hand still cuffed to ’s.

“Even with ’s games?” laughed, glad the night had ended with her friend in the mist of happiness.

“Even so, especially when put her straight and she held herself in line the rest of the night” grinned.

“Well can be scary” concluded remembering how bossy he had been to her in the bathroom, yet he had been sexy as hell.

“Hell even I can get scared of him” laughed and pulled ’s mind back to present.

“Noooo you’re not afraid of him, he’s your best friend.” mused while she let go of .

“That’s right baby and now we’re going home.” cooed pulling towards him, causing to roll her eyes at them.

“Could you stop making out till you’re back home?” questioned with a shake of her head just when their limousine pulled up by the curb.

“No, too far” mumbled as tried to push him and in the direction of the car door.

“You’re a pushy little one, aren’t you?” smirked while getting into the car and pulling with him onto the black leather seats.

“That is what’s going to make her a big star” murmured making chuckle and ease into the black leather seat opposite her two friends.

“I thought I was the big star” sulked drunkly causing to giggle and move from her seat next to him and straddle his lap.

“Well you are my private star” grinned cupping his stubbled cheeks in her hands and leaned in for a firm snog.

Sitting opposite, groaned inwardly at the sight in front of her while seeing ’s cuffed hand also had to come up and therefore covered ’s smaller one on his cheek, at the cause of the restraint of the cuffs. Realizing she still had the key for the handcuffs and that they probably would need it at home, grabbed her little bag and rummaged through it until she spotted the little tiny key. Fumbling a little grasped the key tightly in her hands, as not to drop it on the floor of the limousine.

“Mr. and Mrs. if you could tear ya lips apart, ya might want the key for the cuffs.” spoke and watched giggling as she stumbled a little while ’s free hand kept a grasp on her while she tried to settle into the seat next to again.

“Ohhh we definitely can use it. I plan to use these cuffs when we get home, but this time only on leered when chucked him the key.

“That’s very important info I’m sure” laughed as she saw ’s eyes shine back at her with a bright smile grazing his lips.

“What, are you tying me up to the bed?” asked with blury excited eyes turning from ’s to ’s, who nodded at her with a wink.

“Right I think that is my cue” spoke frankly just as the limousine pulled up at the curb where she lived.

“Ahh I’ll find you a man that can tie you up” called at when she had just stepped onto the street.

“Yeah thanks but ermmm no thank you hun” shook her head in a laugh and added “Go home”

“We will and I will talk with you later” stated as a matter of fact right before the limousine pulled off. Watching it disappear out of sight felt exhausted when she finally stumbled into her home and instantly kicked of her heels. A sigh fled ’s lips when her bare feet sunk into the softness of the carpet of her bedroom floor. Letting her bag land onto her nightstand plumped onto her bed and fell into a sleep filled with vivid images of a bathroom and a filthy affaire.


Feeling like a mess the next day, slumped into her sofa and tucked her legs up under her bum. For just a sheer fraction of a moment sat completely still in her soft grey pj pants and pink jumper while she stared straight ahead with her gaze staring on her black tv screen as if she were in a trance. Her thoughts constantly pushed to get through to her cognizance and remind her of what really happened last night. Closing her eyes tugged her fingers into her long soft hair and stroked her fingers through the strands. Her mind scolded at her for giving in under ’s burning touch. His magic finger tips had crossed over her bare skin, setting every inch of her body on fire and the bear heat in the depth of his eyes made her tingle all over by the sheer memory. With a deep frustrated sigh reached forward and grabbed the remote control from her coffee table and turned on her TV to distract her wandering thoughts. Yet nothing seemed to help as once more the fiery burn had held when his gaze hungrily had soaked up every inch of her body came back hunting her. In a frustrated reflex grabbed hold of her phone and scrolled down to ’s name, needing to unload on her friend but the instant was about to push the call button she remembered ’s words “…and it includes the bride to be, she can’t know!” His demand echoed through ’s weary mind and she dropped her phone back down on the seat next to her. knew she would go crazy by just sitting there and decided to soak up in a warm bath was the only thing she could do.

Leaning in over her bathtub pulled the plug to let all the water sweep out. The warm water had relaxed her but images of last night with still hunted her every thought. With a sigh tugged a large white towel round her body just when she heard her doorbell in the distance. For a second she thought to ignore it but the curiosity got the better of her. So on her bare feet and only wrapped up in her towel paddered through her flat to her front door. Hearing her bell once more stepped up on her toes and glanced through the spy hole in her door to check who is was. The instant she saw his brooding form on the opposite side of her closed door, felt her entire body vibrate with anxious nerves. Why would even be there, was he mad about last night? But then she remembered his last words to her “It won’t be the last time I fucked you. Just remember you started it!” The sheer memory had tingling all over and that was when ’s finger pushed her doorbell again and held it there, causing her whole flat to keep ringing. To make it stop nervously held her hand onto the door handle, wishing that moment in time that she was clothed and not just in a towel. Taking an intake of breath unlocked her door and opened it, coming face to face with . His gaze instantly trailing the length of her while noticed his hair for once was messy and he hadn’t bothered shaving, casing light stubbles to appear over his sexy appearance.

?” murmured stepping aside and watched as he walked into her flat, only to eager to close her door before anyone else saw her. With the door closed turned to look at , who still hadn’t said a word, he was simply ogling her with narrowed smouldering blue eyes. His silence and obvious stare made feel on the edge and too fled from it wanted to rush upstairs and find her clothes.

“Just give me a minute to put some clothes on. I just had a bath..” trailed off and was about to pass him when ’s right hand reached out and grabbed her left arm.

“You don’t need any clothes. Actually it seems I came at the exact right moment.” growled while his eyes bored into hers.

last night…I know you’re married and it can’t happen again and…” stuttered but immediately found her mouth stopping at the dark dangerous smirk crossing ’s lips.

“I meant every word last night and don’t see any reason why you and I shouldn’t be able to fuck secretly. My wife can’t deal with my needs. I’ve had someone else taking care of those needs the last year but recently that ended and I want someone new. I want you!!” spoke, the words slipping from his tongue in a controlled dusky manner causing ’s pulse to rate it’s double speed. She couldn’t believe what he was saying. She had to be dreaming.

“You’re not serious?” mumbled while her free hand clutched the hem of her towel.

“I’m dead serious but if you tell anyone I will make out you misunderstood me and they’ll believe me.” fumed but lightened his grip on ’s arm slightly.

“You’ve….you’ve been cheating on your wife for a year?” blurted unable to believe her ears.

“No. knows I had a sub so I wouldn’t call it cheating.” rolled his eyes at the mention of his wife.

“She knows? A sub??” exclaimed.

“I loved her. So I married her and in the beginning she tried to be everything I needed but in the end all she wanted was the tender lover and I needed more. I fucked you roughly last night and I haven’t enjoyed fucking so much in a long time. I knew the first time I saw you that you would feel perfect round my massive cock but I knew I couldn’t take you. Best friend of ’s girl and all. Besides I didn’t trust you.” cleared holding his gaze firmly locked with ’s to read her every reaction.

“And you trust me now?” Was all could muster to say, if her mind had been chaos before she found him at her door, it was officially a hurricane now.

“After I fucked you last night and watched you afterwards, I knew. You wouldn’t say a word because you had relished it, just as much I had. Aren’t I correct?” asked probing for an answer.

“Yes.” finally murmured feeling her body on fire at what was telling her and the prospect it could all mean.

“I thought so. I’ve been thinking about this all day and I refuse to deny myself anymore from what I really crave. I want you” spoke in a quieter tone, noticing ’s breath hitch at his admission, before he added “I want you as my sub, I need control but I won’t do anything you won’t have me do, you’ll get a safeword”

“I’m….I’m…I need control too, I don’t know if I can…” trailed off feeling rather mixed at the thought of being the sub.

“From what I saw last night, it won’t be a problem. I know you got feelings for me” suddenly spoke making instantly swallow a lump in her throat.

“I have feelings for you too, which is why I’m guessing it felt even more intense last night when I fucked you. Feelings are also why I’ve kept a distance, there’s nothing like feelings to mess things up, but now the line is crossed and there’s no coming back from that!” muttered in a shady voice, making unsure whether was glad it had been crossed or not. Yet the sheer fact that he had admitted he had feelings was sending ’s heart in a melting pot and all reason seemed to vanish from her normally sane mind.

“So I’m you’re mistress?” asked quietly causing to give her a sly smile.

“A mistress that is my sub who can’t tell anyone about this, and I won’t even let know.” replied making frown “but you said she knew you had someone before to fix your needs”

“True but didn’t know her. She knows you and she have figured out ages ago how much I wanted to take you, which is probably part of why she hates you, plus well the rest of it” spoke watching ’s eyes wide in shock.

“I know this is a lot to take in so I won’t expect an answer tonight but I do expect to fuck you!” answered frankly causing to lick her dry lips unable to think straight.

“You’re safeword will be?” asked staring right in the eye, waiting, ogling her as ’s mind went rolling in search of a reply.

“Tangled” mused.

“Would that refer to our tangled situation?” leered bemused.

“It might” mumbled thinking it was the exact word that described them.

“Right, well use that word and I’ll promptly stop!” clarified and added “You got that?”

“Yes” could hardly whisper.

“Good. Now about this interfering fabric…” trailed off as his gaze lowered to the towel wrapped round ’s body.

“You won’t need it!” stated and grabbed it with his free hand and loosen it, so it fell to the ground. felt on the edge with nerves, even more so now that she was sober and all rules seemed to have changed overnight.

Chapter 8

“Where’s your kitchen?” asked bluntly and all but nodded in the direction. felt her thoughts rushing in question as to what on earth wanted in her kitchen but a soon as they got there, he answered her without as much as a word. Guiding her over to the sink stood behind her lifting both her hands towards the faucet.

“Keep your hands there” ordered just when heard him fumble in his wide open coat, pulling something out from the pocket of his coat.

“Handcuffs?” exclaimed the minute reached over her and clasped it behind the faucet and her hands into the cuffs, straining her into place by the sink.

“Specially bought on the way over here for you, I’ve heard you like pink!” smirked under his breath while glanced at the pink furred handcuffs which were now round her wrists.

Staring at ’s naked form cuffed to the faucet grinned to himself, feeling his massive steel heard cook bursting against the fabric of his dark jeans. This was exactly what he had been dreaming about all day. Getting his hands on once more and watch her gorgeous toned body just waiting for his hard cock. He knew would be fighting with rational thoughts once he had left, so he was sure going to leave her with a reminder of what she could have if she just said the word. Removing his coat flung it over a chair before taking his position once more behind .

’s eyes fluttered closed as she felt the heat radiating between them and she found herself unable to wait to feel him inside her again. The thought hadn’t more than just left her when she heard the zipper on ’s jeans being tugged down and his enormous cock instantly touched her bum.

“I will now fuck you…hard…rough and repeatedly from behind” growled while his fingers trailed down the smooth skin of ’s spine. The sheer roughness of his words sent ’s nervy mind into a blizzard of anticipation and need. didn’t even give her as much as a minute to get her mind around his statement before she felt ’s hands grip her hips in a firm lock hold of his strong hands, just as his massive dick drilled into her aching soaked cunt. His rock hard cock pierced inside her, between her tight walls. didn’t stop until he felt himself buried to the hilt inside her and heard gasp as his cock hit the roof of her pussy with his rough thrust.

“Remember you’re safeword” grunted unable to hold himself back and pulled out of her just to slam right back into ’s slippery pussy, causing to cry out in pleasure and her hands franticly trying to grip onto the edge of the sink for support.

“ANSWER ME!!” roared pressing when she didn’t reply.

“Yesssssssssss” moaned feeling ’s hard flesh slice right through her walls once more and hitting that place that sent her begging for more.

“Yes what??” groaned as his fingers gripped ’s hips even tighter, sending into a jittery state, having no idea what he wanted her to say.

“WHAT DO YOU ADRESS ME WITH?” bellowed realizing in his state of ecstasy that wouldn’t know, what it was to have a dominant, but he was sure as hell going to show her.

“SIR???” screeched unsure in every bit of her bone if she had got it right. All could sense was the furious way fucked her, almost like he was starving for her.

“That’s right!!” snarled, making feel an instant of relief but gave her no time to relish in it.

“Feel how good I feel inside you and know you can have this as often as you like, all you have to do is say the word.” groaned as he thrust his steel hard throbbing flesh in and out of ’s soaked slippery canal. He felt like he had been in a starved desert and now finally had found someone who could give him the pleasure he desperately needed and desperately needed to dominate. was in a haze of pleasure and answering him in any way seemed out of her grasp. With every thrust started to push back to meet him, to get him as deep as possible. His cock felt huge and hard inside her but she couldn’t get enough, just wanted to frantically cum. felt it too, knew he was close and needed the release that had pained him all day, the release he craved.

“You may cum” groaned, making realize she unconsciously had held back, but as his words washed over her, felt her body tremble throughout every nerve. With one last thrust that hit the roof of her pussy growled deeply and heavily as ’s walls clasped around his throbbing flesh and he came with an earth shattering orgasm shouting through him.

“God” exclaimed while her ragged voice had ’s lips leer into a dangerous smile behind her.

“And this is why you need me as your dominant” smirked satisfied while he reluctant pulled his cock out of ’s cunt to the sound of her whimpering at the loose of contact. Glancing down at his cock groaned at the sight of his flesh covered in their shared juices and to make a point waited with tugging himself back in. Instead reached forward and freed from the cuffs and then stepped back, staring at as she slowly stroke the skin over her wrists…

“Does it hurt?” asked a slight concern in the depth of his voice that made turn around and face him. looked at him surprised the hard dominant voice had changed slightly and as on cue seemed to realize what she thought.

“A dominant cares for his submissive as well. Does it hurt?” explained and repeated his question.

“No Sir. Just a little sore” replied quietly. Her way of addressing him made ’s eyes smolder back at her with a dark satisfaction.

“Good. Now look at my cock!!” demanded calmly and instantly did as told.

“If you had now agreed to be my submissive I would have ordered you to take me into your mouth and clean me up, but as it is….” trailed off and slowly with ’s eyes staring at his every move and her tongue sliding over her lips he tucked his cock back into his pants. Still in her haze suddenly caught her own thoughts realizing she was staring at ’s cock wishing she had just said the word, so she would have him in her mouth right this second. The sheer realization had shake her head, and try to get her scattered thoughts to kick back into their normal direction. She could feel ’s burning stare and swiftly she just felt the need to cover up her naked body. This time didn’t hold back, didn’t wait for ’s dominant nature before she fled the kitchen and strode into the living room and immediately grabbed her white towel.

“You really don’t need to cover up, I’ve already seen every glorious inch of your body darling” leered with a light tease in his voice, following her into the living room and watched put the towel round her body.

“I can’t think clearly standing naked with you fully clothed” protested and noticed had his coat in his left hand.

“As my submissive you wouldn’t have to think when we’re alone. All you would have to do is doing what I say and soak up the pleasure” smirked while glared at him uncertainly.

“I’m not a natural submissive, you would get disappointed” muttered not liking the idea of sinking to a level where she just did what he felt he wanted.

“That’s not what I just saw and felt in the kitchen, you where magnificent vixen” murmured and stepped up close to , their faces only inches apart as whispered “My vixen” The thick loaded passion in his tone as he said those two simple words had ’s mouth suddenly go dry and a shiver trailed throughout her spine. In that moment ’s gaze fell on ’s tantalizing lips. A mouth that had driven her wild at the hen party and without as much as a thought leaned forward, but just as their lips was about to meet, took a step back.

“New rules” simply said making ’s mind set off into another whirlwind of confusion. She couldn’t help but fell slightly hurt when pulled away stopping an impending kiss. A kiss somehow desperately wanted.

“Wha….What?” narrowed her eyes, a frown on her pretty face.

“As my sub I will do everything with you except one thing, no kissing on the lips” explained just to see ’s eyes widen at his odd rule.

“But at the party we kissed, I definitely felt your tongue in my mouth” muttered.

“That was different, you weren’t my sub. From now on if you agree for us to continue, it will be with you as my sub and therefore it’s new rules.” stated holding ’s gaze locked to his and added “When we’re alone, you will address me as Sir as I’m your dominant”

didn’t reply, she didn’t know what to say. It was like she just couldn’t keep up with him, one minute his was completely domineering as he fucked and the next, he was making her thoughts spin. Seeing lean in and place his right hand on her cheek, felt her knees go weak at the tender passionate look within his eyes.

“I know this is a new world to you, but think about it, I could give you more pleasure than you’ve ever known” breathed and leaned in placing a feather light kiss on ’s cheek before he simply put on his coat and was about to walk away when he suddenly turned and caught s stare.

“Oh and keep the handcuffs hidden, we might need them again” smirked and left her flat leaving to stare in the direction he had gone, with her emotions all over the place.

Shaking her head to get out of her trance, couldn’t believe what had just happened and how easily had just gotten her into the kitchen, cuffed her up and fucked her. She couldn’t deny how mind blowing it had felt and left her wanting more and yet her mind was conflicted. She’d never been one to be submissive under others orders, she gave the orders and now dared come here and tell her to be his sub? raged at his blunt nerve and strode out into her kitchen and grabbed the pick fluffy handcuffs just to storm into her bedroom. He had told her to keep them hidden and she would be damned to keep them hidden. It might only be a small protest but it was her protest and it made her feel somewhat more in control. So she took the one cuff and closed it round the headboard of her bed and let the other cuff on the chain hang down.

Chapter 9

Walking the path over towards her car, suddenly felt her heart string at the sound of a car driving up and parking right behind hers, making it impossible for her to leave in her car. Closing her eyes for the sheer moment of a few seconds to gather her will power, knew exactly who in a second would climb out of his fancy car, but she was determined. wouldn’t let him win her over, not this time, she had somewhere to be and more importantly she was the one in control of her own body, not him. Walking up to her car, opened the door and leaned inside placing her black bag on the passenger seat, while trying her hardest to ignore the sound of getting out of his car.

“Morning vixen” called while taking the steps over to her car.

! Could you please remove your car?” asked as politely as she could manage and glanced up at him as she now stood face to face with him.

“I could but not right now” trailed off lifting his hand to stroke it down ’s soft cheek, but to preventing his burning touch moved an inch, making him only touch the air.

“Now that wasn’t very smart vixen” muttered, his eyes narrowed as he promptly stepped up to her, trapping her between her car and his broad frame. ’s arms were out stretched on either side of ’s body, and his hands placed on the roof of her car. “If I want to touch you I can, and you know it” growled causing ’s eyes to lit up with anger.

“No you can’t, I haven’t agreed to your filthy suggestion which you came with last night!!” disputed while lifting her hands to his chest, trying to push away but he wouldn’t move. His tall frame trapping her as he stood rock solid on the ground, his strength too much for her.

“But you will, cause you and I both know you enjoyed every second of having me inside you” leered, his eyes filled with dark passion, making ’s entire body tingle but she refused to give in to him now, she couldn’t.

“I have to be somewhere, so if you came for an repeat performance you’ll be disappointed” muttered ignoring ’s statement.

“Where are you going?” growled annoyed.

“The final dress fitting for the wedding” replied watching sigh but step back. His eyes narrowed as they bored into hers “Yes or no?

“Yes or no what?” mused confused, causing ’s gaze to harden.

“Are you my sub? Yes or no!!” growled, his muscular arms crossing in front of his chest, while for just the bear thought of a second felt like pushing into her car and let him have her. The thought though vanished as quickly as it came. shook her head resolute, he wasn’t going to win this one.

“I don’t know. All I know is that you have to move your car, or I’ll be late and will be wondering what kept me. Or do you want me to tell her I was late because you wanted to know if I’ll be your sub?” smirked knowing she had him in the palm of her hand when he rolled his eyes frustrated and walked back to his car.

“I will expect an answer to my question sooner than later!” fumed as his eyes bored into ’s for a few seconds, causing ’s lips to tremble and unable to reply, so instead she turned around and got into her car. Sitting down in the driver’s seat, ’s fingers grabbed onto the steering wheel while she let out a deep breath. He was like an alpha male, pushing her every buttons and driving her into a storm of emotions. Seeing ’s car disappear in her rear view mirror felt her body relax from the tension she felt every time he was near her. Gathering herself turned the engine on and drove onto the road, heading for her destination.


Parking her car in front of the wedding shop, got out of her car but stopped on her track in front of the beautiful window display with two white stylish gorgeous wedding dresses. ’s mind instantly wandered as she imagined walking into the shop and feeling the stunning soft white materiel glide over her own body, as she got wrapped into an exquisite dress that would have her fiancé eyes glaze over with emotion and love for her alone. She was so wrapped up in her dream she didn’t hear a car pull up behind, until a women called her name…

, you do know we’re supposed to go inside right?” laughed from behind as she quickly strode over to and pulled her in for a hug.

“Yeah, yeah of cause I know” stuttered and hugged while she tried to force her dream to the back of her head.

“So you’re all good today? Because OH MY GOD I had the hangover from hell yesterday.” grimaced and immediately made laugh. “And jeez he wasn’t too much help as he was completely splashed out on the sofa” added making giggle even more at the sheer comical image in her mind.

“Sounds fun” teased “And if it helps then I wasn’t worth anything yesterday either” injected and suppressed the thought following in her mind ‘Though didn’t seem to notice, he was too busy taking what he wanted’

“By the way..” trailed off and leaned closer towards , causing her to frown. “That was some hot ass lap dance you gave , I think you actually got him all hot and bothered” sniggered as for a second looked down into the pavement thinking ‘If only you knew’.

“Well don’t tell but it was revenge for her putting into trouble with the stripper” explained and watched the cheekiness light up on ’s face.

“I figured as much because boy was mad” chuckled just as the door of the wedding shop swung open.

“Hey are you two ever coming inside to help me with this final dress fitting?” called from the door way looking at her two bridesmaids with a beaming smile on her lips.

“Well I found your maid of honour in a trance staring at the window display and I had to pull her out of it.” joked winking at , causing to grin at .

“Someday it will be you in a white dress and I’m sure you’ll then push me around with duties to make sure I get everything right.” giggled looking at her best friend and watched as shook her head a little with a chuckle, knowing she was right.

“Yeah well I want a posh stylish princess wedding” stated and instantly replied “And that’s what you will get”

“And I know the perfect castle to hold your wedding.” interfered with an eager expression.

“That’s good to know” chuckled giving ’s shoulder a squeeze “But for now let’s concentrate on wedding to her stud”

“Mmmm my stud” trailed off with a dreamy expression causing and to giggle at their friend while they gently pushed back into the shop with them, ready for their dress fitting.


“Hi, I brought hot cocoa from Costa” smiled feeling slightly nervous while she raised one cup towards when she had opened her front door.

“Well in that case, you’re more than welcome” grinned and promptly took the cup to take a sip and letting out a happy sigh “I love hot Costa cocoa”

“Oh I know” acknowledged while stepping inside the household and followed into the living room.

“So where’s ?” asked glancing round the room hearing no sign of others than at home and the sound of Olly Murs voice blasting through the air from the cd player, gave an almost clear inclination that wasn’t there.

“Oh his not home, he said he had something to organize but I couldn’t ask what cause it’s a secret for our honeymoon” spoke heading straight for the cd player to turn the volume down lightly.

“Sounds alluring” murmured sipping on her cup and watching as settled onto the sofa with her warm cup in both her hands.

“Hehe yeah…now sit down, you’re making me nervous” said looking over at who for some reason looked nervy and it made frown. knew had sensed her mood but she didn’t know how to spring the subject on her mind, could she just blurt it out? Enjoying the taste of her hot cocoa stalled their conversation for a few seconds before she finally spoke up.

…” trailed off gathering herself.

“Yeah what’s up?” asked, gazing at her friend with wonder.

“Do you know anything about BDSM?” blurted, her eyes wide for ’s reaction.

“What??” spluttered and got some cocoa on her hand.

“Well do you?” said quietly, seeing now look at her with a mixed expression of surprised curiosity and seriousness.

“I guess I know a little, why do you ask?” frowned and finally saw coming over and sitting down on the same sofa as her.

“I met this guy, actually I had a one night stand with him” spoke biting her lower lip nervously.

“You what?? And you didn’t tell me?” exclaimed, her eyes wide with utter astonishment.

“And he likes BDSM, and I just wondered. I mean I’m not planning on going through with this with him, I just…I just wondered…” rambled while kept staring at her friend, wide eyed.

“Again, what??” cried out as lastly looked at guarding her expression as shook her head and took an intake of breath and then smiled.

“Who is he?” enquired, the curiosity itching in her.

“It doesn’t matter, since it was a one time….two time thing, it doesn’t matter. He’s into that sort of thing and I just wondered. I know you and played when you got home in your hen party outfit” grinned as she saw blush slightly.

“Yeah we did and I might have had the police uniform on but it didn’t last long before took charge” chuckled until she suddenly realized what first said “Wait a second, you said two time thing!” blurted staring at .

“Yes but it was just fun, nothing else, hot as hell but just fun, it will be nothing else” stated.

“Hmm…” trailed off guarding her friend for hidden signs but letting it go for now, knowing she wasn’t going to get any more info, gave a smile.

“So BDSM, I was sat looking at a movie one evening and came into the living room and sat down beside me with a book in his hands, at first I thought nothing of it, until I released he was looking through one of my Fifty Shades of Grey books…” gushed while chuckled quietly easily imagining the scene in her head.

claimed he wanted to know why the trilogy had me so hooked” rolled her eyes causing to giggle and continued “The more he realized what was in the books, the more his eyes turned darker and were smirking at me. Then suddenly he put the book aside and grabbed the iPad on the coffee table…”

“Nooooo he didn’t?” laughed.

“Oh but he did. He didn’t seem surprised I was reading a book with BDSM in it, no he seemed excited about it and claimed he was going to figure out exactly with his girl was reading about”

“Why does this start to sound like ’s got a dark side?” asked feeling genuinely bemused with ’s story.

“Because he has and I had serious trouble following my movie because suddenly exclaimed I didn’t know you were into getting a gagball!” muttered with disgust.

“OMG he just didn’t say that” laughed, her eyes crinkling with mirth.

“He did and I immediately put him straight, so he was in no doubt that I would never ever have that in my mouth!! And don’t you dare try that !!” mused wide eyed.

“Wouldn’t dream of it!!” chimed not wanting to try that in a million years, just the sheer thought had her cringe.

“However, we have tried some light stuff.” murmured looking back at with a pert expression in her eyes causing to raise an eyebrow “What do you mean light

“Well sometimes we play with handcuffs and blindfolds which is really hot” admitted and felt her cheeks redden at her admission.

“So I guess really loved your naughty police uniform with the handcuffs” hinted.

“Good God yes he was hard as….” suddenly trailed off as she realized what she was saying and looked down unable to look at who only started to chuckle.

“I’m glad he enjoyed it” teased making at ease again.

“And he loved the present you girls gave me at the hen party too” smiled.

“Oh the feather tickler, two ended whip, have you tried it properly?” questioned and instantly knew the answer when turned a little shy on her.

“We have and ermm it was really good. knows how to make everything hot” confessed biting her lower lip nervously gazing at .

“I think I’ve been right all these years, is an animal behind closed doors.” joked as gave her a playful pat on the knee.

“It’s my fiancé you’re talking about” defended him.

“And I’m not even sorry cause your face is telling me I’m right”

“Well I’m…We’re just having fun and you asked about BDSM and I’ve only ever played like that with .” admitted.

“I know, I know, I just love teasing you.” smiled.

“So have you tried any of that stuff with your two time man?” asked curiously causing to tremble slightly at the thought of and how he had just claimed her and taken her, first in a bathroom and then in her own kitchen. The bear thought still made a warm sensation spread throughout ’s body.

“I erm we used handcuffs” finally spoke and as her eyes met ’s grinning ones she added “and you’re right, it’s hot”

Chapter 10

Sitting around the beautiful decorated table the next evening, ’s gaze flickered around at ’s and ’s closets family and friends that were gathered around the table for their wedding dinner rehearsal. They were now in the middle of the dinner and knew it wouldn’t be long before her speech to the happy couple. Normally she wouldn’t be overly nervous about it, just a bit of butterflies to stand up and have all eyes on her, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Tonight it was different. Tonight ’s eyes were on her, like a heated stare that burned her every time their eyes met over the table. He was sat just opposite her with at his side, but it didn’t stop him for sending her camouflaged glances every now and then. As the clocked ticked it’s way took a deep breath as that dreaded moment came. Lifting her hands, noticed them shake for a second while she forced them to calm like the rest of her body. Taking the dessert spoon gently clicked her glass and stood up in her full length, as she felt all eyes turn to her and the room falling silent, waiting for her to speak. Letting her gaze fall on , rapidly felt a bolt of lightly cruise through her, by the sly smile grazing his lips and sassy sparkle in his eyes. Knowing all eyes was on her; tore her gaze from to a more safety ground, and landed her gaze on and . Her friend sending her a beaming encouraging smile that relaxed her somewhat.

“Now I know it’s tradition at the rehearsal dinner for the maid of honour to reveal embarrassing things about the bride…” trialed of with a cheeky smile while the people around the table all fell into a chuckle except , who shook her head at her with a giggle and looked down embarrassed, while reached his arm around her shoulder.

“But in our duo we never kiss and tell.” finished her sentence causing to immediately look up and meet her gaze with a grin on her face. All the while saw smirk from the corner of her eye at her statement.

“So I’d like to make a toast to the groom. Now there were times I had my doubts about this handsome man claims is a hunk…” winked and enjoyed the suspicious expression on ’s face while chuckled and gently stroke ’s cheek.

“But after careful observation over the last hundred years, my doubts are over, so here’s to the groom who stole my friend’s heart” cheered while everyone round the table quickly followed suit raising their glasses in cheer. Seeing nod a thank you to her, nodded back while seeing push her chair back and walk up to her.

“Thank you hun, you were fab” grinned and pulled in for a tight hug.

“You’re welcome” smiled, happy that she managed to do it properly, even with the burning stare from a pair of eyes.


“Nice speech” stated as he stepped up right beside by the bar after the dinner and discretely let his right hand glide down ’s back in her snug black dress, where his hand came to rest on her lower back. Allowing him to do so ’s breath hitched slightly as leaned in closely and she felt his warm breath by her ear. knew he was teasing her as kept lingering there just for a few seconds to long before he finally whispered by her ear “You look fucking edible in that dress, I bet you choose it just to see how frustrated it would make me and my dick” His bear words had cough while taking a sip from her cocktail glass, and making her thank god she was faced towards the bar and the bartender was occupied further down, so no one saw the shock in her eyes.

“I been wanting to tell you that all evening” said while slowly moving his hand away and now letting both rest on top of the bar counter and turning his face to look at her. Even though he had moved his hand still felt the burn from his touch and his fiery words shivered through her. He was standing close, to close, she could feel his leg bruise up against hers, and his intoxication scent had her willpower turned into a shattering state. “Actually I’ve wanted to bite your devilish lip ever since you stepped into the room.” growled quietly while Henry still remained silent, to busy trying to settle her craving for his touch. felt her earlier steadfast will to not let him overpower her slip through her fingers by each second she felt his vibrating hunger for her, radiate between them.

“Your speech surprised me” said finally trading on a subject that made turn her gaze to his and speak.

“How so?” asked while her fingers nervously fiddled with the stem of her glass.

“I thought you would deliver us some insight knowledge on the bride” answered, his eyes never leaving hers.

“We never kiss and tell” murmured.

“You’ve no idea how glad I was to hear that cause that made me certain you wouldn’t kiss and tell about us either!” spoke instantly unwillingly aware that was the exact statement that had ’s brain rattled back into the reality of it all.

“That only regards me and my bestie and you’re not in that category!” clarified steadfast causing to realize his mistake.

“Maybe so, but if you were my sub, we’d have rules and you would keep them!!” fumed through gritted teeth, causing ’s stare to quickly flicker round at their surroundings to make sure no one had heard him. instantly knew what she was doing…

“Don’t worry no one has heard me, trust me, I got years of practice.” muttered as their eyes met once more.

“I have already told you, I’m not what you wish for!” mused barely audible, afraid someone might hear.

“You’ve already proven to me that you can act like it, so yes or no?” pressed for an answer.

“Not here, not now!!” said in a nervy tone, not finding the night of the rehearsal dinner the adapt place for a discussion on their affair.

“Yes now, give me an answer!! demanded only to cause to look at him sternly “No!!”

stood further away glancing at and , he’d known instantly something was up, already at the dinner table. had acted discreetly and was sure no else had noticed the way had glanced at throughout the dinner, but he knew. He knew what was like when his eyes were set on a new target, and he knew what he would do to get his will. ’s brow furrowed as he watched how close they were standing, to it looked like was on his pray ready to attack as soon as gave the go. Yet was a slippery one, and if anyone took notice other than , would know instantly how to cover up his actions. Watching as moved slightly saw how her body language told to be on guard and yet she seemed to crave in. Just from the sight knew was conflicted. Knew she had feelings for but in honesty had known that for a while, but now that had set his target on her, there was no telling in what she’ll do. Yet knew one thing, it would end in trouble, and he felt the need to protect her from the pain she would unmistakably feel at some point, when she realized probably wouldn’t get devoiced for her. was yet to meet someone that could hold that power over , and even if did down the line, knew pain would appear for someone, and he feared it would be for someone he cared about.

“I heard they did the final dress fitting yesterday” suddenly spoke walking up from behind him, making immediately turn his attention onto her, and cover up every sense he was picking up coming from the bar area.

“Yeah according to it went fabulous” smiled, remembering how she had come home all smiles and walked up to him in the kitchen and instantly had leaned up for a kiss.

“I still can’t believe I’m not going to be a bridesmaid. I am ’s wife after all” grumbled causing to roll his eyes exasperated.

“You are ’s wife but this isn’t about you . You simply have to give up the spotlight for once because that very special day is ’s and mine, for us to share our happiness with loved ones.” muttered and noticed all too clearly the annoyance shining in ’s eyes.

“And yet it is also a day for every else to shine” insisted causing to narrow his eyes into a firm expression.

“If you as much as try to mess up our weeding day, I will personally ban you from the household forever!” fumed, determined not to have her ruin anything, and wasn’t far from adding to the list of given warnings. From the corner of his eye saw lean closer to at the bar, telling her something while let his hand slid over ’s petit bum. To any other witness it would look innocent and like an accident, but knew better. He knew better than anyone, and never put a move on a woman by accident. felt a fume wreck through him, as his gaze quickly flickered back to to check if she had noticed anything, but she seemed clueless, as she stared back at obviously having said something he hadn’t heard.

“What did you say?” spoke glancing at for a second before his gaze once more wandered in search of . Spotting her talking to his mum, instantly calmed slightly when ’s gaze moved and locked to his for a moment and she gave him a warm smile.

“I said that I would never dare to mess up your wedding day” repeated.

“Oh so it was only ’s hen party you tried to mess up?” replied but just as was about to slide of a comment stopped her. “Listen I know what you think about me marrying but no matter what you do you can’t stop it. So just drop it and be happy okay?” breathed in and told her.

“Fine.” simply muffled making give her strenuous smile.

“Thank you, now excuse me I’m going over to have a word with your husband” answered and left behind as he headed straight over towards and .

“Hey I see you two are finally making friends, after how many years is it now?” joked looking between and , watching both finding trouble coming up with a comeback, which surprised , normally would just shake the comments off like the easiest thing in the world.

“Anyways” changed the subject saving them both while he put his hand on ’s shoulder “I need to speak to alone for a minute if you don’t mind ?”

“Sure, I bet I’ll have more fun with anyway” smirked causing to chuckle and to send an disapproval stare.

Watching them leave let out a sigh of relief just as she saw spotting her through the room and grinning back at her.


“So you got me dragged outside in the fresh air because?” asked when they had walked outside finding the front of the building empty for people, just what wanted.

“Because you seemed to need fresh air before you jumped in too deep with the one woman we’d both agreed on, that you stayed the hell away from!!” spoke as calmly as he could muster.

“Things changed!” said while letting his gaze flicker to the opposite of the road just to avoid ’s gaze.

“No things haven’t, they only changed if you changed them!”

“Not completely true, actually changed them, or didn’t you notice the lap dance she gave me where she grind her sexy arse against my groin?” disputed and instantly was met by ’s aggravated stare but he didn’t speak which caused to exhale “You really are going to kill me, aren’t you?”

“Oh no just tell me you didn’t” exclaimed for once hoping he could be wrong.

“I didn’t” shrugged his shoulders.

“You so did, it’s written all over your face” bellowed, closing his eyes praying for strength.

“You just told me to say I didn’t” argued just to see open his eyes and stare at him infuriated.

“For fuck shake growled and blurted “She’s best friend!!!”

won’t tell her!” sighed trying to make calm down, still having his own faith that wouldn’t.

“Are you delusional? Of cause will tell her” exhaled exasperated knowing just all too well just exactly how close his fiancé and were.

“No she won’t, I’m the dom and she’ll do what I wish!” stated as a matter of fact.

“Really? Then why do I have the feeling she hasn’t agreed for you to be her dom at all?” muttered crossing his arms in front of his broad chest, giving a stern look.

“She will, eventually, I just have to show her she needs it too!” explained having fully confidence in his quest.

“Jeez , do you hear yourself? You and I both know who’s got the ability to be a good sub and is not it. She’s the kind of person who likes control, she won’t let a guy take that power away from her in the long run” sighed heavily.

“Then why has she given it to me two times already?” asked watching ’s eyes widen in shock for just the fraction of a few seconds.

“Maybe because she’s got feelings for you and is hoping those times where just wild passion and you’ll turn into the perfect boyfriend” raged frustrated.

“Is that what hoped?” snorted with a roll of his eyes.

“Don’t you fucking go there, you know I love her and I have never forced her to do anything but unlike , my fiancé does have the sub gen” spat pointing his left arm right at him in a warning.

“I know I’m sorry , but I’m not letting this go, feels perfect” said in a quieter tone.

“So because you think she feels perfect, you selflessly have decided to make her your new sub mistress and totally forget all the consequences?” shook his head riled up by his friend’s behavior.

“I need a new sub and need it to be simply specified.

, do you even realize how bad it will end? Have you forgotten why you pushed her away for so long?” questioned trying to talk some sense into him.

“Of cause I haven’t forgotten but I can’t go back now that I’ve had her” enlightened.

“Then what about , you know, your wife? I still think you should get divorced, instead of cheating on her” breathed out.

“I can’t get divorced!” uttered.

“I think you can but you can’t deal with the revenge will bring down on you if you did, but then again if she ever hears about , it probably wouldn’t matter cause then she’ll send the mob after you!” snarled.

can we please forget about this? We’re here to celebrate you’re upcoming wedding and not discuss this, which is pointless cause I’ve already made up my mind” replied just wishing for to give up on the matter.

“And you don’t care what can happen if hears about what you’ve been doing to her friend? You know those two stick together, so maybe you won’t only have to worry about revenge from but eventually from my wife as well. So don’t tell me you haven’t been warned!!” muttered.

“Thanks for the warning but I know you got my back, so you will help me smooth over if it came to that” injected and saw stare at him stunned at just suggesting it.

“You’re impossible” finally blurted causing to smile and clasp his hand onto ’s left shoulder. “Yeah, now let’s go celebrate” winked.


“Hi bestie are you all right?” asked coming up beside at the bar.

“Yeah I’m fine, just glad I made that speech all right and didn’t stumble over any words while having the ’s stare at me.” admitted.

“Aww you did fabulous and I know agrees with me.” smiled.

“So are you ready for the big day tomorrow?” questioned while the bartender handed a drink.

“I am. Can you believe it, tomorrow at this time I’m Mrs. !” blurted.

“Hun, I’ve called you that for ages now” chuckled at her.

“Yeah I know, but tomorrow it’ll be official” spoke just when she noticed and walk over to them.

“There’s the hunk I’m going to marry tomorrow” beamed letting her left hand slide down over ’s shirt clad chest, and making shake her head a little in a laugh while stepped up beside her and whispered “I just had some fresh air with Mr.

Chapter 11

Stepping outside walked with slow steps carefully down the few stairs of the entrance to the old castle in her high heels making her way outside, needing the break, needing to breathe. Closing her eyes lend her head backwards and when she opened her eyes she gazed up into the evening sky, breathing in as she tried to calm her pounding heart, the glances she had shared with him all day, washing over her body and sending her emotions flying. felt so confused, why was he looking at her differently today, why did the burn in his clear orbs seem different? knew she was in love with him, but he had made it clear she was only going to be his sub, if anything, even if he did have some feelings for her. So why did the gaze within his eyes seem to have altered today and why did it even matter, he was married! The last thought making shake her head trying to push her emotions away, today wasn’t about her, it was about her friend, it was her wedding day and she was her maid of honour. Turning around closed her eyes and for the just the fraction of a second she had thoughts running off. Why did have to marry whom best man just happened to be the guy had fallen for? sighed to herself knowing it was just the pain in her heart talking, she knew was perfect for her friend, she had never seen as happy as made her, just wished she could have the same....and to have that with . Just the fantasy of this being her wedding day with made a lump appear in her throat, and fought back the tears in her eyes, it was no good she just had to get over him, and find that one guy that would sweep her off her feet, and who was single. Determined turned around and stared back at the beautiful castle as she tried to stick her emotions back together, and go back inside to the party. She knew it was soon time for the bride and groom to have their first dance, which meant that had to get onto the dance floor right after as the second couple on the floor, the maid of honour having a dance with the best man. The mare thought of being in ’s arms putting butterflies in her stomach, just as she suddenly was torn from her thoughts as she heard walking outside with a couple of friends to get a breath of fresh air. Gazing at , couldn’t help but notice the happiness shining through ’s eyes as he laughed with two friends didn’t know. Seeing ’s gaze swift towards her, she watched as said something to the two men before walking over towards her.

“Hey, there you are, is looking for you” smiled as he reached .

“Have you already let her out of your sight?” teased having witnessed how hadn’t been able to keep his hands off as soon as he saw her in church, seemingly having to hold her hand, put his arm round her or kiss her whenever he got the chance.

“Never, I’m going to go back inside, pull her into my arms and kiss her” chuckled.

“Yeah cause you haven’t kissed her for five minutes right.” laughed shaking her head seeing the bemused look in ’s eyes.

“Well, what can I say, I love kissing my wife...and I love calling my wife.” grinned.

“And I just happen to know she loves calling you her husband.” smiled back at watching his eyes twinkle at her answer.

“I’m glad you’re here you know.” said softly changing the subject making raise an eyebrow at him.

“Well your ’s best friend and I still remember how determined she was when we set the date for our wedding that we had to make sure it was a date where you would be able to fly to Ireland. , I love you but I need my best friend to attend our wedding”. continued and imitated making giggle.

“Trust me, I would have made the date you picked work. I wouldn’t have missed sharing this day with you both, just because I recently moved to London it wouldn’t have changed that. The day has been absolutely beautiful .” replied narrowing her eyes noticing a little piece of paper sticking up from the breast pocket of ’s black tux.

“You’re making another speech?” frowned as had already made the sweetest speech to during dinner earlier.

“Ohhh...No...that was ’s words to me, I wanted to keep them.” grinned, gently picking the note out of his pocket and showing it to .

I belong in your arms
Finally, I have found a place
Into which I fit Perfectly, Safely
And securely with no doubts,
No fears, No sadness, No tears.

This place is filled with happiness and laughter
Yet it is spacious enough, to allow me
The freedom to move around,
To live my life and be myself.
This wonderful place, which I never believed really existed,
I have found Finally
Inside your arms, Inside your heart, inside your love.

I Love you….Mr . …. with all my heart, with you I belong.

“Awwww….” felt herself croak up reading the words had written for .

“I know….She really does fit into my arms. I really do love her back .” spoke, his voice filled with emotions as looked back up into his eyes.

“I know you do.” smiled and handed back the note.

“Right let’s go back in shall we? Most not let think we both disappeared.” winked at .

“Better not.” said, a smile playing on her lips and she made her way back inside the castle with to the wedding party.

As they reached the large party room, shifted his glance to .

“You do know I’ve got plenty of single friends I could set you up with” injected causing to gaze at him funnily.

are you saying you want to hook me up with someone?” mused acting shocked and ’s gaze flickered nervously round the room before landing on once more.

“I’m just saying a beautiful woman like you should have a guy who would treat you as a princess and not having any ties elsewhere.” explained causing ’s heart to throb wondering desperately if he knew something about her and and was trying in his own settled way to tell her she should stay clear from . Yet she didn’t get a chance to figure out an response as had spotted them and quickly was by their side.

“I love, love, love, love you.” beamed, her eyes shining of happiness as she cupped ’s cheeks in her hands and leaned up placing lingering feather light kisses on ’s lips.

“Love you more.” chuckled against ’s lips, his hands resting on her hips pulling her closer.

“I guess that was five minutes apart.” winked at as they pulled apart and grinned at as she turned towards her, ’s firm hands still resting round ’s waist.

“Five minutes of what?” asked, gazing between the two.

“Of us not touching baby.” whispered into ’s ear leaning forward, tenderly placing a kiss by her ear.

seems to have noticed I can’t keep my hands of you.” chuckled embracing closer from behind.

“Well I love that you can’t.” giggled.

“Me too.” murmured and turned his face as he heard his name being called.

“I’m sooooooooooo happy it must be a crime!!!” cheered, easing herself out of ’s embrace and flung her arms around , hugging her tightly, to both and ’s bemusement.

“It’s no crime hun, I’m so happy for you both.” smiled to over ’s shoulder, only to feel hug her even tighter.

“Breathe, would like to breathe.” laughed warmly.

“Oh sorry.” blurted out and eased her grip.

“Baby ’s is calling me over, so I’ll give you two a second alone.” spoke softly as let go of and gazed up at him nodding, while reaching her left hand out and linked it with ’s bigger one.

“Five minutes!” winked, his eyes crinkling in laughter.

“Do you think you can survive five minutes without touching your wife?” challenged him.

“Wife.” beamed tasting the word on his lips.

“I love the sound of that, and if I can’t survive I’ll come running and stealing a kiss.” smiled as he leaned down snatching a loving kiss from .

“You can steal every kiss you like from me…Husband!” smirked as winked at her, his eyes twinkling as called him husband.

“God, you two are so love sick happy.” laughed as they watched head of in the direction of .

“I know, it is bliss. Awwww I’m so happy you are here.” exclaimed emotionally. “There’s no other place I would rather be.” smiled to her friend before her gaze flickered to as he stood future away with and . It was like a bolt lightning when suddenly turned his stare and stared right at her, like he could feel her glance. instantly turned her gaze away from , almost like he had burned her from his stare alone.

“Hey you okay?” suddenly asked noticing ’s conflicted tense glance.

“Yeah…yeah of cause” smiled brightly just to see narrow her eyes at her, seemingly uncertain if she believed her, but for the second time they got interrupted as the bride and groom was called onto the dance floor.


Fleeing the room headed straight for the bathroom, breathing a sigh of relief when she found it empty. Grabbing the edge of the sink took a few deep breaths and tried desperately to shake of the feeling of just having been in ’s arms on the dance floor, it had felt so intense, closing her eyes could still feel every second of it.

“I’ve been waiting hours for this” whispered close to ’s ear as he pulled her body even closer while they slide over the dance floor in a tension filled rhythm. His strong arms were wrapped around ’s smaller frame and she could easily breathe in his intoxicated scent. Unable to answer took an intake of breath trying to steady her shaking emotions.

“You just fit perfectly in my arms and I know you can feel it too” whispered causing to finally meet his gaze.

“This isn’t right” muttered trying to grasp onto her beliefs.

“But it is and I want to kiss you” barely audible spoke and ’s orbs widen in utter shock.

“Never kiss on the lips” mumbled, her eyes filled with uneasiness. What was wrong with him today?

“It’s a stupid rule” cursed, their faces only inches apart as they forgot everything around them.

“You made it!” argued feeling like her fingertips were burning where they rested on ’s broad shoulders.

“Even I make mistakes. Even I change my mind…once in a while” probed sending ’s already confused thoughts running wild.

“You have to stop this!!” muttered moving her face a fraction away from ’s.

“Stop what?” pretended to act unknowingly.

“This, you and I, we’re not a thing!!” stated frankly just as the song stopped and the couples on the dance floor parted for a minute before they all swept off for a second dance, except . She stood still with , both glaring at each other for the other to back down, but neither one did and that’s when reality set in and realized this could end up with prying eyes and she fled the scene gracefully in her long soft satin dress.

felt like she was in too deep and was starting to seriously rattle her. The thought had only cruised through her mind when the door to the rest room went open and quietly walked in, lifting her white dress slightly when she walked over the threshold.

“Are you okay? I mean seriously okay?” asked quietly stepping up beside .

“Yeah of cause I am” acted, not wanting to ruin any of ’s happiness on her special day.

, it’s me you’re talking too, I saw the way you and looked at each other just now.” told, concern written all over her face.

“It’s fine, I’ll be fine I promise” smiled weakly.

“You know, I may be wearing a wedding dress but I can still set him straight if needs be” said frankly making chuckle slightly.

“I don’t doubt that for a second.”

“Right, you know we just have to find a type of guy for you that aren’t married!” grinned as her eyes twinkled at her idea.

“And I guess you already know who that could be?” shook head in a mild laugh.

“Actually I have an inkling” grimaced.

“Really?” suddenly frowned.

“Yes, wanna meet Oliver?” smiled broadly making it impossible for not to smile.

“Maybe later, need to use the restroom” said nodding to the cubical opposite of the room.

“Right of cause, just come find me after” smiled and nodded, watching leave the room before stepped into one of the cubicles.

was just about to open the door of her cubical when she stopped right on her track as she heard enter the rest room with a friend.

is not right for , she doesn’t belong in our group. She doesn’t have class enough” proclaimed.

“I know and it’s no better with her friend dancing with your husband like that” The woman spoke.

“Yeah I know but at least I got wrapped up in the palm of my hand” sneered as stood stiff and quiet praying for them to leave the restroom so she could sneak out. The sheer words had stunned and angry. She knew was vindictive but that she would spread that loud of garbage at ’s and ’s wedding was a new low even for . Hearing them finally leave stared at her own reflection in the mirror as she washed her hands and instantly was determined to see this wedding through and ignore the hell out of and . And didn’t just mention a guy called Oliver she could have a chat and a dance with…

Chapter 12

A week had passed since the wedding when put the key into the ’s front door, having promised to keep an eye on the house while they were away on their honeymoon. Opening the door, stepped inside and closed the door and dropped her bag on the table in the hall, while glancing around the hall. She had always felt a bit in awe when she stepped into the house, it felt like this large castle, especially in the beginning until moved in with and made it seem much more homely with her giving it a woman’s touch and feel. had only been too happy to let spread her vibe around the house as long as he kept having a gentleman’s room, that certain place where he had the 100% say in how it was decorated. She knew loved that room, almost as much as and that he wanted one himself, but being had put her foot down and prevented it. At the bear thought of sighed, the happenings at the wedding still made her heart constrict and anger boil. It was the main reason why she had avoided everyone, she didn’t want to be reminded of that day, even though she would forever be to some extinct. Walking into the living room she saw the proof on the dinner table. On ’s request had been to the photo shop down town and got photos developed from the wedding. As a welcome home present had already bought a beautiful silver frame, with a photo of the happy couple in it. She knew would love the photo she had chosen and she was certain her friend would pick a priced spot in the house to put it.

Shaking her head from her thoughts strolled through the house to check everything was as it should, before she once more stood back in the hall, now with the key to their mailbox in hand. Opening the front door stepped outside and strode towards the mailbox. As she opened the lid, she heard a car in the distance, a car that made her body rattle, and her mind praying to God she was mistaken, ‘Please don’t let it be him’! But there’s this thing with luck and destiny, they don’t always come hand in hand, or is it you that just don’t go hand in hand with them? shook; even her thoughts were rattling her clouded brain. She felt her pulse quicken up when she pulled the letters out of the mail box and an all too familiar dark blue car drove past her into the driveway and parked right beside her own car. Closing her eyes for the fraction of a minute begged inwardly for strength as the car door went open, just as she passed the car, trying her hardest to ignore the desire his mare presence invoked in her body.

“As gorgeous as ever” greeted flashing his deep eyes at her, the second he had strode past her and held the front door open for her.

“What are you doing here?” muttered, wishing he would just disappear as quickly as he had appeared.

“Right so, no polite hello to your lover.” spoke acting offended, closing the door when they had both entered. He watched ’s petit ass sway in her tight jeans, unconsciously causing all blood to run south in ’s body, and if it hadn’t been for her mood that told to keep his hands the hell away from her booty, he would have reached out and squeezed her ass.

“Not your lover!!” fumed, angry with everything, why had her own heart and body put her into this fucking position. Why couldn’t she just have the hot’s for a single guy? Maybe a guy like Oliver, who she met at the wedding.

“I guess not today then.” rolled his eyes and walked forward, past the staircase.

“Why are you here?” called after him, daring a glimpse of his broad striking back.

“Louis needs some papers regarding ’s solo career, and it couldn’t wait ‘till they got back, so I promised to fetch them.” replied and disappeared into ’s home office, leaving to stare at the letters she had just placed on the table in the hall. wanted to fled back home, and close the door to the world, hoping her best friend would get her married ass back home soon. Dealing with the mess that was , was feeling more difficult now that she was on her own. Even if didn’t know everything, at least she was on her side no matter what.

“Found them.” leered, suddenly striding back into the hall with a file in his right hand, and a smirk on his lips. felt her hands clutch to the edge of the table at the tense atmosphere that erupted between them. It was like something out of a bad romance novel. Yet it wasn’t, it was her life. Lifting her gaze, glanced into a pair of cheeky eyes, and she knew instantly what was on his mind, and it was anything but innocent.

“In case no one has told you today, your ass is smoking hot in those jeans.” winked and a dangerous smile rolled over his lips. That smile that made her knees wobble, especially if she hadn’t been so frustrated with their situation.

“If you got a divorce you could tell me that every day.” exclaimed without thinking, and instantly bit her lower lip at the anger rolling over ’s face.

“Just like that? This is how you throw that at me?” argued, feeling his lust now combined with irritation.

“Well she’s a right on bitch so why the fuck would you want to stay married to her anyway!” yelled, unable to hold down the frustration she had kept in all week.

“Well at least she hasn’t been talking shit about you after the wedding, but you on the other hand, the first time I see you…” growled but interrupted him, taking a step closer to him.

“Yeah right, she did that enough at the wedding, that probably has her lasted for a few days.” snarled, ignoring the shocked expression on ’s handsome face. “What did you say?” blurted.

“And besides she’s got you right where she wants you, in the palm of her hands, right?” cried out, her entire body now shaking with fury and hurt.

“What the fuck are you on about?” fumed, getting more and more annoyed by the second, not knowing what was rambling about.

“Well that’s what your dear said, in the women’s toilet at the wedding party. She couldn’t even be bothered to check the stalls to see if she was overheard.” muttered, feeling every bit of hidden pain since the incident coming tumbling out of her.

“What else did she say?” asked in a dangerously low voice, which made blink.

“That wasn’t right for , that she doesn’t belong in your group, and that she hasn’t got class enough.” informed in a calmer voice, like some of her anger had now seeped into .

“She said that, at their actual wedding?” fumed.

“Yes.” pipped and noticed how the in his eyes had turned into a dark shade of furious anger, and didn’t dare say anymore. Not that he would have listened. For a second stared at her blankly but then, like someone had yelled go, he stormed out of the house, without as much as a goodbye. He left there, staring in the direction he had disappeared into, with her own emotions ripped and torn.


’s gaze was fastened on the road and his strong fingers gripping round the black steering wheel causing his knuckles to turn white. He had promised Louis to come by right away with the papers, which now lay on the front seat beside him, but they were the last thing on his mind. He needed to see , needed to know what the fuck his wife had been blabbing about at his best friend’s wedding, behind his back. knew without a doubt, that even mentioning it to , that if what had told him was true, it would bring consequences. Those consequences would be on he’s own marriage. cursed for not seeing through that, she should have known, and she had promised him. Promised him to be good as gold at the wedding. had thought she had been. He should have learned by now, that if his wife felt threatened, she would use whatever hoax she saw fit. just prayed it wasn’t going to course him trouble in his relationship with , not more than it already had.

Seeing his home coming into view, pushed the paddle a little more, and cruised into his drive way. Parking; climbing out of his car, smashing the car door closed and glared up at his house. He knew she was home. Her car parked in front of the door, like she was just inside to get something, and then would leave any minute again. Yet that minute had to wait, first she had some things to tell him, would make damn well sure of that.

Striding over the path way and into the hall of their home, stopped on his track when he spotted with her back towards him. She was giggling at something, one of her girlfriends, presumed, told her on the phone. She was in a snug fit snow white dress, which crept over her petit bum. Had it been way earlier in their relationship it would have caused ’s body to react instantly, but everything had changed since then. As it were all felt at this precise moment was annoyance with her for being on the phone, when he had stuff to quiz her for. Like if she had sense his thoughts turned around with a bright smile, and her gaze instinctively ran the length of her husband.

“Darling, I have to go, the hubby just stepped through the door, seems like he needs my attention.” cooed, while rolled his eyes. With a laugh and a goodbye ended the call and gently tucked her phone into her clutch bag.

“Hey hunni, you’re back, I was just on my way out.” rambled.

“Babe!!” cursed in a thick loaded accent, that made stop mid movement and meet his gaze.

“Did you or did you not talk bullshit about my best friend’s wife at their wedding, behind their and my back?” growled through gritted teeth, and his hands clutched into fits at his sides. Taking a back from his sudden accusation shook lightly before getting her stride back in check.

“Of cause I didn’t. I promised you I wouldn’t.” She shrugged and went to walk past but he grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop up. “Tell me the fucking truth!!” fumed, raising his voice an octave, making her lips wobble for just the fraction of a second, but the movement gave him the answer just the same.

“OH YOU STUPID WOMAN!” barked, losing his grip on her arm and stepped away from her, pacing the floor.

“THAT’S NOT HOW YOU TALK TO YOUR WIFE!” yelled back, her body shaking with slight anxiety.

“WIFE? WIFE?” laughed deadly “You didn’t mind when it was you talking about ’s wife. A guy that is MY best friend, who married the woman he loves, but no. You would rather see him married to someone he doesn’t love at all!”

“He could love her, if he had given it a chance.” argued just to hear snort at her “You only say that because you wanted him to marry someone that’s in your scheme of things”

“That’s not true.” protested.

“No? So you didn’t say that wasn’t good enough. Not classy enough for the style of us.” exclaimed, and instantly saw take a step forward “Well she isn’t and you know it!”

“Fuck you are so deluded. You think the world revolve around you. is by far a better match in the style we want than ‘the you’ which you have turned into will ever be!” fumed as ’s eyes narrowed in anger.

“I am just looking out for your best interest, and and that so called friend of hers, don’t belong in our class of life!!” fired back, not even noticing the flicker of rage in ’s eyes by the hint towards .

“Don’t you get? If ever hears about this, it will have consequences.” blurted, ignoring her earlier reply.

“Well he won’t hear it, unless you tell him.” grimaced at her husband’s words.

“Really? So you remembered to check the stalls in the ladies room and make sure no one heard you, when you were rambling at the wedding did you?” cursed, knowing the answer, yet in some way enjoying the look of horror on her face, as realization hit her. She hadn’t checked, and now she knew someone had heard her, and that someone had just told her husband.

“Who told you?” Her voice was suddenly small and with an edge of fear to it. watched her. It was rare he saw her like that, but he also knew he couldn’t tell her the truth.

“One of the guests, I don’t remember the name.” lied as watched him.


Having collected her defying body and mind stood in the parking lot, having just been inside Mark and Spencer, doing her shopping, and discarded her shopping bags on the backseat. Her thoughts were still a rumble, she hadn’t meant to tell , or rather she hadn’t meant to tell him the way she had ended up doing. With a sigh closed the back door of her car and took a step back. She could sense him, even before his aftershave crushed over her senses, and made her a weak mess in the strong hands that roughly grabbed her, and turned her nervy body around. Her eyes instantly found his and somehow even her lips moved “What are you doing here?” Her question was out in the air, and guarded her eyes, seemingly searching for something didn’t know what was. “I saw your car, and then I saw you.” murmured like it answered everything but in reality answered nothing. was just about to speak, when shock rattled through her entire being. His lips crashed onto hers. He’s fingers cupping her cheeks demandingly, not giving her a chance to back away from him. His lips tasted just as delicious as had always imagined, yet at first she was too stunned to react. She couldn’t believe what was happening. ’s no kissing rule had always been followed, even if it had burned ’s very soul not to have the taste of his lips on hers, and now, now it happened. She couldn’t believe it was actually happening and had no power to stop it. It felt too good. ’s fingers intuitively slid up into his hair and tucked into their tresses. A moan fled her mouth, as she felt his tongue lick at her lips, asking her silently to part her lips. obliged willingly. Both moaned the second their tongues touched for the first time. The feeling made slide his hands to ’s hips, clutching her, pulling her body flush up against his. Both forgetting everything around them, risking being caught.

.” Her name fell from ’s mouth against ’s in a rasp whisper, which sent shivers down ’s spine. God she wanted him, so so so very bad.

?” croaked both feeling their breaths being lumbered.

“I hate the kissing rule we made.” muttered, releasing his grip on her, taking a step back to ’s disappointment. His gaze suddenly flickered around the parking lot and remembered where he was, where they were.

“Fuck!” cursed and instantly flickered her gaze around their surroundings, and understood without even asking where his thoughts where. He was scared they might had been seen.

“Your lips where just as amazing against mine as I had imagined” dared say in a quiet voice. Her statement promptly made look at her once more. His eyes smoldered with intensified heat, that burned into her very soul, and made her skin feel on fire, as if he was touching her.

“It was better!!” finally croaked and bore his frenzied stare into ’s. “But I shouldn’t have done it here.” He disclosed taking in a deep breath and turned around, heading straight for his car parked only a few feet away from them. It was like he had just tossed the car there in his hurry to get to her. still felt every fiber in her body vibrate as she watched him disappear, and her fingers gently touched her lips, still feeling the incredible feeling from his touch.

Chapter 13

“Soooo where’s the fire? Have you burned a few bridges while I’ve been gone?” warmly chuckled casually dropping her bag on a nearby chair in ’s living room.

“What?” frowned pacing on the carpet nervously while dropped herself onto the soft sofa. had called her an hour earlier asking her to come over, needing her assistance.

“Well and I only got home from our honeymoon last night and the quick call from you, and the tone in your voice gave you away.” trailed off and looked at her friend, sensing the same troubled mind of her she had noticed on the phone, even if had tried to disguise it. “So something is clearly on your mind sweetie? So tell me?”

“I took care of your house.” spoke, stopping her pacing and fiddled with her silver bracelet instead.

“I know and and I are both very grateful.” smiled, knowing this was ’s way of sliding into what was actually troubling her.

glanced at , well knowing she couldn’t hide something was up but at the same time, she had called her to come over. For just the fraction of a moment thought about chicken out, but knowing the whole thing was messing up her mind, she instead blurted out the words “He kissed me!!”

“Who? Oliver?” frowned trying her hardest to remember seeing with someone who she would be kissing.

“What? Yes, but no!!” exclaimed rubbing her eyes in frustration, finding it harder than she thought.

“Yes, no? Seriously hun you need to spell this out for me.” replied while watched the clearly confusion written on ’s features.

“Okay me and Oliver did kiss at the wedding but it didn’t mean anything, it was just me being frustrated and I just…” trailed off with a heavy sigh.

“Ohh right, you don’t have to explain, I get it, but that’s not what is having you at your wit’s end is it?”

“No it’s not that.” murmured rubbing her eyes as she slumped down onto the other end of the sofa, making turn slightly to look at her. “ kissed me!!” finally said, feeling the weight on her shoulders easing by saying the words out loud. Fleeing a gaze to her friend she saw the shock on her face for the portion of a minute, before a little smile appeared. Since seemed to remain silent, couldn’t stop the next four words to escape her mouth “in a parking lot.” The simple statement made chuckle and her eyes crinkled in mirth.

“It’s not funny!” injected yet finding ’s jolly laugh infectious, and causing her troubled mind to ease lightly.

“I know, I know but at all places, the actual first time ever he kisses you, he chooses a parking lot.” giggled and watched pout “That’s not the point.”

“Right, I know babe, so he kissed you?” mused trying to regain her poseur and act seriously.

“Why don’t you seem surprised at all?” quizzed puzzled.

“I saw you two at my wedding remember? And I know how you feel about him. Plus what did I say was flaming between the two of you?” asked rising an eyebrow to remind her.

“That we got F-S-S-F.” mumbled.

“Exactly. Forbidden, suppressed, sexual, frustrations. In a way it was just a matter of time.” shrugged, and immediately caused to stare at her.

“A matter of time?” murmured.

“Well yeah, when you think about how messed up his marriage is and the fact the two of you seem like electricity when close to each other.” explained and added “It was just a kiss right?”

“Yeah…” answered quietly biting her lower lip while her mind recalled her up and close contact with and his words that still echoed with his powerful lusty voice, demanding to even keep in the dark. A demand that put a drain on her. There was nothing more wanted right now, than to just come clean and tell everything, and yet something inside her, made her pull back, put a lid over it and keeping it inside.

“Okay then. It will be okay, I bet has done the same to . It happened and it’s the sensation that’s now, tearing up your heart, but sweetie you will be okay, I promise you.” spoke gently and placed her right hand on top of ’s two linked ones on her lap. Squeezing them met her eye; “You can get through this. Just try to throw your thoughts on something else, like getting that dream acting job you are craving”

“I’ve been trying out for a part in the Dirty Dancing musical.” spoke quietly trying to gain her train rack of feelings, and follow ’s advice.

“And I bet you will get it.” smiled and watched roll her eyes, yet with a pert smile rolling over her lips. “Just come home with me, then and I can distract you for a couple of hours.” added, seeing a reviled look in her eyes.

“You won’t mind? I mean you just got home.” asked with an inch of uncertainty.

“Of cause not, just get your butt into gear and out of your pj and come with me.”

“Oh, so you don’t like my Betty boob pj?” mocked.

“Haha if you wanna wear that, wear it, but don’t come to me for assistance when quiz you about it.” laughed, just to get a teasing slap on her arm before disappeared into her bedroom to change.


“Mate, I’ve been arguing with like thunder and lightning….it’s bad” cursed and slushed down onto a barstool inside ’s own gentleman’s room, decorated just like he wanted. stood on the other side of the bar, pouring whiskey into a glass and pushed it over the desk towards , who gratefully toke it. Raising the glass to his lips, tipped it back and felt the strong liquid slide down his throat, giving him a sort of stress release. He had been telling about his fight with , and what she had done at the wedding. To ’s surprise, had taken the news in more or less silence, just nodding every now and then. It was like he wasn’t surprised, and it gave a bad taste.

doesn’t know. She wouldn’t have been able to keep it from me!” spoke but it was more of a statement than a question. Still glanced at his friend. “ wouldn’t have told in her state of wedding bliss.”

“Yeah…” trailed off and narrowed his gaze “I’ve asked before and I am asking again, why don’t you get a divorce?”

“Say’s the guy that comes from a family that’s against the thing!” snorted.

“Not when the marriage is making you miserable mate, and have done so in ages. There comes a time where even a will say you have suffered enough .” answered and took a sip of his own glass.

“It just feels like such a failure, and I am a , I don’t fail!!” cursed slamming his right fist into the hardwood desk.

“So staying married and having something on the side, isn’t a fail?” questioned starring at .

“It’s not optimally but feels more right than being a failure.” muttered and watched shake his head in surrender.

“If that’s how you see it for now. Just , think about it, it may make you a happier guy again.” sighed.

“Fine” mumbled.


“I bet is down in his man cave!” joked and rolled her eyes, making giggle as they made their way through the house an hour later.

“Wasn’t it a gentleman’s room?” enquired.

“Gentleman room, man cave it’s the same thing.” gushed in a smirk as they reached the door and heard ’s voice from inside the room. instantly rattled when a shock wave washed through her body at the sound of ’s voice.

“I thought you said he wasn’t here?” stuttered and turned her head looking at her friend “I’m reallyyyyy sorry I didn’t know he was here”

opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out, she just starred at . “You know maybe it’s a good thing, maybe you and can talk things through, clear the air?” mused gazing back carefully at , well knowing wouldn’t like her suggestion at all. So there, pushed the door open, not giving a chance to back away.

“Hey lover and friend” said in mirth, getting both men to turn in the direction of the door. walked in behind , and in the distance heard them respond, but no words registered in her mind when her eyes locked with ’s through the room. A jolt of nerves was rushing in waves through the mind and body. She didn’t manage to react before she felt a strong hand clasp round her waist and pull her into a hug, and finally heard the voice of cruise into her sound waves. “Hey girl, thanks for taking care of the place.”

“You’re welcome” piped, trying to hug him back in her rattled state.

“I’ve been talking to here while was away. Needed to pass the time, while you had thrown your friend card, apparently the husband card didn’t triumph yours.” chuckled.

“Nice to know.” replied just to see a frown on ’s forehead. knew it was because he was used to her fast remarks to his, but right now, in this moment of time, she just wasn’t bothered to make something up. All she could think about when she saw was that amazing kiss in the parking lot. Not that seemed rattled right now in her presence.

“Yeah well…” coughed “I am just gonna borrow my wife for a few seconds, mate, behave while we are gone for a moment!” directed at , who simply grimaced back, while grabbed ’s hand and pulled her out of the room.

And just like that, in the matter of a fraction of a moment stood in a man cave with , alone.

“Right” sighed and got up from the bar stool and strode over behind the bar. “Drink?” He questioned and raised a glass into the air, and watched as nodded and slowly made her way to the bar, standing opposite it from him. Feeling like the bar was a safety buffer between them, gladly took the drink he offered her and took a sip.

“So before this get any more awkward, let’s talk about that incident in the parking lot.” started while pretended to need another sip of her glass, but in reality had trouble to just keep herself together, let alone speak.

“It was a mistake; the kiss was simply a mistake. We were both high on the moment and everything that has happened, so it happened, no worries.” proclaimed and drowned a large swallow of his beer.

“Right, yes just a mistake.” mumbled finally finding her voice, yet feeling her heart drop at his words at the same time, but she refused to let him see it.

“Ya know we love ya, but I would love some alone time with my wife now.” declared striding into the room with giggling at his side. Their sheer presence pulled and out of their bubble, knowing ‘time was up’.

Chapter 14

Loud cheerful music was booming from the speakers and laughter filled the cave of ’s gentleman’s room. For tonight it was a party room celebrating both and ’s triumphs at getting the parts in the Dirty Dancing musical. had been utterly thrilled when she got the news, and had been over the moon for her, declaring they had to celebrate it. It was only later that evening when had come home from a night out with the boys he had told them ’s news, and somehow that had turned into a mutual party. still wasn’t sure if that was the best idea in the universe. Yet here she was, standing by ’s home bar and sipping on a cocktail.

The best thing about the evening was no in sight. She had already made plans she couldn’t get out of when the ’s planned the party, and no one seemed to miss her. The sheer thought made smile, as she for the hundred time that evening locked eyes with . Each time just making them both more and more frustrated. She already knew he was hard when he earlier had bruised past her, and it just made her core ache even more.

“Be carefullllllllllll” laughed interrupting ’s train of unhealthy thoughts.

“No idea what you mean” pretended and tore her gaze away from ’s striking body.

“Yeah right, you’ve only been ogling since he arrived.” chuckled, clearly merry from the cocktails she had consumed.

“You are drunk you don’t know what you are seeing.” smirked back at her friend, just to see her shake her head “Not that drunk and I know you, and your libido.”

“Haha you what?” laughed.

“You heard me. I know how that mind of yours works and what it tells your libido it wants. Just be careful that’s all I am saying.” winked knowingly before leaning in over the bar and yelled “HUSBAND!!” Her sheer state of happiness made smile.

“Yeah??” questioned with a raised eyebrow and taking a few steps to the right so he stood in front of them on the opposite side of the bar.

“I want a drink…” trailed off before adding with a grin “And a kiss”

shook her head in mock tease of the pair before her eyes on its own accord once more found the whereabouts of in the room. This time though when he noticed her stare, he took the lead and innocently made his way towards her. immediately felt her pulse quicken the second he stepped up beside her and leaned close to her ear “Stop starring, you are making me hard!” The words sank in and had to swallow her nerves. She knew was too occupied by right now to notice and everyone else in the room couldn’t hear them. searched her eyes for clues and they told him what he already knew, she’s was as soaked as he was hard.

He leaned in once more “Upstairs bathroom in five minutes!”

He didn’t wait for an answer he simply walked away and left breathless.


Walking into the upstairs bathroom, instead of the one downstairs for all the guests, they both felt the bigger sense of privacy, as the noise of the party drowned out when closed the door, while feeling her heartbeat intensify. This diffidently wasn’t what they had agreed upon down in ’s man cave only a while ago, or what had proclaimed ’s mind snapped at her. She felt her feet shake with nerves when she turned in her nude peep toe heels, and stared at . His arse looked firm in his ruffled dark jeans and the blue shirt clung to his muscular biceps when watched him open a drawer and pull out two leather ribbons. Her eyes widened when he turned towards her and saw each of his hands holding onto the ends of the ribbons, pulling them roughly into a stretch, making a jagged sound fiddle into the room. swallowed a lump in her throat at the sight of , standing before her with slightly spread legs and his eyes piecing fire down her spine. There was no denying it; he was in his domineering mode.

“How did you know they were in there” blurted, needing to break the fiery tension building like speed of lightning between them.

and I talk…he uses them on !” mused, the words falling between his lips in a dangerous playful tone.

“What?” shrieked stunned.

“It’s our secret, that we borrow them. I’m going to tie you up and I am going to fuck your slutty cunt sore!” growled through gritted teeth causing to take a step back. Not from fear, but from the sheer raw passion was setting lose inside her. She wasn’t supposed to do this. They weren’t supposed to do this.

“Have you forgot, you claimed we shouldn’t do this?” dared say as reached out and grabbed her left wrist in his strong hand.

“I said the kiss was a mistake…”He trailed off and pushed her towards the wall with a pair of hooks for towels. Roughly grabbed the towels and threw them on the floor before locking eyes once more to hers. “But I didn’t say the bathroom fucking was a mistake!”

The instant the words were out, felt her mouth go dry promptly. She didn’t even struggle against him when he tied the leather ribbons round her wrists and they got linked to each their hook. With a sly grin took a step back and glared at , and noticed how her breathing had gone ragged. He knew her blood was boiling through her veins and the ache between her perfect thighs was driving her mad.

licked her dry lips with her tongue and saw ’s eyes just go a shade darker by her action. God she wanted those lips back on hers and without thinking she blurted “Kiss me!”

A hazardous grin erupted on his sexy features. “I won’t kiss you.” spoke stepping forward up close to her, his hands reaching forward and his fingertips stroking her warm skin down her cleavage. “I would get lost if I did, but I will fuck you.” breathed and let his hands trail down her body to the hem of her black glittery dress. “I will get lost in your little tight pussy” He growled into her ear and pushed her dress up over her ass.

heaved her breath and pulled at her hands, needing to cling to something but in vain. clearly knew how to bind ribbons. He didn’t kiss her lips but his enticing mouth did tease her troath. found it impossible to speak but a deep moan did slip from her parted red lips the instant ’s fingers pushed the string of her thong to the side and slid his pointing finger through her slippery labia lips.

“So fucking wet for me baby.” reverberated against her throat. “Let me show you something very hard, would you like that baby?”

Still unable to find her voice, only a cry fled her mouth at the same time as she heard ’s zipper being pulled down and his hard flesh sprung free against her core.

“Answer me, damn it!!” roared through tight clipped lips while moving his face back in front of hers.

“Yes!!” finally managed.

“Yes what?” grunted unpleased.

“I want you show me your hard cock!” cried out, causing to rapidly place his right hand over her mouth. “Not that loud gorgeous.” ’s eyes flashed worriedly. She for all in the world didn’t want anyone to find out was fucking her in the upstairs bathroom of the ’s. Now the only sound in the bathroom was of their heavy breathing. Checking if they heard any noise at all coming outside the room, but the only noise was still coming from the party downstairs.

“I think we are safe.” winked just as he pushed the head of his dick against ’s aching dripping hole. He easily pushed through and didn’t stop until he was all the way inside her. His hard flesh was throbbing in racket speed and the tightness making them both groan in unison.

“Fuck you feel so good.” groaned and leaned his face forward, into the crook of Henry’s shoulder and inhaled her scent deeply. pushed against him, needing him desperately to move. The size of him making it unbearable if he didn’t move. ’s left hand slid under her bum and clutched his fingers so hard to her flesh, was sure he would bruise her. He guided her in silence to lift her leg and bend it round his arse.

With no words between them other than those of utter sexual pried craving, set up a harsh rhythm. His cock fucking her like his life depended on it. repeatedly moaned fighting an inner battle to keep her noise at bay, but the feeling of repeating pounding in and out of her drenched pussy was making it so damn hard. With the ribbon tied masterfully round her wrists, there was nothing could do but simply take in the pleasure was offering her body.

A rumble from deep down ’s throat made aware he was getting close. With another pound ’s right hand came down to her pussy and his fingers instantly made a move for ’s beating clit. It was all getting to much for , his cock working her and his powerful fingers pushing at her clit, it was too much, her orgasm hit her straight on. Her legs shook, her pussy clasped onto ’s cook, pulling him an impossible inch future in, making his body get hit by his own animalistic orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” groaned against her throat and ’s breath heaved.

“God moaned, her entire body now feeling limp.

“I know.” whispered, standing still in the moment, giving them both a chance to come down while still linked to the other person.

“I needed that.” mumbled and lifted his head and stepped back so his cock slipped from ’s warmth. Her eyes met his as he stood back and slowly tucked himself back into his pants, not even cleaning himself “This way I take a piece of you home with me.” smirked making blink at his remark.

“Maybe I should set you free.” He sneered.

“You can’t leave me like this.” responded just to see him joke “Oh really?”

“Not if you don’t want anyone to know?” exclaimed.

“Fair point” mumbled, the grin falling from his face and his heads reaching out and gently freeing her from the ribbons and hooks. pushed her dress back down and smoothed it out and saw from the corner of her eye putting the leather ribbons back into the drawer. Next he put the towels back on the hooks before meeting her gaze.

“I’ll go down now, take a moment, and then come down to the party too.” instructed her and went for the door. Hearing the door close after him, ’s eyes fell to the bathroom mirror and her heart sank. Incredible sex, but she somehow felt dirty. She was his affaire, she knew that, he didn’t hide that fact from her, and although her heart was craving more, and the amazing sex made her feel dirty, she still couldn’t say no.