All Tied Up

All Tied Up

Chapter 1

Grabbing the last bowl from what felt like one of hundred boxes by now threw the empty box over the Kitchen Island and with a sigh placed the bowl into one of the kitchen shelves. They had been unpacking all day and there were still boxes here and there but also had to admit with a little snort of laughter that they had got slower and slower as the hours passed by, the move to London had been exhausting. Letting her gaze scan around the kitchen area, found her gaze wander to the open door way that lead into the living room. Padding into the living room stepped over to the large window and gazed outside at the sight of London beneath her. Living on the fifth floor gave them a beautiful view over Hyde Park, and yet had complained being scared stiff of elevators she hadn’t wanted to live up high, but somehow down the line turned it into that she would get a lot of exercise everyday by using the stairs, besides they needed a place to live and this fitted them. Suddenly hearing a muffled sound behind her turned around and saw cursing as she waved her pointing finger in the air.

“Damn boxes. I cut myself on one of them!!” complained.

“Awww” soothed as narrowed her eyes raising her head from staring at her finger and looked at .

“You okay?” questioned knowing how got about new things.

“Fine, tired, it’s been a long few days” spoke, her lips trembling slightly, truth to be told she was scared but had been trying to hide it from her friend all day.

“It will be alright , everything will be alright. A new start remember?” said gently knowing needed the encouragement.

“Yeah…. It’s a lot of new things at once though” replied quietly.

“True but it will be so good for us, I’m sure of it. We are turning a leaf, the world is at our feet” grinned and suddenly her eyes lit up and she stormed off into her bedroom. had slouched herself down into their plush white sofa and looked up at unable not to shake her head with a warm smile as excitedly came back into the room.

“You took it with you!” smiled seeing stand in the middle of the room with a big pink shiny banner on which she wrote all the larger things she wanted in life down upon with a big black marker, and when she accomplished one of the of things, she would mark it out with a black line with her marker.

“Of cause. Look” grinned folding the banner out completely over their sofa table.

“Move to London, check, find flat check, get a great job….” trailed of as the words reminded her of the fact that tomorrow was the start of their new jobs, and it freaked her.

“Check!” said finishing sentence and gazed at her friend from the corner of her eye.

“You’re freaking out by tomorrow…” added feeling ’s gaze shift to her for a second before resting back on the banner.

“Yes” whispered feeling terrified to the bone. She had never been good at starting on something new, and this time everything was new, the town, the flat, the job….everything and yet somehow mixed into the fear there was a slight relief of hope, that maybe, just maybe it would change everything and make life amazing.

“Listen , you will do amazing at your new job and do you know how I know that?” asked.

“How?” piped, the seriousness in ’s voice making look at her.

“Because that is who you are. You always do the best you can and besides remember the tons of people that applied for that job and yet who got it?” questioned.

“I did!” finally replied after a beat of silence.

“Exactly!” stated with a determined smile that it would work out.

“But , it’s one of the most popular companies in London, it’s the golden place to be, if you make it there your future is almost sealed job wise”

“Yes but that is why they choose you, because you and I are destined for greatness” responded.

“And you know this how?” asked uncertain.

“Because it’s our turn, and I have a plan” beamed nodding towards her pink banner.

“To get a walk in closet!” raised a bemused eyebrow catching the word on the banner.

“Don’t trash the closet cause you know you want one just as bad” pointed out.

“True I do” agreed with a smile.

“Even though I’m the fashion girl, but you’re getting there. It is so much fun to see how you’ve changed from one who didn’t care about dresses and walking in high heels and now you’re trying to lean, even looking on dresses online” giggled loving having watched the change in her friend.

“Yeah what have you done to me?” exclaimed trying to act offended but failed miserable.

“I’m just making you a snob” laughed.

“Yeah well its fun being a snob with you” grinned.

“And it will make us fit right in here” stated.

“I guess you’re looking forward to your new job tomorrow?” asked and leaned back into the sofa as excitedly started telling about her new job at Vogue magazine.


Closing her eyes for a second before opening them again gazed around the open office space feeling the buzz from her new colleges working around her, as she just had sat down in her cubicle, that where her little office space in the big firm. So far her first day had been a whirlwind of new things, but she had made it through, even managed talking to her new boss though he had made an unwelcome chill jag through her. She couldn’t put an exact finger on it, but somehow her new boss just seemed to be too nice. Shaking her head stared on the computer in front of her, and closed down the files she had been looking at, before shutting the computer down. couldn’t wait to get home, her feet were killing her, walking around in high heels all day was new to her, but had been firm telling her she had to wear them, she had to be classy at her new job, and of cause had been right.

“Hey, first day over, I think we made it through amazingly, I just know we’ll work great together” spoke in a cheery voice as he appeared by ’s side just as she picked up her purse.

“I’m sure we will too. I’m so happy I got the job” smiled at her boss who grinned back at her before being interrupted by his phone, taking it he gave a wave. Seeing him disappear towards his office smiled to herself, she was happy to have got this opportunity, it was a huge thing to land a job at 5 Th Ave, even if she felt a bit beside herself from all the changes in her life. Holding onto her purse headed out towards the corridor to catch the elevator down from the sixth floor where she worked. With each step she took felt her feet ache but seeing as she wasn’t alone, and didn’t want to look like she didn’t belong, she refused to remove her heels, she just had to stick it through. Standing by the two elevators with the others from her floor, saw how the next elevator quickly filled up and decided to wait for the next one, as she didn’t feel like standing in cage of people right now. Feeling her left foot ache as she made a move looked down upon her black heels just as the beep from an arriving elevator beeped telling her of its arrival. As her gaze moved back up suddenly felt her breath fail her as she was met with a pair of dark eyes staring straight into hers with such a force felt a shudder down her spine. As she took a step forward she was so blinded by his intense stare that she forgot to mind her step, and what she had prayed all day wouldn’t happen, happened in an instance as she stumbled forward. She was just about to hit the floor when a strong arm tugged round her waist and pulled her back up, the connection setting her body on fire.

“I’m….thank you….Sir…” mumbled out, feeling at a lose as she couldn’t tear her gaze away from him, the pair of eyes that burned into her soul belonged to a body that oozed of hot male in his black suit and with shirt, a shirt that couldn’t hide the sight of a well formed chest from .

“My pleasure” He spoke, the words falling from his lips in a crispy hoarse sound sending tingles over ’s body.

“You might need this tomorrow” He said making shake her head and become aware that he reached her badge towards her, which most have fallen off at the hem of her skirt as she stumbled. Reaching out to take the badge their fingers touched sending electricity through them both, their fingers lingering against each other a brief moment longer than necessary.

“First day?” He asked, holding her gaze, making unable to move her eyes from his, the man’s persistence seemed to powerful on her.

“Yeah!” said unable to put sentences together, feeling ambushed under his stare as the beep of the elevator sounded and their spell seemed broken as a man appeared and started talking to Mr. Hottie eyes. Yet as gave him a nervous smile as she tore her gaze away from his and started walking towards the exit, she felt his dark stare follow her move, making her heart pound harder. Stepping out into the fresh air breathed out, unaware that she had held her breath, her body felt shaky from his intense stare and raw male scent that had oozed from his body making feel tingles running through her own. Shaking her head all could think about was “what the hell had just happened?” as she tried to slow down the tension the encounter had evoked inside her as she made her way back home.

Chapter 2

Reaching home, walked through into the kitchen finding busy cocking dinner, ingredients everywhere on the kitchen table beside the stove.

“Really hungry so started on dinner, hope chicken tikka masala is okay?” said turning her attention away from the stove and glanced at .

“Sounds good” sighed contently as she removed her heels and felt her feet sink into the floor.

“I see you had the same problem” hinted nodding towards ’s heels lying on the kitchen floor beside the Kitchen Island.

“Yeah, was soooo nice removing them, they showed me around the entire building that held Vogue, and although you know I can walk in heels, then walking around the entire place and then walking round the rest of the work day as well, takes some getting used to” explained.

“But your day went great though?” asked sitting down onto one of the high chairs feeling her feet ache.

“Yeah it was amazing, I’m going to write about clothes, and be on photo shoots, what’s not to love?” grinned but frowned a little as she looked over at .

“What’s wrong?” raised an eyebrow, staring at willing her to talk, while looked down onto the floor, her fingers fiddling in her lap, her encounter with the gorgeous mysterious male still lingering in her veins.

, spit it out!!” urged firmly.

“Well you know me and heels an entire day, I didn’t fall all day, not until when I was about to go home and stumbled by the elevator….” trailed off feeling her cheeks flush which didn’t go unnoticed by .

“And you feel into the arms of a handsome stranger” chuckled, while she mixed around in the pot on the stove…

“Ermm…he was more than handsome, he was earth shattering hot” piped glancing shyly towards .

“Nooooooo, really?” gasped in surprise having said it as a joke. Immediately turned down the volume on the stove and turned around facing .

“So what happened?” asked, always up for hearing gossip.

“Nothing really and yet tension between us felt like fire, God and those eyes, I drowned in them, it was like he had a hold on me in those moments in the elevator” explained, letting her thoughts out.

“Hm, that sounds like you two should hook up on a date to me” smiled

“I don’t even know his name…Know he has very strong arms though….” grinned, her eyes shining slightly.

“Oh?” chimed crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“He court me, before I hit the floor” explained.

“Well you do like them muscular” chuckled, glancing over at the pot, making sure it was still okay.

“Yeah…. Arms like that can protect you” beamed.

“So basically you’re telling me he is oozing of sex appeal” answered and took the pot of the stove.

“Yes, very fuckable” giggled making roll her eyes at her, knowing full well wouldn’t jump into a guy’s bed just like that.

“Well in that case, now we are talking about men, we should learn to drink this for all our dates” spoke grabbing a red wine and two glasses before walking over to the kitchen island.

“But we don’t like red wine” frowned.

“No, but remember that we talked about dating classy men? Well they take their dates out where red wine is served”

“True. right okay I learnt to drink white wine, I can learn this as well….I hope” murmured as slid a glass over the table towards her.

“Well cheers for eventful first days” cheered, and the both took a sip, making a face at the taste.

“As I said, learning” said sarcastically.


Somehow the evening had passed by quickly and now found herself walking towards her cubicle, and had just put her purse down when she heard calling her name from the door into his office.

“Good morning” said with a smile trying to put up an act to be a morning person in front of her boss as she stepped into his office.

“Indeed, it is a good morning. We have been offered to come up with an idea for advertising for a new book chain called “Gold” and we really have to pull that through. The battle will be between us and the fools over at Maroon” explained leaning back in his big black office chair.

“I’m sure we can pull it through” smiled.

“That’s the spirit, especially since you’re going to work with me on this” grinned obviously loving the challenge to beat the Maroon Company.


Looking up had felt the air in the room change as soon as the revolving doors to the open office space went open, a tension seemed to have hit the air in the room and the normal buzzing in the room from her colleges had eased down, making glance around the room until her eyes fell upon the cause of the sudden atmosphere change. With determined steps and an attitude that made everyone around him act truly like work maniacs, except the women that seemed to stare at him at the same time as they tried to look busy. He possessed that kind of radiation oozing from his body and cool attitude that draw every woman to stare at him. Images from yesterday flashed before ’s eyes remembering how she basically fell into his arms in the elevator, the memory making her cheeks blush and a bolt of electricity shot through her as he turned after just having said something to someone and their eyes locked through the room. Instinctively licked her lower lip unable to tear her gaze away from the resolute eyes that held hers, as he made his way towards her cubicle making all fibres’ in ’s body stand alert.

“Miss. ” He nodded standing still holding her gaze for a minute, a slight wicked smile tugging at his lips.

“Hey Mr….” trailed off having no idea what his name was and at the same time in awe that he knew her name until it hit her, he had seen her badge yesterday. Feeling drawn to him, couldn’t help but stare after him as he disappeared into ’s office.

“Wow a greeting already on your second day, nicely!” Ethan grimaced impressed from over his cubicle closest to ’s.

“Why…..who is he?” asked, looking at Ethan for a second before glancing back to ’s office, seeing the man stand just inside the door. Almost like he felt her stare he turned his gaze and couth her starring at him, making immediately look away, not entirely proud of her behaviour.

“That is , the CEO of this entire firm, you have heard his name right, tell me you have?” Ethan raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…yes of cause, just didn’t know that was him” replied shifting uncomfortable on her chair, cursing herself for not knowing. Breathing in tried to focus on her job at hand, but soon felt her heart beat race hearing his raw voice beside her once more.

“So how is your second day treating you so far?” enquired, his hands in his pants pockets while he stood with slight spread legs, his gaze running over her body, making feel a thick tension spread between them, making her nervous.

“It’s fine Sir, how are yours?” spoke feeling her own voice weaver slightly.

“Well now it’s not exactly my second day, but it just improved” chuckled bemused, taking in the sight of the in front of him, feeling an attraction that took him off guard inside, but being a master of disguise if he wanted to, he knew he hid it well.

says it’s you that are on the book campaign against Maroon with him, I’m glad…” told and leaned in closer to .

“That means I get to see more of you” whispered, pulling away and heading back out of the revolving doors, leaving stunned and holding her breath.

Chapter 3

“Lunch time!!” Ethan beamed leaning in over the wall of ’s cubicle with a grinning smile that made helpless not to smile back.

“Finally” sighed as she rose from her office chair.

“Oh that hungry eehh??” Ethan raised an eyebrow.

“I think it’s more “break time needed” like kind a situation” breathed out, having had a tough time concentrating ever since had interrupted her earlier with his presence.

“Haha yeah I noticed Mr. had the womanizing effect on you, like he has on every woman at the office….yet….” Ethan trailed off…something in his voice made shift her gaze and look at him as they made their way through the office.

“Yet?” enquired.

“You got a greeting from him already on your second day, most don’t. You must have made an impression” Ethan replied just as they reached the elevators. couldn’t help but blush, her first encounter with Mr. in the elevator flashing before her eyes, as she thought about what an embarrassing first impression she thought that was, but she didn’t dare telling Ethan, knowing she most probably would embarrass herself even further. watched as Ethan pushed the top button as they got inside the elevator, and headed for the top floor that held both the top department of the firm, the place of the CEO and his most trusted employees, and close by held the firms canteen.

“This way our dear CEO won’t have far to grab some food, or send someone for it” Ethan grimaced as followed him into the canteen. The canteen was a big bright room, with large windows as walls, giving the workforce in the firm the perfect view outside of the buzzing London as they had their lunch. In the middle on the room the buffet was placed with a salad bar close by. Getting their food, before reaching over for the drinks bar, grabbed some water and headed to a free table with Ethan and joined some other colleges, Ethan obviously knew. listened to the buzzing sound of chatter around her and shifted her gaze looking outside through the large windows, not quite believing she was actually sat there and this was now her life. Taking a bit of her salad received a smile from Robin sitting next to Ethan opposite her. Robin was the receptionist at their department, she always seemed cheery with her deep blue eyes shining all the time, while her long curly blonde hair always fell in the most perfect waves round her petit features no matter how she moved, guessed she could have any man at her slightest wink.

“All done?” Ethan asked putting down his cutlery onto his plate.

“Yeah, but you just go along, I’m just going to grab some juice to take downstairs with me” spoke.

“Alright, see you downstairs then” Ethan smiled.

“And call if you get lost on the way” Robin smirked with a grin, making laugh lightly at her.

“I will” promised and made her way to get some orange juice as the others left. Getting hold of a glass, poured the juice up and headed to the elevator. Just as the elevator doors pinged and the doors went open stepped forward, forgetting to look up, the sound of a splash and a loud cursing made look up at once. Her eyes widening, her cheeks flushing bright red, as a sticky orange wet splodge formed and sucked through the white shirt, that immediately sucked to its owner, the form of his muscular chest coming into even clearer view, making gasp and her body shiver.

“DAMN it!!!” His voice rasped with irritation as ’s gaze charged upwards looking into his eyes.

“Sir I’m so so sorry….I’m….Sir…I’m…” rambled franticly unable to believe what she’d just done.

“Please Sir, I’m really sorry….Sir…” continued as stepped out of the elevator, pulling slightly at his shirt and then gave up and let it stick to his broad chest. His eyes narrowed as he took in the sweet desperate sound of ’s voice as she with repeating words kept calling him Sir and apologizing.

“Miss !” spoke, making stop her rambling and look at him, feeling like she almost sensed some huskiness in the sound of his voice.

“It’s a good thing I keep an extra shirt in my office, especially when meeting you Miss. , who obviously wants’ to see me sticky” smirked raising an eyebrow, an challenging slow smile grazing his mouth, as stared at him stunned for words, before watching him turn around and head towards his office department. Seeing him disappear rushed into the elevator while cursing herself, closing her eyes, trying to calm herself, yet as she reached her floor, rushed into the toilet, closing the door, hiding from the outside and her mistakes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK I didn’t just do that, FUCK!!!” swore under her breath, cursing herself for being so stupid, yet again towards the CEO no less.

“Jeez… how stupid can you be?” snorted to herself and stared at her own reflection in the mirror just above the white sink. Breathing in stroke her hands through her hair, and tried to calm down the frantic beating of her heart coursed by the incident. Gathering the strength to go back outside and hopefully get through the rest of the day without additional embarrassment.


Having flunked herself into the sofa of their living room, lay flat on her back, her arms hiding her face, as she listened to in fits of giggles sitting opposite her in a white soft plush armchair.

“It’s not funny, it’s embarrassing!” huffed after having told about spilling her juice all over the CEO.

“Sorry , but it’s hilarious” laughed.

“As if” grunted.

“Ah come on, you can just search for the fuckable hottie you met yesterday, I bet he will make you feel better” giggled, tears spilling from her eyes in laughter, easily picturing her friend making an arse of herself, and finding the story amusing.

“Yeah well about him, he’s no stranger anymore” cringed.

“Uh do tell?!” exclaimed immediately stopping her mirth of laughter and sitting up straight and looking expectedly at .

“He is the CEO” shrieked, still covering her face in embarrassment.

“The hottie’s arms you fell into in the elevator are the CEO?” gasped stunned.

“The one and only!” muttered finally lifting her arms and glanced over at to see her reaction.

“Oh my goodness!!” blurted out, eyes wide as she stared at .

“Tell me about it!” groaned ashamed.

“Maybe he didn’t remember that was you” said carefully.

“Oh he remembers all right, and he calls me Miss. . Trust me he knows who I am and how could he not, with me stumbling around the place making a fool of myself” scoffed.

“Well at least you’ve got noticed” replied trying to find something positive as rolled her eyes.

“Why don’t you ever mess up at work?” sighed.

“Because I’m amazing, the greatest snob on earth!” chuckled.

!!” cried out, throwing a soft pink pillow after .

“Hehe but I am!” giggled catching the flying object, and tugged the pillow behind her back.

“Seriously though, I don’t think you should worry, he seems to have taken it bravely, you’re still there and he hasn’t made any complaints. From what I can tell he seems a bit amused actually” added, watching as rose and sat up in the middle of the sofa.

“That’s true, but it doesn’t erase the embarrassment” sighed.

“Well if it makes you feel better, then think about the hot view you got of his sticky torso” chuckled.

“God, thinking about that view only makes me want to touch” groaned rolling her eyes.

“Haha I think you should go tell Mr. CEO Hot shot just that”

“Ha, very funny. Let’s talk about your job, any hotties there, you’ve embarrassed?” asked changing the limelight to .

“No, well there is this young trainee, he goes bright red every time he sees me, it’s pretty funny but cute all the same” smiled, remembering her day.

“Poor lad, he doesn’t stand a chance!” chuckled.

“Nope, to young, I want a man, a hot steamy man” beamed dreamily.

“Yeah I know. So all in all work is good to you?” enquired.

“Yes, would love to go on the upcoming photo shot though, they are doing it for the next issue of the magazine, but apparently I’m too new to be allowed in, but we’ll see, maybe I’ll get lucky” wondered with hope.

“I bet, and if not, you’ll be at the next one” replied, knowing that would somehow get there.

“You bet. I will end up being the hot CEO myself, just hope no one will splash sticky juice over me” joked, making get up from the sofa and point a finger at her warningly.

“Oh you just wait, maybe a hot steamy man is pouring it over you!!” spoke raising an eyebrow.

“Hmm now there’s a thought” beamed.

“Hehe oh ….anyways I’m hungry, are you up for dinner?” questioned heading towards the kitchen.

“You bet!!” replied following into their kitchen.

“Wow we sure did drink a lot of that bottle of red wine last night” said sarcastically, nodding towards the bottle that was still half full standing on the kitchen island.

“Maybe it’s just not our thing...apparently others can enjoy a bottle of that with their food, maybe we’ll have to charm our future dates into thinking other drinks are better” speculated as opened the fridge and gazed inside.

“Oh just wear a killer dress with high heels and I’m sure they won’t mind” chuckled.

“Yeah maybe. By the way we really should get out on the town soon, check out our new surroundings” spoke, leaning against the kitchen table.

“Well maybe we could meet up after work one day and go out for dinner and at the same time have a look around the place?!” suggested while pulling out ingredients from the fridge.

“That was a great idea. We’ll be very busy tomorrow at Vogue but how about Thursday?”

“That’s a deal. You’re up for tomato soup?” asked.

“Perfect” smiled.

Chapter 4

glanced at the clock at the bottom of her computer, smiling to herself, another day almost over and like yesterday she hadn’t seen Mr. nor made a fool of herself, which she saw as progress. Tomorrow it would be Friday and then somehow she would have survived her first week, the bare thought making glance down towards her feet in her classy black high heels, thinking she would also have survived her first week walking round in heels all day, all in all an eventful week.

“Miss , can you come in for a sec?” ’s voice sounded through the doorway to his office, interrupting ’s stream of thoughts. Giving him a nod, saw disappear back into his office and as she walked from her cubicle Ethan winked at her over his coffee cup making smile. Reaching ’s office saw him leaning in over his desk colleting some papers.

“Here…head upstairs and get to look at these and sign them. I need them by tomorrow” spoke handing over the paper work for to take. The bare request made ’s friendly smile falter slightly with nerves.

“To Mr. ?” said quietly, taking the papers from .

“Yes, Why….something wrong?” frowned finding ’s response odd.

“No no…no every things fine” quickly uttered, plastering on a smile for to hide her shaky nerves to be seeing again.

“Good” waved her off, already sitting back at his desk with his nose into a bunch of other files, seemingly just expecting to head off, their conversation closed. Heading out of ’s office, breathed in as she glanced down at the paper files in her hands, trying to gain the courage to head upstairs. Walking over past Ethan’s cubicle he looked up…

“So what did the boss want?” Ethan raised an eyebrow.

“Get me to deliver these to Mr. and get him to sign them” said, waving the papers in her hand.

“Ohhh right…Remember it’s upstairs in the office with the womanizer inside, in case you were wondering” Ethan chuckled under his breath.

“Ah very funny…. I bet his no worse than you at that” rolled her eyes at him.

“Haha, maybe so but I’m not the one all women is falling over their heels for” Ethan stated gazing at as she started to walk.

“Heels are actually tricky to walk in Mr.!” remarked, just catching Ethan grinning at her in response before she turned her gaze away and headed out towards the elevators, to take her upstairs.

Having reached the top floor headed towards the department that held ’s office. As she was about to go through the revolving doors of the top department took a deep breath and soothed down her skirt with her right hand, while her left held onto the files. Telling herself there was nothing to be nervous about walked in and expected to be met by ’s receptionist but seeing the desk empty and no receptionist in sight, glanced around, feeling the nerves kicking back in. Looking around felt edgy not knowing what to do, just as her gaze fell on the door standing ajar into ’s office, making her shuffling in her black heels, nervously wondering what to do. Sending a last glance around the office space, took a deep breath and stepped forward to open the door, pushing it open gently, finding stood with his back towards her talking on the phone with his firm business tone. Instinctively bit her lower lip, as she for the first time saw without his suit jacket, which he had tossed over a chair. The sound of her heels made turn, giving the view of how his muscles flexed through his white shirt, making her bite harder onto her lower lip, which didn’t go unnoticed by who raised a bemused eyebrow at her. quickly relished her lip as held up a finger, telling her to wait one minute as he finished his phone call. watched as went behind his desk and sat down into his posh black office chair, as he kept talking on the phone. A jolt shot through her as looked up and held her stare with his spellbinding eyes, making unable to tear her gaze away, as he ended his phone call. felt unable to break the silence that enveloped them and held it on purpose for a moment, almost like he was drinking her in. The atmosphere making lick her suddenly dry lips and hold on tighter to the files in her hands.

“So… Miss. , have you come to pour more juice over me?” winked as he broke the silence, a twinkle in his eyes as he looked at her.

“I…ermm…no….oh I’m sincerely really sorry about that Sir” blushed heavily making a smile tug at ’s lips.

“So I don’t have to have a spare shirt ready after this visit?” asked and raised an eyebrow in question, as he watched ’s cheeks flush an even darker red, a shiver shout down ’s spine noticing how ’s eyes turned a shade darker.

“No, Mr. wanted me to give you these files to look over and sign” spoke, trying desperately to gather her nerves as she stepped forward to his desk and placed the files in front of him onto the desk.

“Thank you, take a seat, and I’ll have a look and sign them. I gather he wants them back right away?!” replied nodding towards the chair opposite his desk, his firm business tone having returned.

“Yes, he said he needed them by tomorrow” replied and sat down into the chair, crossing her legs as graceful as she could and soothed her skirt lightly. The skirt stopped right above her knees and could have sworn that as she did so she court glancing at her legs and sliding his tongue over his lips, but as she now looked up at him, he was reading through the files with a pen in his right hand. didn’t know if it had actually happened or if it had been wishful thinking from her side, but at the same time it seemed like he was flirting with her. Her thoughts made sigh and it wasn’t until she saw glancing at her that she realized she had sighed out loud.

“Sorry, it’s just been a long day” excused herself, and watched as nodded and signed off on a file before gazing at another one. Meanwhile took the time to take in the handsome view in front of her, his short hair framed his futures perfectly, making it tingle in ’s fingers to tug into the stands, as she would close her eyes and kiss those full enchanting lips. The mare thought made abruptly sit up straight, her fingers fiddling with each other in her lap, her mouth felt dry, the sight of his broad torso in the white fitted shirt and his strong muscular arms that flexed when he moved, was almost too much for her scattered confused thoughts.

“Are you okay?” spoke, narrowing his eyes as he tore out of her trance, and looked at her thoughtfully.

“Yeah…yes…I’m perfectly fine” stuttered, feeling sure had noticed her stare but kindly acted like he hadn’t.

“Well….here, the files for , all signed for” said, handing the files back to , who a bit shaky got to her feet.

“You sure you’re okay?” asked sounding concerned but was unable to hide a suppressed smile tugging at his lips.

“Yes, really, I’m fine Sir” uttered reaching out for the files, but as she did, held her gaze for a few seconds, as they both held onto the papers, their hands briefly touched, making a jolt of electricity shout through ’s arm.

“Good. I hope to see you again…. soon Miss. !” responded, letting go of the files, watching as once more felt her cheeks flush red, and quickly turned around, heading out of the office, hoping the ground would swallow her up.


Having delivered the files back to , breathed out a sigh as she sat down by her desk, after yet another heating encounter with . She couldn’t believe how her body seemed to wobble into jelly each time she saw him, making it hard for her to act like a strong business woman. She was glad no one had taken notice of her wobbly state when she walked back into the department she belonged to, all being too busy to finish up what they were doing before heading off for the day. Suddenly hearing her phone go off, shook slightly from being shocked out of her shaky state. Picking up her mobile, she watched ’s name flash on the screen.

“Hey hun” sighed into the phone, still feeling the tension in her body from being in the presence of .

“Hey…are you alright? You sound a little off” asked picking up on ’s vibes.

“Yeah…have just been in you know who’s office” whispered into the phone.

“Ohhhh…. That sounds like some hot tension may have happened then” chuckled.

“Maybe…I don’t know” mused.

“Well as long as you didn’t pour anything over him this time, I’m sure you’re good" joked.

“Ha, very funny. Are you off work now?” questioned, changing the subject.

“Yeah so wondered if you are too, cause then I’ll come around in five minutes… I’m almost there actually”

“Yeah that’s fine. I’ll just finish up here” smiled and they ended the call.


Ten minutes later walked out of the elevator and into the lobby, still busy trying to act like she wasn’t affected at all by ’s influence on her. She had only just court the sight of standing in the middle of the lobby when a pair of dark eyes burned into hers, taken her off guard.

“Miss. nodded politely as he stood with two other men as walked passed them.

“Sir” greeted feeling his eyes burn into the back of her head as she walked the short path up to .

“Oh my God, is that him? Is he your hottie?” whispered full of awe.

“Yes, that’s him” murmured back.

“Holy cow!!” blurted out.

stop drooling over my boss’s boss” rolled her eyes as glanced back at .

“Wow now I completely understand why you’re falling over your feet in his presence. He is HOT!” blurted out making blush as she gazed towards .

“But still my boss’s boss!!” muttered.

“Screw that. He wants you!” beamed as she court sending a glance in ’s direction eyeing her up.

“He does not!” shrieked.

, he just checked out your ass” chuckled.

“He didn’t!?!” ’s eyes widen as they reached the exit door.

“Oh he did, I know the ways of men and he did” laughed, finding ’s shocking expression on her face amusing.

“I’m just glad you’re whispering, so he can’t hear your filthy mouth” retorted as they stepped out onto the street.

“Ohhh your mouth is way filthier than mine” grimaced as they started strolling down the street.

“Just because I tell you what I’m thinking doesn’t make it worse” defended herself.

“In that case, want to hear what I’m wondering now?” raised an eyebrow.

“Alright?!” responded wrinkling her nose and forehead.

“Why don’t you just fuck him over his desk?” enquired innocently.

“Wha...What?!?” exclaimed stunned, glancing at in utter shock, making giggle inside but acting unknowingly.

“Well he is a man and he obviously wants to fuck you...” started but was abruptly stopped midsentence by a flabbergasted .

!! He so does not!!!” cried out not believing her own ears.

“Oh hun, he so undressed you with his eyes in the lobby” stated as they walked side by side down the street, in hushed tones, so others didn’t pick up on their conversation.

“He didn’t!!” exclaimed with wide eyes.

“He did and you didn’t mind, because you want him too” said as a matter of fact.

“No!” protested, though not sounding convincing to .

, you just told me the other day that he was fuckable, besides you got that look in your eyes...”

“What look?” questioned confused.

“That oh please fuck me look cause I think you are so hot and you make me so needy!” chuckled.

“And now you’re laughing, you are teasing me” said astonished.

“I am” laughed.

“Oh you should so have a Grammy Oscar for acting!” grumbled.

“Hehe would love one on my shelf” confessed.

“You should be an actor instead of a fashion queen” grimaced.

“I’ll keep that as a backup plan, although I was teasing you yes but I did mean every word I said though” said more sincerely.

“You can’t be serious?!” exclaimed bewildered.

“But I am. Even I noticed the thick tension between you in the lobby but I guess that’s because I know you so well”

“He does not want me to fuck him over his desk” spoke shocked, receiving an amused glance from a guy passing them on the street, making snigger seeing look into the pavement in shame, as the guy disappeared down the avenue.

“No he probably wants to be the one in charge and fuck you, a hot shot muscular man like that” chuckled as immediately shot her a stare.

“I have enough in my B.O.B thank you very much” huffed.

“You mean your battery operated boyfriend?” asked, seeing nod in reply.

“Ohhhh trust me, it’s not as good as the real thing, and you know it!” argued.

“Maybe but at least B.O.B never let me down, never leave laundry on the floor or forget to pick up the dry cleaning etc. He just lives to serve my sexual needs”

“And yet he can’t fully satisfy you, he only takes the top of the pressure off. You told me so” responded.

“Ah do you remember everything I say?” sulked.

“Yes, especially when you have said it more than once” chuckled.

“Besides how could B.O.B possibly be better than the thick….large….hard…dick… is hiding in his pants” added in a whisper, leaning closer to making sure only heard.

!” hissed under her breath, her cheeks flushing red in embarrassment as chuckled in giggles, loving teasing to the state where she could hardly keep it together.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself” sniggered.

“I bet you couldn’t” blurted out, still shocked by ’s directness as they walked down the streets.

“Besides, I know you thought about it. I know you grinned, watching sigh in defeat.

“Okay okay…You are right okay!” muttered, yet with a sly smile tugging at her lips.

“Perfectly okay…Now we’re here…you must be hungry with those filthy thoughts of yours” smirked as rolled her eyes at her in utter mock defeat, as they reached their choice of restaurant.


After dinner the two strolled down the street chatting away when abruptly grabbed ’s arm and stopped right on her track and glared into a shop window.

what the....” exclaimed but was immediately shushed by .

“Ohhh look at all those gorgeous dresses” sighed dreamily and saw the all too familiar signs she knew so well by now... Fashion had switched into mode, and when that side of emerged, there would be no stopping her.

, you got soooo many dresses already, your closet are fit to burst” grimaced.

“But we need to find you a new dress. You need to look hot for the sex God, maybe it will make him forget you spilled juice all over his hot torso” grinned as she dragged into the shop.

“Seriously , the fashion queen in you is going to be the death of my credit card!” protested, as already had her pulled over towards a blue dress.

Chapter 5

growled as she tossed over in bed and hit the alarm on her phone, which for the third time had gone off after had hid the snooze button. She hated early mornings, she had never been any good at them and never thought she would be. Slowly fluttering her eyelids open, stumbled out of bed and pulled slightly at her tight white night top setting it straight after her tossing in bed. Glancing towards her closet, saw her new petit blue dress hanging on a dress hanger over the closet door, it was stunning yet couldn’t help shake her head a little remembering ’s excited behaviour as they had stood discussion it in the shop yesterday if should buy it or not. instantly blinked her eyes as she suddenly heard loud cursing coming from the kitchen area, deciding to see what the fuss was about, padded into the kitchen rubbing her eyes as rushed around, making incoherent curses.

“What’s wrong ?” murmured as she settled herself onto a high chair by the kitchen island and rested her heard in her hands.

“I can’t find my phone!” cried out, almost in panic as she stopped up abruptly and stared at her still sleepy friend.

“And shouldn’t you get a move on if you should get to work on time?” frowned, her hands on her hips as she watched rub her tired eyes and slowly glance back at her. Trying to focus her eye sight, saw ’s brown bag on the kitchen island, obviously being her choice of bag today.

“Did you check if your phone was in the bag you used yesterday when we went out for dinner?” questioned, seeing a flash wash over ’s eyes.

“Of cause I have... maybe I should....” mumbled and quickly disappeared into her bedroom, leaving the clicking of her high heels ring in ’s still sleepy head. Suddenly a few seconds later heard a squeal, and running back into the kitchen, giving ’s shoulders a quick squeeze.

“Thank you hun, it had got hidden in a small room in the bag. By the way... the clock is seven now” winked at and picked up her brown bag, just as she heard curse and rush towards the bathroom.

“See you tonight called at her friend with a slight laugh, hearing yell bye just as left the apartment.


The atmosphere was oozing of the Friday buzz, everyone looking forward to the weekend, and was glad it was just around the corner. She had just put the phone down when Robin appeared at her cubical.

“Hey Sunshine” Robin beamed as she tossed her blonde hair over her shoulders.

“Hey…” only managed to say before Robin interrupted.

“We’re having drinks after work today, at the bar just across the street. Won’t you join us; it’s usually a good laugh” Robin beamed, flashing her perfect white smile, making wonder if there were even one flaw in that woman’s appearance.

“Yeah you most come!” Ethan piped up from over his cubical.

“See he agrees, right that’s settled, right?” Robin grinned.

“Yeah all right” chuckled just as her phone went off.

“You better pick that up. See you shortly” Robin smiled heading back to her desk, just as picked up her phone.

“5 Th. Ave Advertising… This is speaking….”

“Miss. …. isn’t there, so I need you to come up and get a file, he needs to sign” ’s raw business tone sounded in the phone sending a chill through .

“Yes of cause Sir, I’ll be right there”

“Good” replied and hung up the phone making glance around, the sound of his voice having had its usual nervous effect on her.

“Don’t take too long” Ethan called after as she got up and started walking.

“I won’t” assured him, praying desperately that she wouldn’t make a fool out of herself this time in ’s presence, wanting to show him, she was ever like the business woman, in control of herself and her surroundings.

This time as she reached his department, a receptionist sat by her desk outside of ’s office, and let her inside as soon as got there.

“Miss , glad you could get here. It will just be a second” spoke shouting a glance, before he scribbled something down on a file.

“It’s alright, take the time you need” said friendly and watched as opened a drawer pulling out another file and added it to the other.

“You sure or do you need to be somewhere?” enquired raising an eyebrow catching looking at the clock on the far wall.

“No, no nothing crucial, just going out for drinks with my colleges” explained, cursing herself slightly for even gazing at the clock.

“Ah well, I hope you’ll have a good time then” smiled handing the files over to .

“Thank you Sir” beamed back, unable to as she saw the earth shattering genuine smile flashed at her.

“Just put them on Mr. ’s desk and he’ll fetch them. Have a good weekend Miss. nodded.

“Your too Mr. replied with a grin on her lips as she left the office.


An hour later found herself in a posh yet cozy bar across the street from work, mingling with her colleges, enjoying feeling the easy banter in the air, instead of the intense focused atmosphere during the day to day at work. After a long intense first week took contentment in letting her burrier down a little, with good help from her second cocktail. Standing with Robin by a little tall round table felt her pulse suddenly quicken as stepped into the bar, and quickly was the object of stares from the other women in the bar and men that wanted to shake his hand and get on his good side so it seemed.

“Oh would you look at those big strong arms, they could just lift you up like you only weighed like a feather, and put you down on the bar counter, he would stand between your legs….” Robin swallowed as the words fell from her mouth in a silky haze, as found herself stare at as he stood by the bar, and both women were unable to take their eyes away.

“You’ve thought about that a lot?” croaked feeling sure could feel their staring eyes.

“And those hands, those incredible big strong hands, just the thought of what they could do....” Robin continued, ignoring ’s words as they took in the sight of the CEO of their firm, looking ever like the business man in his black pants, black suit jacket which was opened, giving the sight of his white shirt, finished off with a dark blue tie. couldn’t help but bite onto her lower lip as her gaze lifted and her mind wandered and she couldn’t help but think about how it would feel to lean into his broad chest and feel those strong arms wrap around her smaller frame.

“Not you as well?!” Ethan suddenly exclaimed pushing himself in between the two women.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about” blurted out, looking down as her cheeks flushed bright red at being court at ogling their boss.

“Ethan, she’s a woman so off cause she notices the beef of a hunk we have as our CEO” Robin shook her head at Ethan.

“Yeah alright, but why are all you woman so fascinated with him?” Ethan questioned with a frown as he placed his beer down on the little high table they stood by.

“You’re kidding right! tell him…go on!” Robin urged looking over at , who seemed shocked for a moment at Robin’s request but quickly shook it off.

“Obviously he is hot” shrugged, taking another sip of her cocktail as she felt Ethan glance at her bemused.

“Right then. I’m surprised he is here though” Ethan stated.

“Me too” Robin agreed

“Why?” asked curiously.

“Cause he never joins us here at the bar for drinks after work on Fridays” Ethan explained.

“Nice change of scenery though” Robin chuckled making Linda grin too.

“Women!!” Ethan rolled his eyes with a laugh.

“As if you’re any better, I’ve seen the way you…” Robin suddenly trailed off as Ethan shook his head and she realized what she was about to say.

“Any man in your life?” Robin quickly changed subject leaving slightly stunned and confused as to what happened. wasn’t sure what just happened but at the obviously need from a changed of subject let it slip and didn’t question it.

“No” simply replied instead as she watched Ethan drown the last of his beer and she once more let her gaze wander over towards , but this time feeling a shudder as she instantly locked eyes with through the room, his intense eyes boring into hers.

“Do you want a new drink?” Ethan voice came tearing away from ’s powerful stare.

“Ermm… what did you say?” enquired quietly looking up at Ethan.

“Do you want a new drink?” Ethan chuckled at her.

“Oh, think this will be my round” smiled and stole a glance towards the bar feeling disappointed as no longer was in sight.

“I sure won’t say no to that” Robin beamed as stepped away and headed towards the bar.

Ordering their drinks, rested her hands on top of the counter as she waited.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” His raw voice suddenly sounded beside her and ’s gaze leaped to the man now standing beside her, making nerves settle in the pit of her stomach.

“I am. Hoping you are as well?!” spoke gently, watching as nodded to the bartender for a beer.

“I see you’re happy with your new colleges” said as a beer was placed in front of him as well as saw her order appear in front of her.

“Yes I am” smiled.

“You seem thirsty” hinted towards the two cocktails and one beer in front of .

“Oh… no that’s also for Ethan and Robin…” laughed softly, just catching a smile from as he saw her eyes grin as well as her mouth.

“In that case they are lucky” replied.

“I was told you never usually join these after hours in the bar” said trying to act causally as her gaze felt transfixed to ’s hands, remembering Robin’s words, as he flexed them onto the edge of the bar.

“I don’t” simply replied turning his head glancing at , and noticed how her tongue came out to wet her lips as she seemed to stare at his hands, and couldn’t help but stare at her tongue in return, picturing what he could make her do with that naughty tongue.

“So what’s special that made you come here tonight?” asked turning her gaze and met the intense stare of his eyes. Out of the corner of her eye saw a man in a dark suit prick on the shoulder, but it took somewhat of a few seconds before reacted, moving his eyes from hers and took the beer from the counter in his hand. Just as was about to leave and turn to the other man, felt him lean into her, his breath by her ear….

“You’re here” whispered causing to tremble at his smooth flirty voice and from what the two words implied. took an intake of breath as she heard greet the man behind them, if she had been uncertain if he had flirted with her before, she was sure as hell that he did it now. The mare realization making ’s heart pound faster, as she quickly took a sip of her cocktail. Feeling the liquid calm her nerves slightly as it slid down her throat, took a moment and glanced around, before opening her purse and fishing out her phone, quickly typing a message “Oh my goodness , the sex god is flirting with me” was just about to put her phone away again when it biped and she pressed the read button “Ohhh I knew it, I told you he wanted into your panties” ’s reply read and could just feel how was laughing where ever she where. Typing a quick reply “These panties are staying on, you vixen” almost spoke the words to herself before putting her phone back into her purse. Taking the drinks walked back to Ethan and Robin.

When walked out of the bar the darkness had fallen upon the city, and the buzzing of a Friday night was surrounding her, people were off to continue their partying, but just wanted to go home. Her heels where now killing her, and she just wanted to go home and kick them off as soon as she would be inside the door. Lifting her left leg a little tugged slightly on her high heel, causing her to wobble a little, but a strong hand suddenly flexed over her lower back, steadying her. The feel of his hand making bite her lower lip as she slowly eased her foot back down onto the pavement, before looking up into ’s eyes that almost seemed concerned but in the state of the alcohol in her system wasn’t sure.

“Thank you” blushed as she felt ’s hand stroke her lower back slightly before removing his hand.

“No problem” replied glancing down her legs until he fastened his gaze to ’s high heels.

“Feet are a little sore” whispered as an explanation.

“Can I get you a ride home? My car is just over there” asked noticing frown vaguely.

“Don’t worry, I have a driver” smiled as ’s frown disappeared, her thoughts about wasn’t allowed to drive after having consumed alcohol vanished.

“It’s very kind of you Sir but I’ll just grab a taxi” replied, uncertain about taking the offer from him.

“At least let me fix you a taxi then?! So you get home safely” persisted making wonder why he was so determined but as he didn’t look like one to disagree with right now, nodded in polite agreement. watched as took a step forward to the edge of the pavement, and with what seemed like just a snap of his fingers, he had managed to catch a taxi to ’s amazement, as it usually wasn’t done that quickly in London. Looking at , saw him lean in and talk to the driver, handing him a banknote and then back off opening the door to the back seat for her.

“Get home safely” simply said and closed the door as astonished drove off in the taxi.

Chapter 6

Stumbling out of bed the next morning walked into the living room in her nightie watching already dressed walking round with a glass of orange juice in her hand.

“Morning” mumbled as sipped on her glass.

“Morning, sorry if I woke you” replied with a smile.

“You didn’t but why are you already up and about?” frowned.

“I got a call from work, a co-worker is sick, so I have to go and work on the photo shoot today” grinned.

“Oh so you got the chance already anyway” smiled back, happy for her friend.

“Yes. Well the boss will be watching me like a hawk I bet, but I’m going to be on the shoot. I’m soooo excited” beamed, almost dropping her glass in her excitement.

“Well I am happy for you. I bet you’ll prove the hawk she can stop hawking you” winked.

“Haha are calling my boss a hawk?” laughed.

“Well I can’t exactly call her a sex God can I?” grimaced.

“No that is your boss, mine is just a scary gorgeous business woman or hawk if you like” chuckled as they stepped into their kitchen and headed for the fridge.

“Hawk it is” grinned, throwing a smile.

“So we have a sex God and a hawk, nice combination” contorted making laugh.

“Well I prefer mine, even though I can’t believe he was flirting with me last night” pulled a face.

“Believe it hun” replied putting her glass down by the sink.

“Ethan and Robin told me he never goes to the bar for drinks after work, so why did he suddenly yesterday?” wondered, still not really believing it.

“Did you ask him?” glanced at .

“Yes. I asked what was special since he was there” muttered feeling her cheeks redden, making curious.

“And? Come, tell me!!” urged.

“He whispered that I was there!” said quietly poking her head into the fridge, almost like she was hiding.

“Hehe oh I so told you, he wants’ you , you just wait and see, he’ll make a move one day” giggled as she walked over to the end of the kitchen table and grabbed her bag from the chair standing there.

“Ohhh yeah that doesn’t make me nervous at all” swore sarcastically.

“I know but don’t worry , he is a CEO, he knows what he is doing or not doing. I have to go...see you tonight and don’t worry about the sex god” smirked before heading towards the front door.

“I’ll try. Have fun and kick some arse!” called after .

“You bet” yelled back, just as she left the flat.


Standing in her bedroom after taking a shower grabbed a pair of black sweat pants and a blue top from her closet, pulling them on she decided she deserved a day of complete rest after a rather eventful week. Padding over to her night table picked up a book and her phone taking it with her into the living room where she slumped into the sofa. Glancing around the room breathed in as her mind flashed over the events of the week, she still couldn’t believe how she had kept making a fool of herself in front of her CEO, and why on earth had he had to be so striking hot that he made her skin go on fire by the simplest gaze or touch? Groaning in light despair closed her eyes and clasped her left hand over her eyes hoping she miraculously would gain some more confidence in the presence of . Suddenly hearing a ring tone set of frowned as she reached out for her phone and looked at the unfamiliar number flashing over the display.

“It’s ” She spoke in wonder, suddenly feeling a rush of nerves kicking through her body as she heard the unmistakable sizzling voice on the other end of the phone.

“Miss … It’s ” He spoke, his voice almost sounding a little nervous.

“Oh hi!” breathed out, trying to steady her slightly shaky voice.

“Hope it’s alright I’m calling? Just wanted to hear if you got home alright?!” confessed, making blink twice, marvelling at his words.

“Yes of cause it’s alright Sir, and yes I got home safely. Thanks to you I didn’t even have to wait for a taxi” smiled, her free hand instinctively fiddling with her blonde hair.

“My pleasure, couldn’t have you standing on the pavement” persisted, sounding like he resisted the mare thought.

“Well I’m….thank you” uttered unsure of what to say.

“Hope you’re not feeling to rough today? It’s been some week, hasn’t it?” asked.

“No not too bad, having a restful day today. It has but I’m happy for the job Sir” replied, amazed he was trying to make small talk with her over the phone.

“I’m glad to hear it…. regarding both. Anyway I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the day” spoke.

“Thank you, you too” responded feeling her heart pound as seemed to linger on the other end of the phone for a few seconds.

“Bye Miss finally said.

“Bye Mr. whispered astonished as hung up the phone and left starrer at her phone bewildered at what had just happened.


Having locked herself into the apartment quietly walked through and into the living room finding almost splashed out onto her back on their sofa, one hand resting on her stomach, the other having slid by the edge of sofa so her hand reached the floor holding onto a book. Her eyes closed as she snoozed off, the sight of making sniffle a chuckle as her eyes drifted onto the book, she could only just read what it was called “Gabriel’s inferno”. Quietly padded over to and easily picked up the book and leafed through the book to an random page and read; “His mouth collide with hers, passionately but briefly, until he tore himself away from her lips to whisper in her ear. “Talk to me”. His lower lip trailed temptingly along her earlobe.”

“Miss , what on earth are you reading?” giggled as she teasingly brushed the book on ’s head, making immediately stirrer and her eyelids spring open, freaking slightly at her abrupt wakening until she quickly realized it was .

! What… wha… What?” mumbled trying to rub the sleep from her eyes.

“You are reading dirt!” chuckled, waving the book in front of , quickly removing it as reached for it.

“No I don’t” protested, as made move her feet as she settled into the other end of the sofa.

“Really, hear this “The tip of his tongue rolled over her lower lip as he tugged on it with his mouth, and slowly his tongue touched hers” grinned looking over at .

“Well it’s really not that bad” argued.

“So it’s not filled with sex scenes?” asked raising an eyebrow.

“No it’s not but it’s filled with passion and tension, forbidden love” explained.

“All right I believe you, it looks good actually” smiled, placing the book onto the coffee table beside them.

“It is. So how did your photo shoot go?” questioned changing the subject.

“Really good actually, I didn’t get to decide things but I got to watch how a photo shoot worked, and all the clothes and accessories where really gorgeous, I just wanted to take it all home with me” beamed.

“If you had, your closet would have exploded, there’s barely room for what you already have in there” chuckled.

“That’s why I should have a walk in closet” said determined with a dreamy look.

“You will, one day, I have no doubt. But how did it go with the hawk then?” asked seeing a smug expression on ’s face.

“She was good, strict but she really knew what she was doing, she had everything under her control and I was a bit amazed at how everyone just did everything she asked for, and sometimes even what she hadn’t asked for, they just knew, when she needed something” spoke astonished.

“Ohhh I know that look on your face” responded as she pulled a blanket down from the backrest of the sofa and spread it over their legs.

- What look? asked confused as she helped tug the blanket over their legs.

“You want to be like the hawk, you want all the little people at your feet” joked.

“Well yes I do. I really want to be the bossy lady one day. Be the one in charge” beamed, the thought only to appealing to her.

“Oh I know that and I bet that is exactly what is going to happen, just remember to be a nice boss as well, so the “little people” will love you because then they will be faithful and stick by you, while you conquer the fashion world” replied as took in her words.

“Point well made, and in my spare time you and I will rock as VIP’s on all the red carpets” grinned.

“Haha think I’ll be needing more fashion tips then” chuckled.

“That can easily be done. Anyway how was your day, besides reading what looks like hundred pages of Gabriel’s Inferno?” smirked, a teasing grin on her face.

called!!” blurted out not able to hold it in any longer.

“He did what?!?” spat out surprised.

“Yeah I know, I didn’t recognize the number, so when I picked up my phone and heard his voice, I was shocked” admitted looking down.

“I bet. Oh my God! What did he want?” cried out almost too stunned for words that the big CEO had called her friend up out of the blue.

“He just wanted to check that I had got home safely” said almost in a whisper but heard her alright.

“You do know what that mean, right ?” cried out astounded.

“I got thoughts but I don’t dare believing in them. He is the CEO for the company I work for. For crying out loud” uttered bewildered while fiddling with the end of the blanket.

“That may be the case but I think that somehow you have couth him under your “” spell, because as you say he is the CEO and he doesn’t bend for anyone from what I’ve heard, so this means something .” speculated as she watched becoming more and more edgy.

“But he is the CEO and every woman is lusting after him. Jeez, you should have seen how every woman in the bar was ogling him yesterday. He could have his pick so why would he want me?” cried out, feeling utter confused and not knowing what to do with her racing thoughts and emotions.

“First off what does that matter, when it’s only you he is ogling? And he probably thinks you are more desirable and intriguing than the ogles” smiled.

“As I said this morning, don’t worry about it, just take it one day at a time. You don’t have to react unless he makes a serious move and he may and he may not. Time will tell” added and watched a sly smile threw her.

“Yeah…..” trailed off.

“Now enough of the seriousness, how about some ice cream?” grinned making grin with her as they started giggling rushing towards their freezer stuffed with various flavours.

Chapter 7

Tuesday had enveloped the world as headed out for lunch, having made another plan today instead of taking her lunch at the canteen at work like she usually did. Looking ahead saw the sign of Costa, and couldn’t wait to sit down with a sandwich and met up with away from the buzzing atmosphere at work and just relax for a moment or two. Stepping inside Costa watched how others was buzzing around her, some chatting, some on their phones and others impatiently giving their order to the sales woman, who seemed a bit stressed. Yet glancing around couldn’t catch the sight of yet, but as got in the queue her phone beeped. Fishing it out of her purse saw a text from telling her she was running late, but just to order for her, she would be there shortly. Putting her phone away gazed up at the board sign displays behind the counter with various choices of what you could order to drink, with a smile decided on one of their favourites just as she reached the counter. Giving the sales woman a smile ordered two grand hot chocolates with marshmallows and two cheese and ham Panini’s and watched the brunette take her order with a hurried expression on her face, not seeming all that friendly, taking in mind of what kind a job she held. The attitude of the woman putting a little of as she fumbled with her purse trying to get her credit out which somehow seemed stuck, making ’s cheeks flush red with embarrassment, especially more so as noticed from the corner of her eye that the brunette rolled her eyes annoyed waiting for to get her act together, so they could move on.

“I got it!” ’s voice suddenly came from behind , while his hand reached over ’s shoulder, making blink twice, not having noticed him at all. Turning her face around embarrassed mothered thank you and saw nod at her in return.

“Your receipt” The brunette said over the counter handing it over to .

“Thank you” replied quietly and walked to the end of the counter to collect her order, with following her only a second later.

“Thank you for that Sir. I’ll pay you back I’ll….”

“Don’t mention it and no you won’t!” insisted, giving her a warming smile.

“Would you care to sit down and have lunch with me?” asked.

“Well ermm... actually I’m here to meet my friend for lunch…. But you can join us if you like? She’s not here yet” explained trying to contain her obvious nerves while her order was placed in front of her on a tray.

“If you’re sure I’m not disturbing anything?” enquired as he was handed his coffee and sandwich.

“You’re not” assured him, receiving a polite smile in return as they headed off in search of a free table. Finding one by the window, they settled into their seats.

and I like to sit by the window and people watch” spoke as she glanced out of the window watching various kinds of people walking by in their path for something.

“I rarely have time for that” replied biting into his sandwich while gave him a curious stare.

“And yet you got all that open space windows at your office?” wondered as she dropped one of her marshmallows into her hot chocolate.

“I like to look out on the big city of London, you most agree the view is spectacular?!” responded, watching taking her first sip of her hot chocolate.

“Oh I agree, but you should have time for the little things too” explained looking up at noticing how he shrugged at her words.

“Sometimes it’s easier not too. How do you find London anyway, you just moved here, right?” asked.

“I love London, so does which is one of the reasons why we moved here. We wanted to start over, and wanted to be where everything happens” elucidated.

“And you wanted to do that together?” raised an eyebrow trying to figure out who Henry was.

“Yes, she’s my best friend and now my flat mate as well. It’s great” smiled tugging into her Panini hoping to eat it gracefully, now that was sitting opposite her.

“It’s good with a friend like that. Where do you live in London if I may ask?” enquired quietly hoping it was in a safe area.

“At Bayswater Road overlooking Hyde Park, it’s really nice. We’re been looking at so many places and nothing seemed right for our budget until we found this place” beamed genuinely pleased with their home.

“That is a nice area, I’m glad to hear your living in one of the better areas” admitted but before could respond appeared.

“Oh I’m so sorry I’m late but the hawk was….” trailed off abruptly noticing sitting with at the table.

“It’s okay, no worries. Your order is still warm” nodded towards ’s lunch.

“Ah thank you, hurried as much as I could” spoke as she took of her jacket and rested it over her chair.

this is …. this is my dear friend ….” spoke introducing the two.

“Pleasure to meet you” said reaching his hand out for .

“Likewise, heard a lot about you” grinned as he shook her hand in his firm grip.

“Oh?” raised a bemused eyebrow at .

“All good things” quickly injected chuckling to herself seeing get ashamed and looking down onto her plate.

“So…hawk?” questioned looking between the two women noticing the internal giggle.

“Oh that’s just someone met in London” quickly covered up, thinking it better that didn’t know who the hawk was, especially since didn’t know who knew personally in London.

“Right so what do you do?” asked looking at .

“I work at Vogue…..actually…” ’s face suddenly lightened up as she sipped on her hot chocolate, making ’s eyes widen, knowing exactly what that expression on ’s features meant.

“What would you say to do an article and a little photo shoot for Vogue?” beamed, knowing if she could just persuade she would have landed a major scoop and put herself into the hawk’s good books.

“I’m sorry but I don’t normally do that. Plenty of journalists have asked before but it’s never been my thing” retorted while putting up a polite front.

“It would be about the most eligible bachelor in London, and you surely belong in that category” pressed on.

, no!!” hissed under her breath feeling utterly embarrassed at her friend’s persistence when obviously was not that kind a man to agree to be doing things for magazines.

“And because I normally say no, it would be a scoop for you” injected glancing in ’s direction aware of her trying to stop her friend from humiliating her and making him feel awkward.

“To be honest yes but I promise the outcome will be done totally professional, you’ve have nothing to worry about” tried her best to reassure as he looked at her like he was deciding if he should trust her words or not. glanced at for a second seeing her shake her head at her but in vain as ’s cell phone suddenly disturbed them and rolling her eyes as saw the name on her display she picked it up.

“You really don’t have to do that, which of cause you know” blabbered as kept her eyes locked to his until swiftly hung up her phone.

“Sorry the boss is calling, apparently there is a fashion disaster happening so I have to go but Mr. please think about it” urged him, reaching her card towards him.

“Alright I’ll do that” replied graciously and took the card handed to him, putting it into his suit pocket.

“Great and see you tonight” winked pulling on her jacket and grabbed the rest of her Panini and headed out the door.

“Sorry she can be very determined at times” apologized stealing an anxious glance at .

“Determined is often a good thing, it gets you ahead, there’s nothing wrong with that. I admit I get annoyed with journalists from time to time but it’s their job and she’s your friend” responded taking the last bite of his sandwich.

“Is she good at her job?” added watching as also took the last bite of her Panini.

“Very. She’s very focused” tried to assured him, knowing how would be grinning from ear to ear if she got that scoop but couldn’t help but feel a little worried unsure of what thought about it.

“That’s a good thing, in her job” suddenly winked making the butterflies in the pit of ’s stomach doing summersaults and her gaze spring to his.

“Shall we get back to the office… Miss ?” chuckled at the innocent adoring smile having erupted onto ’s mouth.

“Yeah, let’s” smiled and quietly they grabbed their things and headed out of Costa and down the street.

“I like that we have a coffee shop so close to work” spoke as they noticed the 5 Th. Ave Advertising building coming into view.

“Me too. Ermm but maybe its best we might go in separately” marvelled hesitantly if it was a good idea to be seen coming in from lunch with her boss.

“Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” frowned stunned, looking down at .

“No….NO….. of cause not…I was just thinking that maybe you wouldn’t want to, it could imply we had lunch together” mumbled reaching for a stray of life line to save her from another slip-up.

“But we did have lunch together and I don’t exactly care who knows that. Unless you do?” replied.

“No… not if you don’t” spoke, her voice sounding a little hesitated.

“Then that is settled, after you” smiled opening the door to the tall building letting step inside the lobby first.


As the evening had a raised was pacing back and forth in the apartment waiting for to return. She hadn’t heard anything from after lunch and hadn’t seen anything to but the incident at lunch had sitting on needles all day wondering what would happen with ’s request to . He could ignore it, be annoyed or maybe actually do it, either way was on needles unable to sit still. Suddenly hearing the front door go, rushed towards the living room hearing ’s voice.

“OM HY GOODNESS , he is going to do it, he is actually going to do it!!!” squealed in excitement as she stumbled in through the door and found a pacing .

“WHAT?!” shrieked surprised.

“Yes exactly I must admit I hadn’t thought he would say yes because when I got back to Vogue and excitedly told the hawk, I might get that scoop, she brushed me off telling me they had tried to get that scoop several times, so when they couldn’t then I certainly couldn’t either, but then he called and agreed as long as it was professionally done of cause.” beamed unable to rid the smile of her face.

“Oh my goodness!!” stuttered in utter astonishment.

“I know right?! I SO impressed the hawk” grinned from ear to ear, kicking of her heels and jumped up in mare delight.

“You’re bad arse” giggled shaking her head.

“I was so worried he would get annoyed” added.

“Trust me he wasn’t. I bet being your friend helped a whole bunch” smiled widely, feeling on top of the world.

“Well I’m glad to be off help then” chuckled, ’s good mood being infectious.

“WEEEE!!!!! By the way doesn’t your sex God of a boss have a hot brother for me?” giggled.

“Really don’t know hun, I could probably blurt it out and ask at some unprofessional moment” smirked making laugh even more.

“We should really celebrate your scoop” added.

“OH that’s a GREAT idea….Saturday night…” started…

“….Night out on the town” finished her sentence, both grinning in agreement.

Chapter 8

The next morning walked quietly into the kitchen wondering how to best come out with her request, as she saw sitting at the kitchen island with a bowl of cornflakes, and bottle of milk standing beside the bowl, as tugged into her breakfast.

“Good morning” spoke fiddling with the paper in her hand.

“Morning” mumbled before taking another spoonful into her mouth.

“I was wondering if you could do something for me” trailed off seeing look up at her frowning.

“It involves !” said quietly.

, what is it?” sighed rubbing her tired eyes.

“Could you give this to ? He wanted to read the questions before hand, so he would know what to expect when we do the interview” explained.

“That would mean I’ll have to find an excuse to leave my department to go to his” groaned and rolled her eyes.

“You can just tell them the truth. I bet they will be impressed” grinned.

“I don’t doubt they’ll be impressed….but…”

, you had lunch together, we never talked about that” smirked.

“Find! I’ll do it… alright!!” rolled her eyes and snatched the paper from , and laid it to rest beside her on the table, not wanting to go into a conversation about her lunch with yesterday.

“Thank you!” cheered delighted and stepped over to the fridge to fetch some breakfast.


A few hours later stood breathing inside the elevator going up to ’s floor, the paper from firmly in her hand, giving her a bit of stability to hold on to. She had managed to leave her floor without anyone taking notice, but for the last hour she been marvelling about calling up and announce she was on her way but as the minutes past and she couldn’t get herself to pick up her phone, she thought “screw this” and just got up and headed off. Now as she reached the right floor she was uncertain again but now it was too late, as she strolled down the floor and reached ’s secretary who smiled up at her with her bright white smile, her lips a shade of deep red, as she looked up and down.

“Yes Miss?” The secretary questioned awaiting ’s reason to being there.

“I’m here to see spoke clearly yet feeling anything but under the stare of the blonde boomsheel who was ’s secretary.

“Do you have an appointment?” Her red lips asked.

“No, but I have some papers for him” replied unable not to notice the snobbish shine in the blonde’s eyes.

“You can just leave them with me, I’ll see to it” She spoke flashing her thick black eyelashes at .

“No just buzz me in!!” said determined, not wanting to let the fake blonde win over her in their little silent war.

“Alright but don’t expect to be let in, what is your name?” She asked pushing down a button as she picked up her phone.

!” replied watching a few seconds pass before blondie talked into the phone, and watched a surprised expression wash over her face.

“You can go in!” She almost scolded at , who just nodded in response but as walked into ’s office some of her new found confidence towards his secretary vanished as soon as she saw sat behind his desk scribbling on a grey lap-top. He wore a light blue shirt with a black tie and his expression was fastened in concentration on the screen in front of him.

“Mr. , thank you for seeing me. I know you are a busy man” said softly and saw swift his gaze to hers in a matter of seconds.

“Anytime for you Miss. . Theresa said you had some papers for me” spoke.

“Yes. Well asked me to give these to you, about the interview. Thank you for doing that, it meant she impressed the big shots at Vogue” half grinned.

“And impressed the hawk I’m sure?!” challenge, a bemused smile on his lips.

“Whatever do you mean?” winched not wanting him to know about calling ’s boss a hawk.

“Come on Miss …. I’m one not an idiot, I know bosses often get’s…what shall we say... nick names. Was very sweet how you tried to cover it up yesterday though”

“Sir I never implied you where…I’m….I….” trailed off looking down, as her cheeks flushed an embarrassing colour of red.

“It’s alright, I just hope my nick name is more flattering?!” chuckled causing to look straight up at him, hearing the infections sound of his laughter, she didn’t think she had heard it before, not so genuine.

“It is, I promise, I can’t tell you though” blurted out, unsure of where her nerve came from.

“Well maybe someday you can. Now let me see the paper” hinted and handed it over.

“Do you think that I’m an eligible bachelor?” asked looking up from the paper, his eyes burning into ’s ones.

“Excuse me?” uttered.

“Do you think that I’m an eligible bachelor? Do you think that I’m a catch?” dared her, seemingly enjoying taking off guard.

“Of cause Sir. You got what a woman would say is a catch” stuttered as she noticed a darker twinkle appear in the depth of his eyes.

“Even without knowing me?” enquired and rose from his chair making swallow at the sight of his broad frame standing on the other side of his desk from her.

“Yes. People don’t look beneath the surface when they state who is an eligible bachelor” uttered.

“But you do, don’t you Miss ?” challenged her again as he walked round the table and now stood right in front of her.

“Well….I….I want more than just the surface Mr. murmured feeling court under his intoxicating spell.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the personal delivery” hoarsely spoke reaching out his hand.

“You’re welcome” mused as she felt her smaller hand was being grasped by ’s firm grip.

“Always a pleasure. Miss replied with a smug smile, as tore her gaze from his and turned around leaving his office with her heart pounding.


After a long day stepped into the lobby of the bright world of fashion that is Vogue magazine, to meet after they have finished another work day. Gazing around tried to take in the buzzing atmosphere of stressed fashion women that in ’s eyes seemed all too skinny in all their gorgeous clothes as they fussed round in various stunning high heels. couldn’t help but widen her eyes as a striking beautiful woman in a tight fitted white dress, with a black belt round her waist, and in six inches black high heels with shiny diamantes’ covering the heels came striding past her as her long thick shiny black hair fell about her features perfectly.

“Yeah, that’s the hawk!” suddenly whispered, appearing at ’s side.

“I hate to say it, but she’s actually stunning” gaped as the hawk disappeared from view and turned her gaze to .

“Yeah but still a hawk” grimaced.

“I bet” concluded.

“Come I want to show you something” grinned eagerly and guided in through the building while stared around at the surroundings in awe, everything just looked posh, from the soft cameo white coloured walls to desk spaces where more skinny women stood discussion the latest fashion problem or other.

, don’t you dare get that skinny, it’s not even pretty” leaned into and whispered as a woman walked passed them, one so skinny had trouble seeing any sexy curves that could attract any eligible bachelors.

“Don’t worry about that” chuckled knowing her friend’s view on the matter.

“Where are you taking me anyway?” asked as they reached a staircase.

“Into the basement” replied.

“That sounds daunting” frowned.

“Awww I just need to show you our Vogue heaven” giggled as shook her head at her with a smirk. Reaching the bottom of the stairs let in through two revolving doors, immediately giggling as she witnessed the awestruck expression on ’s face as they walked inside.

“Welcome to Vogue Heaven” beamed spreading out her arms.

“Oh my Goodness” exclaimed seeing one line of clothes after the other, like there wasn’t any end to it.

“Is this what you have in mind for a walk in closet?” blurted out, as she walked up to one line of hangers with dresses.

“Haha well that would be nice, but a smaller closet could do” chuckled watching as looked at the dresses.

“Who the fuck is so skinny, except for that none curvy woman we saw upstairs?” cried out, not believing the small sizes of the dresses.

“This is a size four for God sake!” exclaimed.

“Well that size fits the skinny models for some photo shoots, but I do agree with you that women should have curves” smiled.

“Hmm” mumbled glancing over to another line of dresses. Stepping over there picked out a red dress and held it up.

“Now this is pretty and the size more human” smiled as she touched the soft red materiel.

“It might even fit your size, you could try it on” grinned making roll her eyes.

“No, I’m not going to” protested.

“It’s all samples, we use them for photo shoots, sometimes also for the articles” explained letting ’s objection slip.

“Seriously , It looks like one enormous huge walk in closet” said glancing over at .

“Well in a walk in closet there are also shoes, lots of shoes” beamed, her eyes shining at the mare thought.

“Hens, you’re so a shoeoholic” laughed, just to receive a playful slap on her shoulder.

“Maybe, but I’m not much worse than you” argued poking her tongue out at .

“Fair point. Now show me your shoe heaven” smiled as she followed to the end of the huge walk in closet, where was met with the sight of shelf after shelf filled with stunning high heels in all imaginable colours and shapes.

“Oh my God, this is shoe heaven!” exclaimed, making ’s grin even wider.

“There is one pair I want to show you” murmured as she padded down a line of shelves before she reached up and took down a pair of nude high heels.

“What do you think?” asked holding them up to .

“They are absolutely beautiful” blurted out, almost stuck for words.

“I just love them, they would fit so will with my red dress” wondered.

“Oh the killer dress” smiled.

“Yes” chuckled.

“But they are really high, don’t you think?” marvelled.

“Yeah five inches, but I could manage it” grinned.

“I bet you can, they would be stunning on you and with the killer dress, yes you would turn heads when you walked by, the men wouldn’t know what hit them” replied.

“Awww thank you. I’ve decided to do just that on Saturday, one of the assets of working here” beamed receiving a smile from in return as they started heading back out.

Chapter 9

The second week of working at 5 Th. Ave Advertising had come to an end as had just come down into the lobby and glanced outside, the sky looked threateningly dark like it was sending a warning sign down to the people on earth, that it would bring its worst soon. Not wanting to waste another second stride out of the building, letting the sound of her heels on the marble floor in the lobby cling in the mix with the other women heading off. started to head down the street, giving up on catching a taxi, as everyone seemed to want one to get quickly away from the threat of heavy rain. She hadn’t walked far when the first rain drop landed on her cheek, making groan to herself in despair knowing now she wouldn’t reach her home in a dry state. Tugging at the collar of her black trend coat tried to shield her otherwise bare throat from the rain that came down heavier and heavier for each second, as she stepped over the wet pavement while feeling her hair getting socked with the rest of her body. Looking down as she walked as in an attempt to guard her eyes from the rain, didn’t notice a black BMW slowing down beside her, before it almost came to a full stop a few feet ahead of her and a car door swung open to the backseat. couldn’t help but frown in surprise as she suddenly heard ’s voice from inside the car…

“Come inside, I’ll give you a ride home, can’t have you getting sick out there” called. Not wanting to stay a moment longer out in the rain, didn’t hesitate until she was sat in the backseat of the car, and ’s driver almost jumped out of the car to close the car door.

“Bayswater Road, please Jackson!” gave the order of direction to his driver in front, before fastening his gaze completely on sat beside him.

“My God woman, you’re soaking wet” blurted out, his stare running her body up and down.

“I’m sorry Sir; I’m soaking your car seat” mumbled looking around at the posh black leather seats.

“Don’t care, it can be fixed. Why were you walking in the rain?” asked not looking pleased at all.

“I needed to get home, and everyone seemed to want a taxi, obviously in this weather, so it was impossible, therefore I had to walk…” rambled as she eased the collar back down on her trend coat.

“You had to walk in the rain…” muttered.

“Well yes, I thought perhaps maybe I could reach home before the rain took off….” trailed off.

“So you got wet” said quietly, so quiet finally turned her face and looked over at him through her wet black lashes.

“I had forgotten to bring an umbrella” all but whispered as she lost herself in the intensity of the pair of eyes staring back at her.

“I wish I had a towel in the car, so I could dry your hair a little, don’t want you going sick on me” acknowledged.

“It’s okay, really, with you giving me a ride, I’ll be home soon and able to fetch some dry clothes” assured him with a shy smile, watching out of the corner of her eye ’s hands flexing, like he was trying to control himself from something.

“Still… maybe I should remember to put one in here, in case this walking home in the rain, is going to be a habit of yours?!” raised a sexy eyebrow at , making her flush slightly in response.

“I hope it won’t be necessary Sir, walking home in the rain isn’t a favourite thing of mine”

“I’m glad to hear it” smiled as they neared Hyde Park.

“Is it a habit of yours, giving rides home to employees walking home in the rain?” enquired quietly, catching a bemused smile tug at ’s lips at her question.

“No, this is a first Miss winked, seeming like he enjoyed the banter between them.

“Oh!!” uttered looking into her lap.

“I haven’t felt the need to before” whispered as he made her look at him with his finger under her chin, sending a shiver down ’s spine at his touch. felt her heart pound faster as silence enveloped between them and all she could sense was the darker shade that appeared in his intense eyes that was firmly locked onto hers. She didn’t even realize they had arrived at Bayswater Road until Jackson made an innocent cough in front of the car, that made shake his head and moved away the pressure of his finger under her chin.

“You better go in and get dry…” croaked as nodded trying to gather herself from whatever just happened.

“Yeah I’m… Thank you for the ride Sir” stuttered, clutching her bag.

“No worries. Just go in and get dry….and enjoy your weekend” spoke glancing at as Jackson suddenly was at her side opening the car door.

“I promise… You too Sir” smiled as she got out of the car and saw Jackson by her side holding up an umbrella, not leaving her side until she was inside the apartment building. Standing there still for a moment, watched as the black BMW disappeared out of sight.


“Mmm dry clothes are the best” grinned just as she entered a huge shop that sold cars with by her side an hour later.

“Hmm and here I thought you liked ogling even more” joked.

!!” shrieked at her friend.

“Sorry but you can’t deny you like ogling him” smirked.

“Fine I do, he is hot eye candy, but when you’ve been soaked through, dry clothes are nice sinking your body into” responded as they now stood still are gazed around at the many cars on display.

“True…. So the sex God found you soaked walking the street and gave you a ride home… Ohhh someone has got into the big boss good books” teased.

“Well I’m, he was just being nice” uttered, blushing slightly.

“Yeah I’ll say, especially since you told me, he never does that” chuckled, loving teasing her friend, who was just about to respond when a sales guy appeared by their side, flashing them his brightest white smile, while looking them over, almost like he was finding out if there was a sale bite in them or they would be a waste of his time.

“And how may I help you ladies?” The guy grinned, as ’s gaze swiftly shifted over his name badge showing her his name was Jake.

“Obviously I need a car” almost frowned finding his enquire dim-witted as they were obviously not there to buy clothes.

“Well of cause, what did you have in mind Miss?” Jake replied not faltering at all over ’s little coarse remark.

“I was thinking of a Fiat panda” spoke determined as stood beside her trying to look just as confident.

“Right Miss, we have a couple just over here. Come along with me” Jake smiled and guided them further into the large open room.

“You do remember I know absolutely nothing about cars right?” whispered to as they walked.

“Just pretend that you do. This guy mustn’t think he is smarter than us, cause he is not” spoke in a low voice.

“Well maybe not you but I only know what a Porsche and Ferrari is” murmured as they reached the cars in question.

“We have this one it’s a Fiat Panda 4x4. It’s got new bumpers with integrated protection and special fender extensions, side protection strips, daylight driving lights, body-colored door mirror caps, painted door handles, roof rails, height adjustable steering wheel, Dual Drive electric power steering with "City" function, Start & Stop, great trip computer, power windows for central, "Smart Fuel" refuelling system, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, sun visors with vanity mirror on the driver's side, 12 Volt power supply….” Jake oozed the words off him, like they were attached to his bone, and it was making ’s head buzz in distress, having no idea what he was talking about. Looking over at watched her friend listen, seeming like intensely while she walked round the car and eventually slid into the driver’s seat holding the steering wheel for a moment, all the while Jake kept on humming the words out of his sales mouth. Suddenly got back out of the car and let her red finger painted nails slide over the top of the car door, as noticed Jake’s gaze immediately swift to ’s action, almost like he was holding his breath.

“Oh that sounds all well and good Jake…” smiled wickedly letting his name linger in the air, nearly making him drop the pen in his hand.

“But I can’t drive around town in a car that is…well orange” spoke letting her tongue lick over her lower lip.

“Right ?” added as she kept her stare on Jake, making him virtually spinning like a cat under her spell.

“Exactly. It does need to ooze of class” chimed in, holding her head up staring back and forth from him and , finding the display in front of her amusing.

“Well ermm we also have the Fiat in white, it’s just over here” Jake stuttered as they walked over to the car he had in mind.

“Ah much better” grinned as she gazed at the white car.

“Yes it’s a really great car The Panda is incomparable because it has always been a car that leaves substance dictate the design. That's what makes it unique: Its exterior reflects the car's spirit” Jake rambled on while stepped up beside .

“So the Panda got spirit” grimaced in a whisper to , making try to suppress a laugh.

“And I would be able to take car with me right away?” questioned turning her gaze to Jake looking up at him through her long black lashes.

“Well um yes.... You would need to sign the papers and we’ll have to figure out the payment of cause”

“Of cause” smiled at him before turning her gaze back at the car.

“You’re killing him” chuckled in a low voice.

“That’s the plan, maybe it’ll make me get it cheaper” smirked. “Come let’s try and sit inside it” urged and both climbed into the front seats of the car.

“Uh look, it got cup holders for our Costa” beamed.

“And a very fine play system for our amazing music taste” laughed softly while Jake stood outside tripping on his feet, sensing a sale in his grasp.

“I’ll let you talk about it for a moment, call me if you have any questions at all” Jake said.

“Thank you Jake” smiled, and watched for a second as Jake took off for a moment, leaving them alone to talk.

“Well what do you think then?” asked gazing round the inside of the car.

“I like it actually and I bet the flirting is helping me getting it slightly cheaper” smirked.

“You are wicked” laughed.

“But if it works. Fair play” added watching as grabbed the stirring wheel.

“Oh this is my car” beamed.

“Well let’s bring Panda home with us then” grinned back at .

“Too right. Let’s go talk with Jake....or flirt” grimaced while they got out of the car and headed back in the direction of Jake.

* “I can’t believe I actually got a car now, standing down in the garage” beamed as they sat in the living room having put a dvd on and settled into their comfy sofa that evening.

“And I can’t believe he fell for your flirting and let you have it a grand cheaper” chuckled shaking her head.

“Well what can I say.... I got some amazing flirting skills” smirked.

“Yeah I’ve seen that one’s or twice” laughed.

“Fair play remember?” raised an eyebrow.

“Hehe yeah, I’m impressed that’s all I’m saying” giggled.

“While thank you. Uh I can’t wait for our night out tomorrow” grinned.

“And you are already getting started” hinted towards the curlers in ’s hair.

“They give the hair volume, I just have to sleep with them and tomorrow I’ll have volume filled hair...and I am going to make my killer dress live up to its name” spoke seeing smile back at her.

“In fact one of these days you are going to make me try that on you too” stated.

“Oh are you now?” chuckled.

“Yes, and it will be one day you’re going to see the sex God... ohh I’ll make sure he won’t be able to keep his fingers off you” grinned, making giggle.

“If you think you can, then.....fair play!” laughed as she saw a determined smile on ’s face.

Chapter 10

The Saturdays was blastering loud from the player in the living room as and cheered and shuffled around their flat getting ready for their night out. Both feeling more than ready to let their hair down and have some fun in the buzzing night life in London’s city centre. Once satisfied with her makeup, grabbed her nude heels from the floor and padded into the living room, finding there putting a lip gloss into her nude Chanel clutch.

“You scrub up well hun” grinned turning her face gazing at , wearing her strapless black dress.

“Ahh thank you babe, you too in your red killer dress” beamed back, watching as took a twirl in her strapless red dress with a slit down her left leg.

“Your nude heels from Vogue look amazing” said in awe as she stepped into her own heels.

“I just love them” squealed in delight.

“I love mine too, even though their heels are an inch shorter than yours” chuckled.

“But they fit you. So are you ready to go?” smiled already loving their night.

“I am. Let’s go” replied as both headed to the hall way and grabbed their coats.

“Oh wait. We forgot to turn the player off” exclaimed as The Saturdays started singing “Higher”. Walking back into the living room couldn’t help but giggling as she heard sing along to the song as loud as she could “if you wanna play it cool, Then I got news for youuuuuuuu, It's getting hotter, hotter in hereeeeeeeeeee”

“I'm gonna lift it, lift it, Higher!!!!!!!!!” sang as she got back to in the hall way, both turning into a squeal of laughter as they left their flat to an awaiting taxi.


Standing inside the ladies room at the fashionable posh Sky club, and stood side by side refreshing their lip gloss.

“This booty in this amazing dress is working its magic tonight” grinned as she replaced the lid on her lip gloss.

“Hehe doesn’t it always” teased, putting her lip gloss back into her clutch.

“Good point. I actually love this club” giggled, the cocktails starting to show their effects.

“Could that maybe have something to do with that eyed hottie we’ve met here?”

“Maybe....mmmm.... he is sooooo my type . Broad muscular body, hot, steamy and oh my goodness those eyes, the way they look at me” almost groaned at the thought.

“That way they undress your booty you mean” giggled as closed her clutch.

“Hmmm for ones I don’t mind. I want to undress him too” chuckled towards ’s ear as they slowly made their way out of the ladies room to the sound of the song “Call my name” by Cheryl Cole filling the air of the club.

“You still remember his name?” questioned while they entered the open club space again and glanced around.

“Ermmmm yeah.... .......yeah it was wondered.

“Well definitely can’t remember his friends name, can you?” asked as they spotted the bar and headed for it.

“ maybe Ben... or Steve....or...” rambled....

“Or something completely different” laughed, slightly surprised as the bartender came straight to them, ignoring the cries from a few men that where there before them.

“Exactly. Hey we would like two strawberry daiquiris please” winked to the bartender who immediately was on their order.

“I like quick service” grinned.

“Me too” smiled glancing through the room, her smile immediately growing as she locked eyes with her male target, checking her out from the booth where he was sitting with his friend and a couple of beers.

“Here you go ladies” The bartender reappeared placing their cocktails in front of them on the counter.

“Thank you” spoke handing over a note to him, before turning to .

“Cheers for your scoop. And please treat him well, he is my sexy boss” spoke, her eyes shining at the thought of .

“I’ll treat him like a king, don’t worry and thank you for being my loop hole to get to him” blissfully beamed back at her friend.

“Anytime” grinned before both sipped on their drinks. Taking their drinks in their hands and made their way through the club back towards the booth they had occupied earlier with and his friend.


Sitting in the black leather sofa’s leaned in to getting her attention without other’s hearing her words.

“God his so fucking HOT!!” cried in a whisper into ’s ear, receiving a light rather tipsy giggle from in return.

“So could you do me a favour, please?” pleaded winking her long black eyelashes at .

“Well we’re here to celebrate your scoop so why not. What do you need?” grinned back at .

“Could you by any chance keep his friend busy for a while?” begged.

“Ah put that Oscar begging expression away. I know you too well to fall for that miss” chuckled at her friend.

“Pretty please…I don’t say you have to do anything with him” pointed out.

“Oh jeez thank you for that” shook her head in a laugh.

!” pouted.

“Yeah all right babes, I’ll take… what his name out for a dance or two” chuckled.

“Thank you” beamed as a grin erupted on her lips.

“Yeah, you just enjoy it. I hope that guy can dance” grimaced hinting at ’s friend as she slowly got up and reached out her hand for ’s blue eyed friend. Watching them head out to the dance floor, locked eyes with and felt dizzy just gazing into his orbs.

“I think my friend likes your friend” chuckled towards as they glanced to the dance floor for a second and saw ’s friend pull tighter towards him.

“I’m more interested in you, who do you fancy?” breathed, sliding her finger down ’s chin, instantly getting his burning attention with the simply touch. Biting her lower lip seductively let her finger move upwards and slide dreadfully slowly over the flaming touch of ’s lower lip, a jolt of electricity shooting through her as suddenly slid his tongue out and brushed it over the tip of ’s finger, her red nail disappearing under his wet tongue for a second. Dropping her finger from his mouth felt like on fire by the hungry stare of eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious baby, I fancy the dirty dress of you!” growled towards ’s ear as he leaned in, and gently bit onto her earlobe, while feeling ’s hands move their way, tugging into his short hair. Feeling her heart beat increase, couldn’t hold back a moan as finally claimed her lips in a hungry demand for more. Giving in without hesitation soon felt ’s tongue push past her lips into her mouth collapsing with her tongue, starting up a war of licking, touching and curling their tongues round each other, as they desperately tried to taste the other for as long as possible.


While felt a hand slide over her back until it reached the spot on her lower back, glanced over towards the leather sofa, smiling to herself as she saw in a full blown lip locked snog with the sexy . Suddenly feeling a finger under her chin, trying to pull her attention back to him, had to blink twice as that very action pulled ’s mind back into a black BMW where had done the exact same thing, but this time she wasn’t met with his intense eyes. The eyes in front of her was blue and flirty and before had time to react she felt his lips on hers, it was tender but she didn’t feel sparks set her on fire, it was so different from , he just had to look at her and she was a mass of jelly. Just as felt he was trying to urge her to part her lips with his tongue, pulled back and saw a wave of disappointment wash over the blue eyes.

“Sorry” murmured.

“We can just try again” He grinned leaning back in.

“Sorry but I can’t” apologized, softly placing her hands on his chest, putting a bit of distance between them.

“It’s okay, maybe you’ll change your mind later” He winked, grasping her hand, and twirled her around, making giggle slightly.

“Thanks for the dance, it was a pleasure” He grinned as they left the dance floor, heading for the bar.

“Likewise” smiled.

“Let me get you a drink” Blue eyes stated towards before leaning onto the bar waving a hand at a female bartender, who was with him within a few seconds, obviously his blue flirty eyes worked on the bartender, thought with a bemused chuckle. Taking the drink he handed her, nodded grateful a thank you, before she saw him lost in his new found attention from the bartender. Glancing around as she sipped on her drink, realized she had lost blue eyes to the female behind the bar, so taking her drink with her slowly padded past the dance floor to find , but now finding the booth empty frowned and glanced around until she spotted on the dance floor, her lips still locked with ’s sharing lingering slow kisses as they danced to a slow song. Taking another sip on her drink giggled slightly to herself while stepping over towards the table by the leather sofa, and placed her drink down. Fiddling a little in the beginning finally managed to open her clutch and draw out her phone, scrolling through the numbers in her phone until her finger lingered over a sudden one, and with a giggling smile hit the dial button and held the phone to her ear, while her gaze darted round the room.

“Miss ?” His voice abruptly sounded filled with surprise as he picked up.

“Hi Sir. What are you doing?” giggled.

“Working!” muttered.

“But it’s Saturday, you should be out having fun” cheered.

“It sounds like you are having enough fun for the both of us” grumbled.

“Mmmmm but here is fun” stated with a slurry grin.

“Where are you?” enquired.

“At a club!” chuckled.

“Don’t be smart with me with that luscious red mouth of yours. Which club?” growled.

“I’ve got a luscious mouth?” croaked feeling butterflies leap in the pit of her stomach.

“Why did you call?” pressed ignoring ’s comment.

“I wanted to hear your voice” blurted out, biting her lower lip as soon as the words had fled her mouth, and heard take a harsh intake of breath.

“Which club?” repeated once more, determined to get his answer, just as he heard someone call her name in the background.

, which club are you at?” insisted almost harshly, sounding irritated that some guy obviously was trying to get her attention, and he could do nothing.

“You said my name” giggled out of the blue.

“What?!” frowned confused.

“You never use my first name….I like you calling me ” She grinned, almost able to image shaking his head at her on the other end of the line.

“Please…just tell me where you are?” tried again, but suddenly heard protest as some guy snatched the phone from her.

“Sorry but this beautiful woman can’t talk anymore” The guy spoke into the phone, hanging up the phone unaware that he was leaving fuming on the other end of the line.

“ETHAN!!!! You can’t do that!!” cried out with wide eyes, just to see him laugh at her.

“Secondly what are you doing here?” added as he handed her the phone back, so she could put it back into her clutch.

“Having fun and I meant what I said to whomever on your phone, you look absolutely beautiful tonight” Ethan winked while felt her mind flooding over with thoughts of the fact that Ethan had just hung up on …..On the ….The golden CEO….the mare thought made feel slightly dizzy, more than she already was.

“How about a dance?” Ethan questioned, and found herself nodding, and soon onto the dance floor in the arms of her colleague. Resting her head on his shoulder for a moment felt Ethan stroke his hands tenderly up and down her back and occasionally touching her bare skin when he reached the hem of her black dress. was glad it wasn’t an upbeat song, cause her body felt to tipsy for her to control it if she actually had to move. Feeling Ethan move his head slowly, tried to gather her wandering emotions as she gradually sensed Ethan nuzzled his face into her long hair and breathed in her scent, which sent alarm bells to cross through ’s blurry state and she pulled away a few inches from him. Locking eyes with him for a few seconds, his next move happened before in her blurry state could react until his lips was on hers, every fibre in her body telling her this was wrong and tried to pull away and turned her face to the side, but Ethan was stronger and kept holding her in his embrace. It wasn’t until a short space of seconds later when felt another pair of strong muscular arms grab her she was set free, and she couldn’t help but whimper in surprise as she saw stood glaring at Ethan, his eyes cold as ice, immediately making Ethan back away lightly.

“We were just having fun….Sir” Ethan defended himself but remained silent staring at Ethan, making his superior known.

, you okay?” Ethan asked, trying to ignore the ice oozing from ’s posture.

“Fine” mumbled suddenly feeling small between the two men.

“I think you should leave!” fumed towards Ethan breaking his silence. Looking to Ethan saw her nod and walked away.

“KittenFucker!!” growled through gritted teeth.

“What?” frowned not catching what said but sensing it wasn’t pretty.

“Nothing!! Have you something going on with him?” snarled.

“What?! No of cause not. I tried to push him off” whined in shock and tried to walk off but felt her tipsy state making her wobble in her heels and immediately felt ’s tough left arm wrap around her waist.

“I’ll take you home” stated.

“No discussion!” added watching as nodded slightly.

“Okay but have to find first. Letting her know I’m leaving” said.

“Fine” rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“How did you know I was here?” asked, the mare thought suddenly popping into her blurry mind.

“I tracked your phone!!” shrugged.

“You what?!” cried out.

“How??” continued, her eyes wide as she gazed up at him.

“Miss , I’m the CEO of a very big firm. I got my ways. Now find your friend” spoke, softly this time, trying to make drop the subject.

“Okay but you wait here. She met someone” beamed, a smile plastered back on her mouth.

“Really?” muttered.

“Yes and he’s a hottie too, not like you but…” trailed off biting her lower lip as she saw ’s eyes turn a shade darker.

“Just let her know. So we can leave. And ..... Ethan was right, you look beautiful tonight” whispered sliding his hand from ’s waist and up her back till he tugged his fingers softly into her long hair. Receiving a shy smile and giggle for his action. Turning around padded off in search of , and quickly spotted her in close contact with , the pair whispering and kissing.

“Sorry but can I borrow for a moment?” questioned at the pair that pulled away both grinning back at . Still being in ’s embrace leaned forward towards so they talk.

“Just wanted to let you know I’m leaving, feeling a bit fuzzy” spoke.

“Alright just give me a second and I’ll come with you” said with concern in her eyes.

“No stay, have fun, you deserve it. Besides the sex god has turned up, he’ll give me a ride home” said reassuringly.

“If you’re sure?” smiled, not wanting to leave ’s arms but wanting to know was alright as well.

“I’m sure. I’ll see you in the morning. Have fun” giggled and left and to continue their tongue battle.

Walking through the club soon enough saw again and in an instance he was at her side putting an arm round her waist. At the wardrobe, they got hold of ’s coat and helped her in it. Just as they stepped outside the cold night air hit with the speed of lightning, setting her whole body of in a turmoil, and the alcohol she had consumed put up a battle in her stomach. They just managed to reach the pavement when felt everything turn in her stomach and she franticly glanced around spotting a corner where she could be more or less unseen, if she could just get there in her heels. tried to quickly walk the short space as she had wriggled out of ’s grasp, but he was with her in an instance as she bended forward and everything in her stomach seemed to come up. Feeling ’s hand immediately grasping her long hair, holding it back as his other hand steadied her body by holding her round her waist, she heard him whisper soothing words to her. When her stomach seemed to settle slowly straighten her body upwards again, feeling so ashamed that had been there to see that.

“I’m sorry Sir. This normally doesn’t happen” rambled unable to lock eyes with him, feeling to embarrassed.

“Let’s just get you home in bed” replied taking charge as he helped her over towards his awaiting black BMW.


’s eyelids slowly fluttered open and she couldn’t help but blink her eyes several times as she glanced around and didn’t recognize anything in the room. The realization of not being home, made ’s eyes widen and she very slowly lifted her big soft duvet praying her mind was doing tricks on her and she was dressed underneath, but all she saw was her panties apart from that she was naked. Counting to ten and with a pounding heart stumbled out of bed with the bed sheets tugged around her, trying to locate her bra and black dress somewhere but neither was to be seen. Taking a deep breath remembered she had left the club with in his black BMW and it was more than likely that this was his home. With nerves flaming at her bare footed padded out of the bed room and into a corridor and felt her cheeks burn a shade of red as a man suddenly appeared from another room.

“Morning Miss!” He spoke dryly, making even more nervous.

“Morning??” wondered tugging the bed sheet even closer to her body.

“I’m the butler Miss” He said clearly sensing her confusion.

“Right! Ermm where I’m I?” asked in a low voice.

“At ’s mansion miss. You’ll find him in the kitchen having breakfast” The butler replied leaving standing there with her mind over flooding with thoughts. Managing to find the kitchen spotted sitting by a large dark wooden table, having finished his breakfast and looking through the paper. Biting her lower lip for the first time saw him in dark faded jeans and lose shirt that only made him look even sexier.

“Morning, are you feeling better?” suddenly asked, shaking from her trance of staring at him.

“Yes thank you....I’m.... Where are my clothes?” asked, her voice a little shaky as finally turned his face and gazed at her.

“Good I don’t like you throwing up, as for your clothes their being washed, and yes I did remove your clothes” simply replied.

“Did we…you know?” stuttered once more feeling her cheeks burn as ’s gaze wandered over her body wrapped up in the bed sheet.

“Have sex? No I only fuck women when they are sober and aware of the fact and trust me if we had, you would have remembered” smirked, a flicker of lust hidden in his eyes, enjoying the shocked and shy expression washing over ’s features.

“Sit down and have some breakfast, I’ll be in the study for a moment, need to make a few phone calls. Just dig in” said changing the subject and nodded to the various food on the table before he turned around walking away as was unable not to lick her dry lips watching how ’s jeans snug to his sexy arse as he walked.


An hour later had put on a pair of jeans, a bra and a tight fitted shirt which had brought to her. All in the perfect size, her size that is, that sudden fact made wonder about how much really knew about her. held tighter onto her clutch as walked with her to his front door.

“I’ll make sure you get your clothes back” said as he followed to the door.

“Thank you” replied still feeling weird not wearing her own clothes.

“Sir…” started but stopped as stopped her, staring at her with searching eyes as they reached the door.

“Are you seeing anyone?” questioned his voice steady and firm as he stared at waiting for an answer, his arms crossed over his broad chest.

“That’s none of your business” answered blaffered not expecting the question.

“I need to know if anyone or anything is standing in my way, so if there is I can remove them” explained, not wavering at all.

“Why?” mused, her inner control shaking with uncontrolled feelings as she gazed back at the man in front of her, that unlike her was oozing full of control and not seeming nervous at all by her.

“Because I want to fuck you!” stated as ’s eyes widen at his blunt answer and her entire body shuddered at the frank attitude of .

Chapter 11

“Does it work for you? Talking to women like that?” muttered finally finding her voice after a heartbeat of seconds.

“Yes!!” replied, his voice turning an inch darker with greedy hunger.

“Well it won’t with me. I don’t work like that, I don’t just fuck a guy and you’re my boss may I add”

“I only want to boss you!” almost growled as he reached up and tugged a stray of strand hair behind ’s ear, making her tremble at the light touch.

“That doesn’t help you. I date, I only sleep with guy’s I actually feel something for. I don’t really know you!” rambled, suddenly feeling like she was trending on a dangerous path.

“I don’t date. I never date but I want to fuck you! You can feel the attraction too, I can feel the tension from your body” ’s voice came out hoarsely.

“I want more than just the surface...remember....” uttered feeling court under his dominant frame.

“Oh it will be more than surface, I will be inside you....deep inside you!” groaned burring his face in her hair for a second, inhaling her scent.

“Sir....Please....stop..!” uttered, shuddering under his control.

“It took all my will power not to rip the damn bed sheets of your body and roughly fuck you over the breakfast table!” growled close to ’s ear the sheer animal need in ’s voice made draw an intake of breath as her body shuddered at the mare promise of what he could do to her.

“I could sue you for sexual harassment” stuttered her control stumbling by each second.

“You could, but then you would have to explain why you where at my mansion wearing nothing but my bed sheets” rasped, as noticed how his hand tightened its grip on the door handle.

“Besides you wouldn’t!! Your body is oozing with radiant need, begging mine to fuck yours, so when I’m done, you’ll beg for me to do it again..... and again.....” breathed husky by the soft skin of ’s neck.

“Please...Mr. !” pleaded for him to stop, her resolve slipping.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it Kitten..... Not until your mischievous mouth says yes” groaned softly biting on her earlobe, making Linda close her eyes, feeling her heart pound heavily in response.

“I won’t give up Miss spoke, his voice thick with a statement of promise, sending a shiver down ’s spine as she kept her eyes fasten on ’s hand holding firmly onto the door handle, not daring to turn her face and look into the depth of his eyes, to afraid that it would weaken her completely. felt his breath by her ear before she heard his soft darkening tone blow a husky breeze of his breathe against neck.

“I always get what I want…. Kitten” whispered sending a thrill of tingles throughout ’s body, knowing had felt her reaction too by the dangerous smile of his lips as he brushed them against her throat as light as a feather, teasing her.

“Not this time” uttered, her voice giving away the weakness she felt when she was near him. didn’t answer but instead he turned the door handle and slowly opened the door.

“Think about it!” urged as the last words as walked out through the door and saw Jackson standing in front of the big black BMW parked in front of the mansion, waiting to drive her home. climbed into the back of the car while Jackson held the car door open for her. Settling into her seat as Jackson walked around the car to get into the front seat, glanced out through the dark tainted window and saw turn around in the door way and close his front door. still heard ’s words echoing through her head “I need to know if anyone or anything is standing in my way, so if there is I can remove them.... Because I want to fuck you!” franticly shook her head trying to straighten out her thoughts but in vain. She was strangely turned on and horrified at his forwardness all at the same time, maybe if he had at least asked her on a date, but this was like a request for her to be his employee with benefits. The mare thought sent a chill through her body, just as noticed Jackson drove them through the gates leading in and out of ’s mansion.


“His wet tongue licked a devious trail over her nipples, continuing further down her slim stomach, making a path to her....” ’s eyes sprang wide open, her dream setting every fibre in her body alert, the dream seeming all too real as she tossed over in her bed and as she reached her arm over to the empty side beside her in bed, realization hit her, it wasn’t just a dream it had happened!! Immediately ’s gaze flickered around the room, had left the club with her, he had gone home with her and they had had mind blowing sex in her bed, so where was he now? didn’t want to believe what her gut told her, she didn’t want it to just be a one night thing where he had left in a frantic in the crack of the morning while she was still in deep sleep. Trying to sit up, called out for him, hoping for an response, as her hand flew to her forehead, feeling it pound by the amount of alcohol she had consumed at the club. Squeezing her eyes grabbed her red robe and tugged it around her body, before glancing around her room realizing all ’s clothes, that had been chucked around her bed room floor last night had vanished. It made it obvious to her that her gut had been right. groaned at that fact mixed with her headache and padded over to her closet to grab some clean panties before heading into the bathroom to take a shower.

Feeling lightly refreshed by the shower padded out of the now steamy bathroom heading in the direction of ’s bedroom, in search of her friend. knew how liked to sleep in and right now she just hoped had been in a very deep sleep when she and had stumbled into her bed room, because even though had been drunk she was able to recall that they had been loud during their wild passionate sex, the mare thought making blush slightly as she knocked on ’s door and went inside. couldn’t help but frown finding the room empty and the bed not slept in, her gut filling with worry, and she walked off in search of her nude clutch she had had with her to the club. Not finding it in her bedroom padded of into the hall way and found it on the floor, picking it up quickly got hold of her phone, finding a message sent for her last night a short while after had left the club. “Hi hun, says he’s taking me back to his place so he can keep an eye on me, whatever that means *giggles*, see you in the morning. Xxxx” smiled to herself at the message all though unsure of it being a good thing or not, but she had a feeling she would know pretty soon.


Stumbling in through the front door, quickly closed the door and rested her forehead against it, finally breathing in a sigh of relief at the safety of the four walls that resembled home. Her mind was still in a complete turmoil from the sudden change of events during the night and morning, especially the morning, ’s words still ringing in her head, as she heard a weak rough voice calling her name. Forcing her feet to walk in the direction of the voice, entered the kitchen, quietly stepping out of her heels and dropping her clutch on the kitchen table. Looking up gazed at sitting weakly on the kitchen island in her red robe while her feet rested upon the high chair beside it.

“You didn’t come home!” stated glancing at as she walked to the fridge and pulled out a cold Pepsi, taking a large sip before walking over to the kitchen island where join on top of it.

“He never drove me home, he took me to his place, I woke up there this morning. He undressed me, put me to bed and I apparently slept it off there” explained while trying to gather her thoughts.

“But you didn’t do anything?” asked and shook her head quietly.

“What’s with the new clothes?” added glancing at again.

“He sent my dress off to wash and had got me these instead, in the right size and all” croaked.

“Wow” murmured.

“Should I be freaking out by that?” shuddered still unable to believe he had brought her new clothes.

“Probably” whispered.

“Good cause I am freaking!” exclaimed as raised an eyebrow at her.

“You where right, he wants to fuck me” blurted out, her grip on her Pepsi bottled tightened.

“But you said you didn’t do anything?!” questioned confused.

“Just before I left we had a ermm..... talk and he basically told me he wants to fuck me, not date me, only fuck me!!” cried out, the mare request still filling her with shock.

“I mean he is bloody hot and I would love to let him fuck me but I would always end up wanting more, so where would that leave me?” shrieked.

“Heartbroken” stated to ’s question, knowing her friend all too well, knew it wouldn’t work, was bound to fall helplessly in love with the guy if they started anything, she just wasn’t cut out for sex without feelings nor attachment.

“Can’t believe he said that though, male pig” grunted, noticing immediately swift her head and gaze at her by her outburst.

“Hot as hell but a male pig. was hot as hell too but also a male pig!!” huffed, still feeling the raw sting from waking up alone.

“What happened?” spoke, the hurt in ’s eyes not going unnoticed by .

“Well we did have mind blowing sex in my bed, but when I woke up he was gone” muttered.

“Arse!” grunted.

“Male pigs only want one thing!” hissed under her breath.

“New strategy, drooling over hot men is allowed, but no sex unless they are men enough to want more” snarled.

“Agreed.... yet good luck with that seeing at work more or less every day” , smiled slyly, as grimaced back at her, knowing all too well, will power was needed.


Sunday afternoon lay slumped into the soft sofa in their living room having a series marathon, while was in the bathroom lighting up pink candles all the way around the surface of the bathtub. Linda then padded over to the light switch and turned off the light in the bath room, making the room only lit by the candles, setting up a glowing relaxing atmosphere. With a smile carefully sank her body into the warm scented water, and let a sigh of contentment leave her lips. Resting her head back against the edge of the bathtub closed her eyes and quickly felt her mind drifting....

Leaning back against his broad frame the water in the bathtub sloshed a little while his two arms came round her body at the same time and grasped her full breasts in his strong hands, squeezing her breasts before tweaking her nipples between his fingers, immediately making them stand erect.

“Oh you like that?” He growled at hearing a content moan from for his action.

“I can do better than that!” He breathed hoarsely letting his left hand trail down the front of ’s body and under the water until his hand reached her aching pussy.

“mmm I love how horny and ready your pussy always are for me” He groaned while he pushed a finger all the way into ’s tight slippery pussy hole, the action making ’s back shudder against his chest.

“More!” pleaded, feeling her body on fire at the sensations shouting through her body.

“Tell me what you want!” He demanded towards ’s ear before nibbling her earlobe between his teethes.

“One more finger in my pussy....please...” croaked as he immediately added a second finger, and put up a fast steady rhythm pushing two fingers in and out of her slippery hole, all the while his thumb repeatedly flickered forcefully against her clit. The demanding force of his action quickly pressed an orgasm to shoot through ’s body, and just as a deep moan slipped through ’s lips, her eyelids sprang wide open. Her heart pounding heavily while she shot glances round the once more empty bathroom, making it clear to her she was alone. The mare realization that she had just imagined had made her cum, and it had been her own hands doing the work she had imagined ’s doing, immediately made remove her fingers from her pussy, just as her other hand flickered her nipple one last time and came to a standstill at her breast for a second before her hand fell into the water in the bathtub. cursed her herself for fantasying about sexually, he was her boss, she couldn’t be thinking dirty thoughts about him, even if he had requested to fuck her. No she had to be strong, she couldn’t give in to her apparently animal desires for when all he wanted was to fuck her, she wanted more, and she deserved more than just being his fuck bunny. The last two words made roll her eyes at herself as she tried to gather her thoughts and emotions, she simply just had to get a grip. Grabbing her shower gel set of to wash her body while she tried to force her thoughts to straighten out. Yet as twenty minutes later had pulled the plug in the bathtub, blown out the candles and pulled on her lilac pyjamas pants and her white tank top, the incident still affected her. Leaving the bathroom padded into the living room finding still absorbed by her series marathon, but still walked up to her friend and stood tripping on her feet making eventually gaze at her.

“I just imagined fingered my pussy in the bathtub” blurted out, and at once felt her cheeks burn red with embarrassment.

“WHAT?!” shrieked sitting up on the sofa abruptly.

“Apparently my body is defying my mind that’s set on not giving into his filthy request” rambled and slumped into the now free space on the sofa.

“I wouldn’t worry about that” finally sighed after a moment of silence and saw quickly swift her gaze on her again.

“While you were in the bathroom, I kind a fell into a slumber and dreamt had joined me on the sofa and was just about to push his huge dick inside me, when I abruptly woke up by the mare thought I guess” simplified with an even deeper sigh.

“God what is wrong with us?” muttered sinking even deeper into the sofa.

“We just want the hottest men on the planet” smirked as gave her a sly smile in response.

Chapter 12

“Get your arse out of bed ! It’s the third time I’m in here!!” ordered as she strode into ’s bedroom.

“I’m sick!!” groaned deeply while grabbing her pillow and hid her face behind it as she lay in bed under her soft purple duvet.

“Yeah I guess that would be Monday sickness because you can’t face your arse sexy boss, but you listen to me . You and I, we are grown up classy women that doesn’t bow for no man, not even the likes of ! SO GET UP!!!!” commanded not taking any excuses.

“FINE!! Fine....!” muttered frustrated, moving the pillow from her face in a manner of despair. Seeing the nervy expression within ’s eyes softened a little.

“Take a shower and get some breakfast and you’ll feel better hun.” smiled finally seeing sit up in bed. Nodding slowly saw leave once more and with a deep sigh tossed her duvet aside, dreading her day at work more than ever, not knowing how she could face after he had made his crude request. forced herself to get off the bed and grabbed some clothes, taking them with her into the bathroom to take a shower.

When stepped into the kitchen after her shower she felt freshened up but the nerves in the pit of her stomach still felt unnerving. glanced towards the kitchen island seeing sat there on a high chair with a bowl of yoghurt, spoon in one hand while with the other hand were flipping through pages in the newest Vogue magazine. Walking over to the fridge took out a bottle of milk, then fetched a glass which she placed on the table. Just then she heard her phone beep indicating her had received a text, absentminded pressed the read button while she started to pour milk into her glass. Glancing at her phone, everything around her seemed to disappear as the words of the message couth her off guard and her heart leaped into her throat “Morning Kitten, have you have thought about my proposal? And of all the dirty filthy things my dick could do to you?” The words making gasp in shock and her mouth suddenly feeling very dry.

, what the hell are you doing?” cried out watching as kept pouring milk into her glass but by now it was sliding over the hem of the glass, onto the table and dripping down onto the floor while seemed to have left the planet earth.

“What...wha?” blurted out tearing her gaze away from her phone as ’s voice cut through to her.

“The milk!!” shrieked.

“FUCK. Oh shit!!!!!” cursed finally realizing she was getting milk everywhere, even soaking into her light blue shirt, making it evident to her that she had to get changed again before leaving for work.

“What’s up with you?” asked as franticly had put her phone down far away from the milk on the table and was now desperately drying up all the milk with a yellow dishcloth.

“I’m errmmmm... nothing...I’m just.....going back to work after this weekend is nerve reeking.” exclaimed deciding against telling about the filthy text she had just received, at least for now.

, you’ll be alright, it’s not like he will grab you and just fuck you over your desk.” said, raising an eyebrow as turned around glancing at with the dishcloth in her hand.

“That was not a hint for you to actually imagine him doing so.” chuckled, knowing that look appearing in ’s eyes all too well.

“I’m not imagining anything!” protested shaking her head, quickly turning around and rinsed the dishcloth under the water tab at the sink.

“Yeah right, as if I believe that.” laughed and got up taking her bowl with her over to the dishwasher.

“I’m really trying not to.” exclaimed looking back at .

“Oh I know but maybe you should go and get changed so he doesn’t see you wet again and put pictures in his head.” said nodding towards ’s now wet light blue shirt while referring to the fact that had picked her up in the soaking rain the other day.

“Right.” mumbled and headed off in the direction of her bedroom.


An hour later was walking into her department of 5 Th. Ave Advertising while feeling her nerves getting worse by each second, dreading seeing everywhere, not knowing how to act when she would, but for now she had every intention to avoid him for as long as humanly possible. Glancing around franticly finally breathed a sigh of relief as she now reached Robin in her department and had made it that far without seeing anywhere.

“Good morning , had a pleasant weekend?” Robin spoke with a wide smile when she saw .

“Morning Robin, yeah it was…. Eventful.” smiled just catching Robin throwing her a curious smile as she made her way further down the floor to her cubical. Taking off her black suit jacket put it over the back of her chair, leaving her in her white tight fitted shirt that fit perfectly with her black skirt then went just above her knees. gazed at her desk and noticed a pill of files that most had put there before she came, but feeling unable to focus on them before she had got some coffee, headed off in the direction of the canteen. Standing in the canteen now with a cup of black coffee in her hand, glanced around for the hundred time since she entered the building, still not seeing the likes of , took a sip of her coffee, feeling the calming effect as it slid down her throat. badly needed the coffee to keep her awake, she hadn’t slept well during the night, feeling all too anxious about going back to work, and had therefore tossed and turned all night in bed, and only managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep. After another sip slowly started to walk back down to her cubical, taking her coffee with her, all the while she couldn’t stop gazing around at the people she passed. Reaching her desk sat down with a sigh thinking so far so good. Putting down her cup on the desk turned on her computer and took hold of a file, and flickered through until her computer indicated it was ready for action. Putting the file back down on the desk logged onto her mail instead, feeling her heart immediately pound faster as she saw ’s name in her inbox, almost screaming up at her to click on his name. With every nerve in her fingertips clicked on the mail…



Subject: Hot Kitten

Date: May 6 2013 9:02


God you look hot today, just want to rip that tight fitted white shirt of you so I can bite into your nipples.

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising


’s eyes widen as the wicked words sprang into her eyesight, immediately setting her body on fire and franticly glanced around her surroundings in search of , but she couldn’t see him anywhere. tried desperately to calm down the beating of her heart now knowing he had seen her, somewhere in the building without her seeing him, and it left her feeling even more anxious.



Subject: You’re Manners!

Date: May 6 2013 9:23


Dear Sir. How do you know what I’m wearing when I haven’t seen you? That’s creepy!

Assistant to , 5 Th. Ave Advertising


With a beating a heart starred stunned at the screen after replying to his mail, just as a short moment later she saw a new mail from appeared.



Subject: Not creepy

Date: May 6 2013 9:25


If you want to see me, just come to my office, the door is always open for you… Kitten. It’s not creepy, as the CEO I watch over my employees

You still haven’t replied to my text this morning!

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising



Subject: CEO Duties

Date: May 6 2013 9:31


Sir, I’m glad to hear your taking your duties as CEO seriously, but that doesn’t imply ogling my breasts in my shirt!!!!

My mind hasn’t changed about your proposal.

Assistant to , 5 Th. Ave Advertising


As soon as had pressed the send button she felt all blood drain from her face, realizing what she had written, and franticly stared at her screen hoping her mail would pop back to her so she could undo it. “Oh God why did I mention my breasts” cried to herself inside her mind, knowing all too well that she had done it in a desperate attempt to try and make him stop, but as the next mail popped up, knew she had only added to his fire.



Subject: CEO Duties

Date: May 6 2013 9:36


Oh but I take my duties very seriously especially when they comes to you and ogling your perfect full breasts is one of them. I can just tell they would fit flawlessly into my firm hands, can’t wait to squeeze them!

It will change!

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising


all but gaped at the mail from , not believing his forwardness and at the same time she couldn’t help but feel her body shiver at what wanted to do to her.

“Ermm hey morning .” Ethan’s voice suddenly brook through to her, making franticly close down her email, not wanting anyone to know nor see anything mailed her.

“Morning Ethan.” almost stuttered, taking hold of a file just to keep her nervy fingers busy with something, as she tried desperately what she had just been doing before Ethan came over and now stood leaning in over her cubical and gazed at her.

“I just wanted to make sure that we were okay… I mean after Saturday at the club, I’m sorry if I crossed the line.” Ethan said carefully watching her reaction to his words.

“It’s okay, really….Ethan we’re fine.” smiled trying to put her best sincere expression on.

“I’m glad, cause I really like you as my colleague and I’m glad they hired you for the job.” Ethan winked, seeming relieved.

“Me too, but I should really get back to work, has left a pile on my desk this morning.” rolled her eyes with a twinkle in them.

“Yeah he wants’ us to do it all.” Ethan chuckled and me his way back to his own desk. Seeing him out of distance once more, opened up mail again, feeling her heart skip a beat finding another mail from .



Subject: CEO Duties

Date: May 6 2013 9:38


What does Ethan want? Do you want me to put my CEO duties into action and move him away like Saturday, because I will?

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising


Reading his words frowned and quickly glanced around again but was still unable to see him anywhere, it was starting to creep her out, and for a split of a second she wondered if he had attached a secret web camera by her desk. Wanting to figure out just where where typed another reply…



Subject: CEO Duties

Date: May 6 2013 9:46


Just to say sorry about Saturday and no I don’t want you to do that, please don’t Sir. And how did you know Ethan came over to my desk?

Your distracting me, I’m going back to do my job which I was hired for.

Assistant to , 5 Th. Ave Advertising



Subject: CEO Duties

Date: May 6 2013 9:49


I’m working in ’s office right now.

Oh how I wish you would let me distract you in other ways!

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising


Automatically turned her gaze and glanced towards ’s office and that was when she noticed through the glass window to ’s office, he was standing there arms crossed over his chest saying something to . Just as saw shout a glance in her direction move her gaze and logged off her email determined to burry herself into work.


With a deep sigh got up from her chair, tugged on her suit jacket and grabbed her purse glad the work day had finally come to an end and she could escape back home to the safety of her own walls. To court up in getting out as quickly as possible she forgot to look ahead as she walked further through her department floor and in an instance she bumped into a broad muscular frame which immediately made her heart beat quicken as she looked up and gazed into a pair of intense eyes.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry Sir, I didn’t see where I was going. I’m so sorry.” rambled as she tried to straighten herself up and watched a wickedly twinkle appear in his eyes.

“It’s alright Kitten, me and my dick are hard to miss.” whispered by ’s ear making a shudder rush through her, and her cheeks blush heavily when he locked eyes with her again. couldn’t help but to bite her lower lip as it seemed ’s eyes turned darker when he gazed at her features.

“So what are you doing tonight?” asked devilish while they both didn’t even notice the department emptied of everyone else, fleeting to get home.

“I’m going home to B.O.B!” stated noticing a heated possessive expression wash over .

“Who is B.O.B?” almost snarled.

“I thought you as a CEO who prey on women for sex would know what B.O.B is!!” smirked unsure of where she got the sudden courage to speak like that but seeing the heat in ’s eyes suddenly increase soon made her bravery fade.

“B.O.B is your vibrator.” elaborated, glancing around seeing everyone else gone leaned in closer to .

“What kind of vibrator is he?” enquired, his tongue licking a trail over his tempting lips.

“I’m I…. Sir whatever do you mean?” stuttered looking down into the floor, feeling her cheeks blush red again.

“Well is he a dildo, a bullet or something third? Does he get to get inside your tight little pussy?” almost groaned only an inch from ’s face.

“Please Mr. , stop!” pleaded still not daring to look up at him.

, look at me!!” demanded, his tone insistent making dare to do nothing else but to obey and look up into his intense eyes.

“You’ve said no to letting me fuck you, fine….for now….but at least give me this, what is he?” growled, his voice dangerously low while he kept ’s gaze locked to his.

“His a Rampant Rabbit.” murmured in a whisper while she instinctively tightened her grip on her purse.

“A dildo?!” croaked watching as shyly nodded.

“So he get’s inside your tight little wet pussy.” swallowed by the mare thought. “Yes.” ’s voice sounded barely audible.

“God you’re making me fucking jealous of a toy.” exclaimed, while taking a step away from shaking his head, as if trying to straighten himself out.

, why would you rather use him, when you can have my hard massive dick?” almost swore under his breath.

“Because he gives me what I ask for, I don’t have to share him, his all mine, and he won’t break my heart with wanting someone else.” explained quietly watching take in her words and sigh heavily.

“My dick would be yours!” muttered.

“I want more . I want more than filthy sex a night or two.” heaved a sigh noticing raise an eyebrow hearing her calling him , but didn’t respond to it. “Who said it would only be for two nights?” challenged her.

“Sir. I’m going home now, please let me pass.” spoke changing the subject, wanting to get home and away from the heated stare in his eyes.

“Have a good night Miss. .” simply replied and stepped aside, letting walked passed him. All the way out from the department floor could feel his stare following her, making her heart pound heavier until she finally stepped into the elevator, and let out a deep breath.


As the evening had crept upon them padded into ’s bedroom finding her flat on her back on her bed with her phone in hand checking out various gossips on Twitter.

“Why are Mondays always so harsh to get through?” grumbled while letting herself slump into ’s white soft chair standing by the window.

“It’s their curse!” smiled over at her friend looking away from her phone for a moment.

“I bet.” sighed and glanced round ’s room, her gaze stopping as it landed on the heels had worn at their night out in the club, standing on the floor by the edge of her bed.

“So are you hoping to stumble over on Twitter?” smiled tiredly towards changing the subject of the hardness of Mondays.

“I wish but since I don’t know his last name, I guess that would be pretty tricky.” smirked, just as ’s own phone made a sound in the grasp of ’s hand.

“Point well made.” mumbled while she turned her phoned around and glanced at the incoming message, immediately feeling a shiver run down her spine at seeing ’s name on her display. Sending a glance in ’s direction, saw ’s attention was back on her Twitter, so pushed the read button while holding her breath for what was to come. “Just wondering if Bob was any good? I would have been better” read and felt the mare words challenging her, almost able to see the smirk on ’s face when he had written the message. Slowly wondered about wording her reply before typing “Evening Mr. . He was good thank you Sir and goodnight, sleep well.

, what are you doing?” suddenly spoke, glancing at noticing her cheeks was a little flushed after reading something on her phone.

“Ohhh nothing, really just replying to a message.” tried to cover up, quickly putting her phone away into her pocket, not feeling ready to tell that had been pretty frank with her all day.

“Hmmm I’m not convinced, but I know you’ll slip and tell me soon enough.” smirked at her friend before setting the alarm on her phone and putting it onto her nightstand and crawling under her big heavy duvet.

“I always slip. murmured and slowly got up from the chair.

“and it’s funny.” chuckled.

“Hm..! I’m going to bed as well, night night hun.” spoke as she reached the door way.

“Night night, sweet dreams.” said tiredly before left the room and headed off to her own bed. Monday had come to an end.

Chapter 13

sighed to herself, she had somehow made it to Wednesday and was now clutching an important file in her hands, at least that’s what had pointed out strictly to her, and to deliver it to at once. The tone had held in his voice, now made glance down at the file with the bold letters stamped across the front of it ”IMPORTANT” it said, it made wonder about what it actually where just as she reached ’s secretary.

“Miss !” Teresa the blonde bombshell that was ’s secretary acknowledged her.

“Hey, I’m delivering these from Mr. .” spoke trying to sound business like while hinting to the file.

“Mr. is not here right now, but just go straight through to his office and put them on his desk.” Teresa replied staring at , her words taking off guard not having thought in a million years Teresa would just let her go through just like that without being in his office.

“Oh, right, thank you.” smile politely and did her best not looking affected at the thought of heading into ’s office, while unsure if she was relieved he wasn’t there or not. Entering his office sure enough found it empty and felt herself let out a breath of relief making her aware that she actually was somewhat relived he wasn’t there in all his oozing of radiant hot filthy sex appeal that had her weak at the knees. Fixing her stare on his broad desk stepped towards it and leaned in over his desk, placing the important file on the other side of it, but suddenly just as she was about to let her grip on the file slip from her hand, she felt a broad hard muscular body push into hers from behind, immediately making the small hairs on her neck stand up and her body burn from the contact. didn’t even have to turn to know who it was, the frame of his body and his intoxicating scent gave him away. Feeling his face nuzzle into her blonde hair while his firm hands gripped a tight hold on either side of her hips, breathed in as she rose her body back up, making her stand with her back flush against ’s with her pulse beating rapidly.

“Sir, I just came to deliver an important file.” pipped trying desperately to control her breathing that started to get ragged.

“mmmm.” grumbled in reply, as his hands slid over the front of her body, reaching her full breasts, tanking his chance cupped them in his large hands, squeezing them through the material of her blouse, hearing a low moan escape ’s mouth unwillingly as he let his thumbs push and flicker over her nipples. felt herself loosing every sane train of thoughts by each second as groaned in her ear before he gently bit her earlobe, while his firm hands squeezed her breasts a little harder.

“Sir...Mr... ...” stuttered feeling her body on fire, her words a plead for him to stop but only seemed to turn him further on.

“Feel that...feel how massive huge your making my dick!!” growled against ’s throat lavishing his lips onto her skin while he pushed his growing erection in his black suit pants into her lower back, making bite her lower lip in a desperate manner to stop a whimper from leaving her mouth.

“I could so easily slam my dick into your tight little curt and roughly fuck you over my desk!!” groaned as his words suddenly ranged through ’s dizzy mind, sounding so familiar to ’s just a few days ago, reminding of reality of the situation, reminding her that all he wanted was her body, all he wanted was to fuck her.

“Sir. Get of me...Please if you would be so kind!” cried out and pushed him, making him growl in frustration but doing as told and took a step back. Silence crept upon them as turned around and they for the first time since they both had entered the office locked eyes, both supporting a ragged breathing from the close contact. After a moment felt her entire body shudder noticing ’s dark hungry eyes swift from hers and lingered on her breasts where his hands had been just a moment ago.

“I knew your breasts would fit perfectly into the palm of my hands.” muttered as his eyes lifted back to ’s, his eyes narrowing, like he tried to read her mind.

“Mr you have to stop this.” voice pinched and she crossed her arms in front of her chest, just to see a sly smile form on ’s mouth at her action.

“Why?” He simply questioned with a devilish twinkle in the depth of his eyes.

“Because I don’t want this, you are just a sex machine.” smirked, for a second thinking her reply was a good one.

“Oh baby!!” laughed, amusement in his eyes, making feel anxious again.

“You are just smirking because you think you know, but I’m laughing because you have no idea.” added with a chuckle watching ’s hands move and rest on her hips instead, glaring at him.

“God you are such a sex flirt!” blurted out before she could stop herself, immediately feeling her cheeks flush at what she had just called her boss but he just grinned back at her.

“I may be a sex flirt but I don’t do anything the woman doesn’t want to. Blindfold and handcuffs are by requests only...well consensual at least.” teased, crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest, making his upper arms flex at his action and instinctively biting her lip.

“Well I’m.....” sighed having no idea what to say to his filthy admission.

“Trust me, you would love it, Oh what I couldn’t do to you...Kitten!” breathed, letting the last word linger on his tongue, making a shiver rush down ’s spin.

“Sir. I’m going down to work.” murmured changing the subject, turning around walking towards the door, ready to escape the dangerous force her body seemed to feel towards his. Feeling his burning stare follow her movements left his office.


Sitting back at her desk took a deep intake of breath trying to clam herself down after her close contact with , while she cursed her body for melting like putty in the palms of his hands and setting her body on fire by the mare intense look within his eyes. Closing her eyes for a second willed herself to get a grip and concentrate on her task at hand, doing her job until she was off for the day. It worked all but ten minutes until logged onto her mail account and immediately saw ’s name almost flash at her between working mails from . Still feeling the incident in ’s office clouding her judgement clicked onto the mail...



Subject: Trapped

Date: May 8 2013 03:03


Oh Mrs. feeling your body trapped against mine was exhilarating. I felt the fire burn from your skin, why not just give in? I can feel how much you want me!

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising


Reading his words, ’s pulse immediately quicken while her mind went a thousand miles an hour, trying to come up with a descent reply and at the same time to think straight, which seemed to get harder and harder the more pushed her to the limit. *


Subject: Behave!

Date: May 6 2013 03:12


I won’t give in, you are still my Boss and I still want more!

Assistant to , 5 Th. Ave Advertising


Pushing the send button, breathed in as she reached her hand over to pick up a pen and her arm accidently brushed her breast and her mind immediately rushed to a moment ago where it had been ’s hand that touched her. The mare memory made ’s spine shiver just as her mail pinged....



Subject: Boss

Date: May 8 2013 03:16


Oh you have no idea how much I would like to Boss you in other areas. Tonight if you happen to dream about me, keep in mind that I like it rough!

CEO, 5 Th. Ave Advertising


“ARGH!” uttered in despair at ’s constant sexual hints and downright utter forwardness.

?” Ethan questioned with a raised eyebrow peeping over his cubical at her, obviously noticing her outburst.

“Nothing I...Nothing Ethan.” sighed not wanting Ethan anywhere near knowing the reason to her outburst of which she wished she could have hold back.

“If you’re sure?!” Ethan replied uncertainly.

“I’m sure, sorry just pushed the wrong buttons, I’ll fix it, no worries.” muttered watching as Ethan settled with her answer even if he didn’t believe her. Looking back on her screen frustrated logged out of her email account and shut the window down, determined to block out of her mind while she finished up work for the day, not wanting him to get in between her doing her job anymore than he already did.


Still feeling absolutely frustrated in every bit of her body as she walked into her home after work, strode into the living room, tossing her bag onto the floor and glanced over seeing completely relaxed in their soft chair, book in one hand and a glass of white wine in the other. Not saying a word knew frowned at her as she grabbed the glass out of ’s hand and drown it in one go, and grimaced as the liquor slid down her throat.

“Right, just help yourself.” frowned as took the wine bottle from the coffee table, refilled the glass and gave the glass back to .

“THAT BLOODY MAN!!!!” cried out ignoring ’s remark and started pacing in front of Henry.

“What’s up?” questioned but got cut off.

“Nothing, enjoy yourself and I’ll make dinner.” muttered leaving the room and a stunned behind who decided to let it go, at least for now, until hopefully had calmed down.


Sitting by the kitchen table glanced over at who sat quietly poking at the food on her plate with her fork.

“Aren’t you hungry?” asked before taking a bite of her salad.

“Can’t eat.” muttered in a deep sigh.

, what’s wrong?” said concerned not having forgotten ’s entrance yet.

“Nothing.” just mumbled.

“Bullshit!!” Something is wrong, just tell me so I can help you. responded, finally seeing gaze back at her.

, his in my face all the time. He keeps hitting on me, sending me crude texts and then today he.... in his office he.....he pushed his hot body against mine, cupped breasts in his hands, telling me they fit perfectly in his hands and that...... ARHG.... I just...It gets to me, he gets to me!!” exclaimed pushing her plate away from her, grabbing her glass of water to drown half the glass.

“God , why didn’t you tell me? You haven’t said anything after you got back to work Monday so I thought things were alright.” cried out slightly stunned.

“How could I tell you ? How could I tell you my boss stalks me at work because he just wants to fuck me??!!” spat out and got up from her chair, unable to sit still.

“You know you could sue him for that!” blurted out and saw ’s gaze swung to hers immediately.

“I DON’T WANT TO SUE HIM!!” exclaimed.

“Alright, alright just calm down.” spoke softly trying to ease ’s obvious tension.

“My mind tells me to hold him at bay, his my boss but my body craves him more and more the more he keeps pushing my buttons.” croaked slumping back down on the chair and hid her face in her hands.

“Well just take it one day at a time. Hold him at bay for now, don’t give in unless he gets serious and actually offers you a date, something more because just letting him fuck you will only lead to something bad. So hold on hun, no matter how damn fine hot he is.” smiled and finally received a sly smile from .

“It’s just so damn hard.” uttered.

“I know it must be, having a sex God all over you.” chuckled winking at trying to win ’s good mood back.

“Mmm it’s good for the eyes though.” smiled shyly picturing in her mind.

“I won’t argue you on that.” giggled just to see roll her eyes at her but a grin tugged at her lips.

Chapter 14

Thursday evening came waving her bare arms in the air as she walked into ’s bedroom glancing at who stood marvelling about which high heels to pick for her late evening out.

“Hard choice?” enquired as her eyes flickered to a little black book lying upon ’s bed beside her phone.

“Yeah, ohhh it could be these simple black high heels…” pondered picking one up and gazed at it.

“All your heels got killer high heels.” stated as she sat down onto ’s bed and casually picked up the little black book.

“Oh I know, they make me look like a hot babe.” grinned, raising an eyebrow finally noticing sat looking at the front cover of her black book.

“Are you still using this for….well you know.” asked looking up at for approval to look inside.

“To keep the guy’s names, phone numbers, rate the date and of cause rate their skill in the sack? Well yes I do.” smirked slipping on the black heels, deciding they where it.

“If I didn’t know you better, that just made you sound like a player” spoke poking her tongue out at her friend.

“To be a player I should date a whole lot more. It’s just for fun, its kind a like my dating dreary.” smiled while gazing at her reflection in the mirror and grabbed her black mascara.

“So who is the flavour of the night and is he in here?” questioned hinting to the book.

“Ohh yeah he is in there, met him a couple of times before” grinned putting the lid back onto her mascara and looked at through the mirror.

“Tonight’s flavour is Olly….Olly Murs!” grinned already dreaming about her night out.

“So is forgotten?” contemplated, unable not to smile as immediately turned to look at her.

“Of cause not but he left and it’s hard to find a man by his first name only in a city like London.” replied.

“Fair point.” agreed, frowning slightly seeing suddenly gaze at her arms.

“Oh , you’re going to have such a beautiful spray tan, giving your body a golden glow, it’s already working.” chimed excitedly, loving giving make over’s.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this, what if it shows that the spray hasn’t spread the tan decently?” worried.

“Oh that won’t happen, it will be fabulous. It’s a drop dead gorgeous tan, just remember to leave the tan on for at least eight hours before showering, so you get the perfect result.” grinned as gazed at her own skin.

“Well it did dry instantly and left my skin silky smooth.” smiled.

“Uh ’s fingers will be itching to touch you tomorrow.” chuckled and picked up her black clutch.

! I was trying to not make him want too” cried out making laugh even more.

“Or we were trying to make him break his stupid idea and date you instead of just….fucking you.” giggled, grabbing her phone, dropping it into her clutch and headed out of the room.

“Very funny .” exclaimed and followed into the hall way.

“Hair extensions, false eyelashes…remember… so don’t get up to late tomorrow, we’ll need time to fix that on you before you leave.” commanded knowing how hard it was for to get up in the morning.

“Yes Mrs.” murmured.

“Where are you going with Olly anyway?” added.

“Out for drinks, won’t be too late....I think!” winked as she slipped on her white trend coat.

“Be safe” shook her head with a laugh as left. *

stood gazing into the full length mirror in her bedroom, looking at her own reflection the next morning, biting her lip felt the nerves rushing thought her.

“You look smashing .” grinned proud of her own handiwork as they both took in the sight off ’s make over. The long hair extensions they had clipped into ’s own hair was framing ’s features stunningly as the golden locks fell about ’s features and shoulders in soft waves. blinked her eyelids gently as she tried to get used the black false eyelashes, that bestowed her with an more intense expression, making the colour of her eyes enchanting.

“You’ll get used the lashed in no time.” encourage, noticing stare at her eyes.

“I love the lashes, they give my eyes intensity” grinned, chuckling slightly at ’s smile that widen at her response.

“I’m more nervous about the dress!” added quietly as she gently stroke her hand down the soft red materiel that flung to her curves tightly, with a deep cut in front, emphasizing her bosom, making it doomed to attract male attention. Looking down gazed at the red dress that stopped right above her knees, making view for her tanned legs, which finished off with her black heels.

“Don’t be nervous. You look fabulous in that dress.” beamed.

“But I will stand too much out among all the classic strong business women in their grey dresses and suits.” pondered, feeling slightly scared of that prospect.

“Even better, it’s great to stand out, getting noticed, besides looking like this, in that dress you’re bound to turn heads and make realize what his missing out on, cutting the dating out of the vision” spoke locking eyes with as she turned away from the mirror and took a deep breath.

“By the way, if anyone asks, you got the dress from Vogue Heaven.” winked.

“I can’t believe you borrowed this dress for me” said astounded.

“Believe it. It’s all assets to being my roommate.” smirked with a giggle.

“Well is does look amazing, can’t believe this is me.” finally beamed sneaking another look into the mirror at her appearance.

“Well it is, and you should get that booty of yours off for work now, I’ll give you a ride in my Panda” chuckled mentioning her car.

“Right, oh by the way how did your date with Olly go? Did he get plus points in your little black book last night?” giggled as they made their way into their hall way.

“You bet….he got an A.” grinned.

“Just out of curiosity what did score in that book?” asked glancing at taking hold of the door handle.

“A++” smiled, her eyes filled with sassy mischievous making chuckle as they headed off to slide into the Panda.

* Making her way through the building at work, felt like all eyes was on her as she finally reached Robin at the reception of their department.

“Wow, you got a hot date after work I don’t know about” Robin exclaimed stunned as soon as she noticed .

“No, my roommate is a fashion queen, and wanted to try this new look out on me” chuckled at the bemused expression on Robin’s face.

“Well you look stunning” Robin stated, almost like she was in awe.

“Thank you. Better head off and do some work” smiled and started walking passed Robin.

“Yeah, shake that booty while walking” Robin sniggered making twirl and smirk at her before continuing her walk towards her cubical. Just as reached her desk had entered the department as well and now stood only a few feet away from her.

“Morning....” trailed off, taking a double take of ’s new appearance, his gaze travelling over her body before with a shake of his head locked eyes with her “....Miss smirked finishing his earlier sentence and with a leer headed off for his office.

“Wow you got the men drooling this morning” Ethan winked as narrowed her eyes in surprise of the new sensation of what she hoped was approving glances her way.

“Yeah, even you?” laughed it off but soon felt her grin fading at the serious expression on Ethan’s face.

“Yes even me” Ethan spoke, his features the expression of frank honesty making slight speechless until a little cheeky smile appeared on his lips.

“Oh stop it and get working” exclaimed shaking her head at Ethan as she slipped into the chair by her desk and picked up her smartphone to text “Jeez , You won’t believe the stares I get, even from my boss, are you sure I should look like this at work?” typed as she clearly could imagine laugh at the message when reading it.


couldn’t help but chuckle to herself as she walked towards the elevator on the top floor after lunch in the canteen, men who never before had greeted her and tried on small talk had tried doing just that since she came in this morning. With a smile reached the elevator but just as she stood waiting for it, she felt him nearing, the all too familiar alluring scent that was came up to her.

“Miss. you look radiant today.” spoke, his gaze travelling dangerously over ’s body before staring ahead.

“Thank you Sir.” replied, her voice wavering lightly at the tension that seemed to envelop them while they stepped into the elevator and watched the doors close before anyone else could join them. breathed in, glancing to her side, taking in the overwhelming sizzling hot view of standing beside her in his dark blue suit, legs slightly spread and hands fisting by each side of his body as he seemed to suck in a breath. In an instance before could even register what had happened had reached out and slammed the stop button in the lift and flung her back against the wall, pushing his hard body against hers, making her whimper, as she felt ’s left hand lift her left leg up to rest around his waist. ’s intense eyes was burning into hers, while his left hand pushed her red dress up slightly, his strong hands making the skin on ’s thigh burn under his touch.

”What happened?” growled, his voice smouldering, making wobble under his pressure.

“What do you mean Sir?” stuttered, all control leaving her voice.

“Why are you teasing me so, turning up looking like the sexy Kitten I know you are? How am I supposed to control myself when you’re looking like that?” snarled just as his right hand tugged harshly into ’s long hair and pulled her head back roughly, making her whimper at the action and her head hitting the wall behind her.

wanted me to try it, being the fashion lover she is” ’s ragged breath sounded.

“Why?” muttered leaning in letting his tongue licking a trail over her throat, making shudder in his arms as ’s left hand dug firmer into the skin on her thigh.

“To turn a man” mumbled, feeling completely out of her depth.

“You can’t get anyone better than me. One night with me and you won’t want anyone else” groaned pushing the bugle in his tight pants harshly up against ’s lower stomach making a moan escape her lips before she could stop it.

“Please Sir.” whimpered closing her eyes as ’s teeth bite gently on her earlobe.

“Yes Kitten? One word and I’ll fuck you right here, right now, slamming my huge dick roughly into your slippery little cunt!!” groaned into ’s ear, while his left hand slid further up her thigh.

, Stop, you can’t” protested, trying to free her left leg from his grasp but only resulted in holding her tighter and pinning her completely up against the wall, not an inch of space between them.

“Ohh but I could Kitten and you would scream for more, scream for me to slam deeper inside you” groaned moving his face and locking eyes with ’s orbs, her breath leaping to her throat at the dark lust in the depth of his eyes.

“Feel it, feel how hard my massive dick is for you. Are you really willing to miss out on what I could do to you?” groaned ignoring ’s plead for him to let go and instead leaned in nibbling ’s lower lip with his, making her lightheaded and wishing ’s tongue would slip into her mouth and clash with her tongue. Almost like could hear her thoughts he let go of her and stepped back, staring at her with a devilish smile leaving her breathless and aching with need.

“One word” smirked letting his tongue slide over his lower lip seductively.

“Not fair” blurted out, holding a hand over her heart trying to slow the beating down.

“Oh but Kitten, just say the word” spoke raising an eyebrow and held his left over the stop button on the lift, waiting for ’s response, her gaze flickering from his hand to his gaze.

“I can’t” whispered trying her hardest to resist even though her body was now aching with need for ’s touch. Nodding pushed the button in and straightened himself and faced the elevator doors. Less confident straightened out her dress just in time to hear the doors pinged open.

“Later....Kitten” breathed and tugged his fingers into her hair.

“I like your hair this long, its erotic having it stroking my body during fucking.” sneered and let her hair slip through his fingers as gasped and turned to stare at him when she had stepped outside the elevator and saw the doors close with inside, giving her a last smirk before continuing his was down to the lobby.


Glad to finally be home after a long day of work, closed the front door and walked into the flat, she was just about to walk passed the closed bathroom door and further on towards her own bedroom when a cry made her froze and stop right on her tracks. Hearing call ’s name out in ecstasy, ’s eyes widen and her mind went an million times an hour with one thought sticking out between the rest “was just having sex with in their bathroom?” The mare thought had completely stuck on the spot in awe for ten minutes, when the door suddenly sprang open and walked out wrapped up in a big green towel, and just then ’s eyes flickered to ’s right hand seeing her fingers clasped round B.O.B.

“OH MY GOD!!” spluttered in giggles, finally letting the bag in her hand fall to the floor as she hugged her stomach in fits of laughter.

! What the Fuck?!” blurted out, starring at wide eyed as fell apart in giggles in front of her.

“Sor...... Sorry...” chuckled seemingly unable to stop her laughter.

“I didn’t hear you come home” said quietly not really getting the drift of ’s hysterical amusement.

“No obviously” giggled and tried to stand up straight and suppress another laugh that fell from her mouth.

, what the fuck is so funny?” exclaimed getting anxious.

cried out, imitating ’s cry from a moment ago in the bathroom.

“Oh my God!” whispered, her cheeks turning bright red as realisation hit her with full force.

“You heard me?!” uttered, feeling utterly ashamed she looked down into the floor.

“Ohhh yes I heard you, you were quit vocally” chuckled.

“Oh God” shrieked covering her face with her left hand.

“For a moment I thought you had caved in and were having sex with admitted finally finding some control of her laughter.

“Ermmmm no.....I was errmmm pretending this was ’s....” mumbled embarrassed and waved a little with her rampant rabbit in her hand by her right side.

“Yeah I get that now, I guess it was good for you then?” giggled.

“Well this whole new look you got me, made trap me in the elevator and pinning me against the wall, pushing himself hard up against me, so I could feel how hard he was.” cried out.

“Oh my Goodness” uttered.

“And well he got me all worked up and needy. I had to do something” blurted out, remembering the frustration cruising through her body when she finally had returned home.

“Hope it helped then?” raised a bemused eyebrow.

“Well yes... and now I’m going to go and find some clothes.” sighed turning around to walk towards her bed room.

“Oh ...” grinned and saw stop and glance back at her “Yeah?”

“Maybe you should change B.O.B’s name to erupted in giggles.

“Mind you if I do” murmured shaking her head and left in fits of giggles once more.


Pulling on a white tank top and pyjamas pants collapsed on top of her bed sheets with one long big sigh, still feeling slightly embarrassed had heard her when ’s name had fallen over her lips, as her rampant rabbit and the image of had made her come.

“Jeeeezzz” uttered in an ashamed groan, rolling over on her side and grabbing her phone from the nightstand. Not thinking about what she was doing, texted ..

“What on earth are you doing to me Mr. ?” wrote and covered her face with her left hand trying to block out the world, while she cursed her own body for craving more and more each day. Hearing her phone making a sound, glanced at her phone, seeing one simple word as reply from “What?”

“I just imagined you where B.O.B!” confessed and immediately received an reply.

“Your vibrator?” wrote and could almost picture his eyes turning a darker shade.

“Well yes, that’s what I said” texted back and this time worried her bottom lip as was a little longer to reply this time but as he did, she felt her pulse quicken.

“So you where imagine it was my huge dick slamming in and out of your dripping wet pussy?”

“Errmmmm yes, can’t believe I did that, see what you’re making me do” typed back pushing her senses away telling her this was no way to talk to her boss.

“Ohhh you have no idea how much I would have loved to have seen it, and even more so I would love to slam the real thing into you, one word, one word Kitten!” typed back and could almost feel the lust oozing through from the texts. Closing her eyes remained from replying but almost jumped as a new text showed on her phone. With a beating heart wide eyed glared at the text.

“God my dick is so hard now at the image of you fucking yourself with your play toy while your imagining it’s me, and hopefully my name is falling from your juicy lips in a sweet dirty sound” The words making abruptly toss her phone back onto the nightstand and grab her pillow hiding her face into it, willing her pulse to calm and sleep to take her.

Chapter 15

Trying to push the thought of her texting last night with to the back of her mind, strode into the lobby of 5 Th. Ave Advertising Friday morning feeling confident in her knee length high waist black dress that broke over in a red colour a few inches below her bosom. It had a square neckline, and figure hugging fabric and couldn’t help but smile as she felt a few heads turn on her male colleagues as she strode passed them. She made a mental note to thank later for teaching her some fashion tips and turn her body into something that apparently made heads turn which found rather amusing as she neared the elevator cars.

“Good Morning Miss. ’s voice suddenly sounded from behind her as she stood waiting with a couple of others for the elevators, his voice sending a shudder through her as she turned and gave him a nod.

“Good Morning Sir.” spoke politely putting up the best front as she could, but just as they stepped into the elevator leaned into her “You’re looking very fine this morning” His words making her pulse quicken and her gaze flicker round to the two others stepping into the elevator but they didn’t seem to have noticed as then nodded a polite good morning to them. Standing in the confided space felt her heart beat increase as she felt tension rose between her and but both acting like nothing was happening. Hearing the ping a moment strode out from the tension and into her department floor escaping the heightened atmosphere in the confided space of the elevator, as continued his journey upstairs with the other two.


Standing by her desk stood a bit bended over as she finished a phone call. had just put the phone down as she sensed a buzz in the air while the revolving doors of the department swung open and stood by the reception desk talking to Robin and after a short discussion sent her two photographers ahead while she walked in ’s direction instead. couldn’t help but shake her head with a chuckle seeing how her male colleagues turned their heads gazing at walking confidently passed them in her cream figured hugging knee length dress that enhanced her silhouette perfectly. Walking with poise in her black heels flashed a grin as she reached her.

“I like this place” chuckled quietly to .

“Oh really?” replied with a smile as Ethan came walking back from ’s office and threw an extra glance in surprise at seeing a new face and by the smirk slowly erupting on his lips, he seemed to approve.

“Ohh deffo, at Vogue I don’t get the chance to turn so many heads.” grinned with a smirk and then glanced at Ethan, both nodding politely to each other before Ethan sat down by his desk.

“Who is he?” asked glancing back at .

“That’s Ethan.... Who made a move on me at the club” whispered and ’s eyes widen for a second.

“Eeeeewwww you can do so much better than Ethan” exclaimed in a quiet tone making shake her head at her.

“Like with a little work, your boss.” injected teasing.

“Funny huhh?!” grimaced and pushed a button on her computer setting it on slumber state.

“You’re so funny to tease” beamed.

“Yeah right. So did you send your photographers ahead up to Mr. ? enquired changing the subject.

“Yes they needed to set up their light and I thought I could come and say hey mean while.” replied.

“Well Hi this is my work place.” chuckled bemused hinting at her surroundings.

“Nice.” said as her gaze flickered round the room.

“How about I follow you up to Mr. ’s office?” asked.

“Uh yes please, my personal guide, if you got time? answered with hope.

“I’ll find the time” laughed warmly while they both then strode out of the department.


“You can go in” Teresa smiled graciously while eying and up and down.

“Does she feel threatened?” whispered in sarcasm towards at Teresa’s not so hidden frown.

“Or maybe surprised at how you got this interview and actually can have a photo shot meanwhile as well” explained as they reached ’s office door.

“Right, the scoop!” spoke as opened up the door into ’s wide office. gazed at the photographers muffling around setting up their light while court her sight as he stood up from his desk and came over to greet them.

“Good day Miss. , good to see you again.” spoke shaking her smaller hand in his.

“Good day Sir. Thanks a mill for doing this” replied with a genuine beaming smile before heading over to her photographers leaving and on their own.

“Fabulous to see you as well Miss. winked shaking her hand but lingered for a moment longer, making ’s cheeks blush at his tender grasp of her smaller hand.

“You too Sir. I’ll just leave you too it.” murmured while she pulled her hand back.

“You could stay. I would like you to stay.” urged her, his eyes boring into hers as he stood in front of her.

“I don’t want to be in the way.” said uncertainly.

“You wouldn’t be. Stay?” questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Alright...if your sure.” replied her gaze flickering to the others in the room that didn’t seem to take notice, while Shane closed his office door and then leaned into her ear.

“Why didn’t you just call me to help you out last night?” whispered in a hoarse tone sending a shiver right down ’s spine.

“I couldn’t” muttered just as turned to them and stepped an inch away from .

“Alright we’re set Mr. .” beamed.

“Right, then let’s do this. Oh and Miss. is staying...observing the interview.” slung out while heading back to his desk, settling into his black office chair and settled into a chair opposite his desk.

“Miss. nodded towards the empty chair beside and with a polite smile carefully sat down beside her friend who looked the expression of a woman set and ready to dig into the cookie jar of sear joy of getting this scoop. The next fifteen minutes vanished in a sea of questions from while answered and somehow seemed just as in control of the questions as , like he could direct his answers any way he liked so they always came out in correct manner. It put in awe as she was absolutely sure that if it had been her, she would have been a nervous reek and not seem in control at all and yet here she was acting like she was in control of her feelings towards the man opposite her. Suddenly feeling ’s eyes burn onto her, blinked a few times and was once more fully aware of everyone in the room, all keeping their firm attention on , and right now he was glancing at her, obviously having noticed her attention drift to other thoughts rather than listening to what and said. watched as seemed satisfied to have her full attention as he looked back at who obviously waited for a reply to something.

“Well it’s a rather easy to reply to that question....” trailed off for a second and glanced back at . “I like to be in control. I want control!” replied in a firm tone, his eyes boring into ’s for a few seconds before turning his gaze back at . Mean while had felt her heart skip a beat, there was no chance she could miss what he had really meant, he might as well have said he wanted to be the one in control in the bedroom. Staring at could sense a smirk in ’s eyes as he flickered his gaze to hers for just a second making feeling sure that knew he had taken her of guard, but that she had gotten his hidden message.

“That was the questions, and then if my photographers could take a couple of photos of you sitting by your desk as the CEO in charge it would be great.” smiled making aware that the twenty minutes had promised them for the interview had gone.

“Sure.” simply replied and immediately posed for the photos, his strong broad frame taking ’s breath away as she stepped away from the desk with to give the photographers the perfect setting with only in the picture.

“This is simply absolutely amazing” beamed in a whisper to as they watched the final photos being done.

“He is amazing” breathed barely audible yet loud enough for only to hear, who just grinned back at her in response. A short moment later one of the photographers signed to that they were done, and they started to collect their gear. Getting up from his chair walked over to the two women.

“Once again, thank you so much Sir. I’ll make sure you get a copy of the issue as the first one.” smiled overjoyed.

“It was my pleasure and I’m sure Miss. can see you back out” spoke with his business smile and raising a questioned eyebrow to .

“Yes of cause Sir.” answered quickly.

“Good. Have a great day” greeted as a farewell, shaking ’s hand by the door and gave a cheeky smirk when they others didn’t look. Leaving ’s office, couldn’t help but smile to herself as she listened to the excited small talk between and the two Vogue photographers as they made their way down into the lobby. Once more sent them ahead and grinned at as they stood alone in the grand lobby.

“God, that was amazing, I got a scoop every other magazine is sulking for, I feel like a Vogue queen now.” beamed at .

“Well I’m glad my contact helped you through.” laughed warmly, feeling ’s good mood rubbing off on her.

“Hot contact babe” chuckled obviously feeling on top of the world.

“Very....very!! Now go off, stuff it in the hawks face” joked making ’s grin widen even more.

“Fab idea. See you tonight hun” smiled giving a hug.

“Yes, later queen bee” winked at her friend with a giggle and watched strode through the lobby, heading back to Vogue.


hadn’t been back at her desk for more than fifteen minutes when her office phone rang; by now used to picking up the phone didn’t think anything off it as she picked it up...

“5 Th. Ave Advertising, this is speaking.” ruffled off in a cherry voice while staring at her computer screen.

“I wish it had been a photo shoot with you. Then I would have ripped your clothes off and would now have been able to stare at you alone in my office.” growled into the line, his voice thick with tension sending vibes through ’s body, making her swallow as she desperately tried to steady her voice, to make it sound professional, not wanting her colleagues taking notice.

“Excuse me Sir?” stuttered, glancing franticly round her surroundings, relieved to see no one looking at her.

“You heard me Kitten” stated in a rasp tone.

“I promise you, the shoot that was done, were more than perfect” murmured, feeling trapped not able to say anything out of line in her position.

“Perfect maybe, but it could have been better, it could have been incredible. It should had been about you, mmmm think about it Miss , that way I would have been able to look at you when I’m home. I could then look at you while I play….” trailed off in a groan.

“Please Sir. Stop” gasped in a whisper.

“Ohh…why? Is it only you whom are allowed to play with your toy while thinking about me? Still think you should have called me last night. I would gladly have helped you out.” smirked knowing exactly what his constant teasing did to her.

“It would have been unprofessional.” uttered glancing towards Ethan’s boot watching him on the phone as well.

“I don’t care. “ responded as a matter of fact.

“I’m the boss, my rules.” added frankly as not to be argued with.

“Yes and I want to keep my job.” said quietly biting her lower lip.

“That’s no excuse, because I can make sure you keep the job. My company, my rules, my decisions.”

“And people always do what you tell them?” frowned.

“Yes, if they want to keep their jobs.” replied.

“Are you saying I have to let you screw me for me to keep my job then?” almost hissed into the phone in one breath while making sure no other than heard her.

“Oh Miss. chuckled bemused as felt her cheeks flush in embarrassment.

“No I’m not saying that. I want you to want me to screw you but it won’t affect your job status in any way. You’ll have your job either way.” assured her with a smile grazing his mouth.

“Ohhh….well good” stuttered.

says you’re good at your job, so there’s no reason for that to change.” spoke remembering ’s praises of his new assistant.

“I am but if we did what you wanted it might end badly….” trailed off, yet with a smile at the thought of being happy with her work.

“And if it ended badly I would get you sacked? Not going to happen, for one because we wouldn’t be dating, so no feelings attached, its pure animal lust.” almost groaned as he said the last few words.

“And I told you I’m not that kind a woman.” insisted just as she saw heading her way.

“Maybe but I don’t back down from the challenge!” said adamant.

“Sir if there wasn’t anything else I have to go. has work for me.” ended their discussion.

“I bet he has!” muttered leaving ’s head spinning with thoughts as to what he meant by that.

“Go work kitten” added after a split of a second.

“Yes Sir.” uttered just before hanged up, leaving to gather her trailing thoughts in a split of a second as reached her.


ARE YOU HOME??” called out as she walked in through their front door after a finished work day.

“YEEAAHHHHH AND ITS WEEKEND!!!” squealed dancing around the kitchen island when laughing walked in to greet her happy friend.

“You seem in a joyful mood” chuckled as she let her bag drop onto a chair.

“Oh yes, you’ve no idea how much respect I get at the office for the scoop and even the hawk was very impressed even though she really tried to hide it” beamed.

“Well I’m really happy for you, so to celebrate, I brought home this sparkling bubbly white wine” smiled and held up the bottle.

“UH best idea you’ve had today!” exclaimed as she dashed off to find two glasses.

“Hey you don’t know that, I’ve might have come up with other brilliant ideas during the day” pouted while returned placing the glasses on the kitchen island.

“Well did you?” asked.

“ Ermmm no…. but I could have” muttered making laugh.

“Anyway gossip, any dirt happening in the elevator with your sexy boss today” beamed still flooding on cloud nine of her scoop.

“No, but he did call me as I sat working by my desk” muttered and poured up some wine in the glasses.

“Oh? To tell you how brilliant I am?” grinned making shake her head in a bemused laugh.

“More like to say he wished the photo shoot had been with me, so he could have filthy photos of me to stare at!” groaned annoyed and shrugged.

“I think that could be arranged you know” giggled as immediately glanced back at her and stopped pouring the wine.

, no! Seriously he is way too good at making me crave him, I don’t know how to keep fighting this.” sighed.

“Hmm just take it one day at the time, what happens, happens and you will be alright cause you got me to set your head straight. I’ve proven good at that, remember?!” spoke, seriousness filling her voice as looked back at her.

“I know, but I don’t want to screw London up….like….” trailed off.

“Don’t go there, it wasn’t your fault what happened, the bitch screwed up your head but you’re good now and London is going to be our golden city, it kind a already is” smiled, determination so clear in her voice that it made smile back at her.

“Your right.” replied and handed over the filled glass to .

“I know” smirked and clicked her glass with ’s before they took a sip.

“This is actually good, well chosen .” acknowledged.

“Thank you. By the way change of subject, heard anything from ?” enquired.

“Sadly no, would like to hook up with him on a date, but seems tricky to stubble into someone you’ve got no idea where is.” sighed.

“Good point, shame though cause he seemed like your type.” stated.

“Really was, he could have been my sex God” pouted with a chuckle.

“Hehe maybe you will run into him again, faith” smiled taking another sip of her glass.

“Yeah anyway are you ready for another mind blowing over the top event happening weekend?” grinned over the hem of her sparkling glass making frown.

, what are you up too?” wondered slightly alarmed.

“Nothing” chuckled, her green orbs twinkling back at with a not so hidden smug.

“Don’t you play innocent with me, you’re a right Miss Vixen in disguise are you, so come on spill the beans.” demanded, wanting to know if she should be prepared for something.

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know” giggled and took a sip of her wine.

, you know how is cracking me, and I’m not up for anything over the top wild right now.” warned her friend.

“Ohhh the sex God is cracking up your walls alright but maybe you do need something to distract you this weekend.” winked, as took a large sip of her wine.

Chapter 16

That Saturday sat in silence inside the living room, her mind all over the place as suddenly came into the room determinedly with a blue dress in her hands, holding it up for to look at it.

“My blue dress.” murmured, looking at her sleeveless dress.

“Exactly, Jennifer, my college at work told me there is a speed date taking place tonight at this amazing club called The Mist”. explained.

“No .” sighed already knowing what was going to say.

“Why not? Come on, let’s go out, forget about Mr. hot shot and his appalling request.” urged, waving the dress in front of making her shake her head in a light laugh.

“Alright alright.” giggled at her friend and got up from the sofa, taking the blue dress from .

“And what would you be wearing?” added

“Mmmm my red dress….” thought out loud.

“The killer dress?” blurted out, knowing how turned all men into jelly when they saw her in it.

“Hm, no your right, it’s too much for speed dating. Right it will be my black one and my nude heels.” grinned heading for her bedroom.


Two hours later they found themselves inside a night club, in the VIP section where the speed date was going to take place. and glanced at each other, both slightly uncertain for moment, and yet silently agreeing on making this a fun night, and if they didn’t find their dream guy, at least it would be a funny memory. Smiling back at , walked over towards the black leather sofa and settled into her seat, placing the cards she had received on the table in front of her, each card with a name of the men she was about to met, who would each get five minutes with her, before moving on to the next woman. Glancing at her cards, wondered for a second if she even would be able to write on any of the cards that she would be interested in any of the men, yet shaking her head, decided to have an open mind. Looking over at the bartender watched his hand hid on a bell, indicating the date was now on. smiled as she watched a man with very short red hair settle into the seat in front of her, as he rested his arms on the table staring at her.

“Hey I’m Greg, you sure look pretty, it must be my lucky night.” He winked flashing a wide smile, making wanting to laugh and roll her eyes over towards as they locked eyes for a second, and saw how a baled man with tattoos sat in front on , not being her type at all, making it hard for to look back at the guy interested in what he was saying.

Three men later finally found herself smiling back at guy sat in front of her with a sweet smile. His name was Rob, his hair was black, he had brown eyes and had actually managed to make her laugh sincere at a joke he made.

“You know, I know we are supposed to write on the cards but here take my number in case you forget to write on your card that you are interested.” Rob flirted but as he was about to reach the paper over with his number, felt the tension raise inside her, as someone stepped up behind her, making her bare shoulder feel like it was burning under the touch of his hand coming to rest there.

“Sorry, but she’s taken!” His smouldering voice sounded as he leaned forward, his back pushing against ’s as he snapped the number out of Rob’s hand, who looked rather stunned up at the man claiming to be taken already. could feel the possessive yet gently hold on her shoulder while Rob in front of her nodded to her and then left his place on the chair, bowering for the intense demanding stare from man behind oozing of power and urging Rob to leave just as the bartender hit the bell once more. couldn’t help but frown as the next guy didn’t come up and sat in front of her, but instead felt the strong hand leave her shoulder, as he came around settling into the chair in front of her, holding her gaze, almost like he was demanding her attention and couldn’t stop herself from giving it to him.

“So speed dating, never thought you would be attending that!” His voice came in a hoarse sound as he leaned forward, his arms fisted on the table between them.

“Why not, maybe I think it is fun…” chimed not feeling in control of her own voice at all. Her words making him move and it sent a bolt through as she watched him in a fast move pull his chair out and come over pushing himself down on the leather sofa beside her.

“I’m in the middle of a speed date, you can’t just move in.” uttered, for a second finding her voice and protested.

“Of cause I can and I did.” He replied, staring at her trying to read her mind but finding it hard.

“And why do you think that?” enquired.

“Because I just pulled you out of the game.” He said carelessly while stroking a strand of hair behind her ear, making shiver.

“Why are you here?” whispered her eyes wide at the power he seemed to conduct around him.

“Because you are out patrolling for men” He replied as he let his hand stroke down ’s bare arm, making her skin tingle.

“I am not.” objected.

“You are at a speed date baby.” He spoke and suddenly grabbed her hands and stared into ’s orbs.

“Why….When I am right here, and I want you?!” His voice ragged with lust and command of an answer!

“Because you only want to fuck me, and I want more!!” muttered trying to hold her act together as she watched his eyes flicker in something that to looked like despair.

“How much more?” enquired not letting go of the subject at all even though he could feel get uneasy under his demanding questions.

“More than you’re willing to give.” sighed.

“We’ll see about that. It’s time to discuss what it’s going to take to get you beneath me” murmured edging an inch closer to , feeling her tense up beside him.

“It won’t happen. I want a relationship and you don’t” muttered looking away from over towards and found her frowning towards .

“You want heart, flowers and unicorns.” rolled his eyes cursing himself for desiring a woman who obviously wanted more than he wanted them to share.

“Yes and you don’t so why don’t you just leave and let me get on with my speed date?” asked turning her face glancing back at him.

“Because for some senselessly stupid reason I can’t get you out of my mind, I have to have you. Now I can’t do anything about B.O.B but I can stop you from picking some asshole on a speed date. You want to score , I’m right here.” pleaded, his right hand coming up cupping her cheek, holding her in check, forcing her to look him in the eye.

“I don’t just want to score... as you said I want heart and flowers”. whispered nervously feeling like getting to understand was an long endless long highroad.

“Can’t you just look at it as you using me for sex?” questioned while gently tugging a few stray strands of hair behind ’s ear with his left hand, making her skin tingle at his soft touch.

“Not with you” breathed, feeling her heart skip a beat at the sizzling, predatory glimmer that sparked in his eyes by her admission.

“I need a personal connection with the men I sleep with...” continued trailing off her words, holding her breath as she felt ’s left hand come down and slowly touch the bare skin at the hem of her dress just above her knee.

“Ohh it would be personal Kitten, I would be deep....deep inside you...” murmured husky while his hand slowly slid under ’s dress and achingly slowly his hand burned her warm skin as he stroked her thigh.

“Beside these other men would only break your heart....but me....I would make you explode in pleasure.” almost groaned the words as he stared at biting her lower lip as he felt her cave more and more under his persistence.

“God I want to bite that lip for you” growled, immediately seeing let go of her own lip with a quiet gasp while staring back at him with a mixture of lust and despair, but seeing as she didn’t stop him, continued feeling like his own hand was on fire as he smoothed it up over her inner thigh, until his hand was right next to the target he desired to touch.

“Mr. breathed, her own words failing her as she felt sizzling lightheaded from ’s dangerous touch.

“My” whispered, his lips only an inch from hers as he took the chance, his fingers sneaking into ’s panties reaching their target.

“God your dripping hot.... so tight...” groaned, closing his eyes as he dipped a finger into ’s tight wet hole. Licking his lips opened his dark lust filled orbs staring at , watching as she quivered beside him, biting her lower lip roughly at the feel of his finger moving around dangerously inside her wet pussy.

“Please , say yes. You want it too, you’re not pushing me away because you like this..” breathed and leaned into ’s ear.

“You like feeling my finger deep inside your little tight cunt, and I like it too baby....Say yes, leave with me!” murmured by her ear, hearing ’s breath hiss as he slowly slipped out his finger from her pussy and mesmerised watched slip the finger that had just been inside her pussy into his mouth.

“Sir” moaned quietly, hearing slurp and lick his finger clean of her juices.

“Mmmm my first taste from your delicious wet pussy....I want more!” smirked licking his lips as nervously straightened her dress.

“I can’t believe you just did that” anxiously said glancing around their surroundings making sure no one had taken any notice.

“Don’t worry, I would never let anyone see.” spoke, reading her thoughts.

“Say yes !” urged her seeing breathe in, closing her eyes for a moment, deciding.

couldn’t believe the nerve of but he was right she had liked it and she was turned on beyond belief, and all she wanted at this time was to just let him have his way with her. Gazing back at him, couldn’t hold back anymore...

“Yes” said barely audible but she knew had heard her because his eyes instantly turned a darker shade burning with powerful fire. Without a word grabbed her hand and pulled her from the leather sofa, indicating to that they were leaving right away, making anxiously glancing over towards to catch her attention. When she did two seconds later, she saw pick up her phone and text something, before sending a knowing smirk.

“Come” interrupted , placing his strong hand on her lower back guiding her towards the wardrobe to get her coat. While got his hands on her coat, quickly managed to pull out her phone from her purse to read ’s message “Have fun with the sex God, hope his as good as he claims xx”

“Ready?” asked helping into her coat after she had tugged her phone back into her purse.

“Lead the way.” replied feeling every nerve in her body ending on fire as they left the club.


With every step they neared ’s front door, felt her heart beat quicken, and every nerve ending on anticipation on what was about to happen. The electricity radiating between them was one of fire, making them both breathe a bit heavier as ’s hand suddenly tightened its grip round hers when he pushed his front door open, urging to get inside. Wasting no time, gasped as she barely had stepped over the tress hole before she in a millisecond was pushed back against the door, slamming it closed in the process. immediately saw ’s parted lips as an opportunity and clasped his lips onto hers, darting his famished tongue into her mouth, claiming precession over her body, while he in an expert move had her coat flung to the ground. Having wanted to ravish ’s body ever since he’d laid eyes on her the very first time, took no consideration, all he could think about was fucking her senselessly, and as soon as he tasted ’s mouth, felt her warm tongue collide with his, there was no going back for him, he had to have it all.

....I....” panted as ’s mouth left hers to lavish onto her throat, feeling ’s pulse under his tongue as he licked onto her skin.

“Don’t say anything!” ordered cupping both of his strong hands around her face and under her jaw bringing his lips firmly and in control to crash down onto ’s once more in a heated passion. Letting his skilled left hand slide to her ass, squeezed it tightly, followed by a groan that sent shivers flying into every corner of ’s body, as her hands tugged firmly into his brown stands. Feeling ’s hands gripping both sides of her face as his tongue explored every inch of her mouth, moaned into the kiss, giving herself over completely to the man in charge, claiming her body so powerfully that it took her breath away. Feeling ’s tongue leave her mouth, pulled him back dipping her tongue into his mouth, tasting him as her tongue licked against his, cursing ’s hard aching erection to throb dangerously against ’s lower stomach through their clothes. Needing to feel ’s rippled muscles better, slid her hands from his hair and gripped onto ’s leather jacket forcing it fall to the floor, leaving in his white crisp shirt and ’s breath to hitch at the sight before her. Giving her no time threw ’s hands above her head, pinning them against the hard cold door with his left hand, as he worked his greedy tongue on ’s exposed neck. Throwing her head back against the door a moan spilled from ’s parted lips, feeling ’s right hand forcefully pull up her dress, and his seeking hand finding its target, gripping at her g-string, ripping it apart vigorously, having no time to wait.

“G-string, good choice Kitten, I got no time to wait. My immense dick has no time to wait, I’m so fucking hard” growled into ’s ear, while slipping a finger deep inside her dripping wet hole, almost like he wanted to feel if she was ready for him.

“So wet Kitten, just like I want you, I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy so fucking sore now baby” groaned against ’s throat making her quiver against his hard body. Grabbing her right leg, guided her to slip it round his body to give him better access.

’s ragged voice purred when they for a second locked eyes, giving the chance to look into his now black lust filled eyes, boring into hers drawing her in, making her shake slightly when the sound of his zipper sounded. ’s parted lips hissed as his felt his rock hard cock bunch free from its confinement and punch against ’s hot wet pussy. Grasping ’s hands even tighter above her head, squeezed ’s firm arse painfully as he slammed his huge dick deep inside ’s tight warm pussy walls, making them both cry out in pure ecstasy. Being fully trapped against the door with her hands pinned against the door wasn’t able to do anything except take in all the sensations was enveloping inside her while he in a rampant punishing speed fucked her against the closed front door. groaned raptly, never having felt such heavy hunger for a woman before pushed him into overdrive, slamming his huge dick in and out of ’s tight dripping wet hole. Both their fluids was making it easier for him to pound into her body over and over again while her sweet red lips before him cried out in pure pleasure. Leaning in captured ’s lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth, licking her tongue in ravish hunger as he felt ’s right stiletto dig into his tight arse each time he thrust into her body. Both feeling their release nearing, broke their passionate kissing and attacked ’s bare shoulder while she threw her back crying out as she felt ’s huge dick filling her insides up completely and her orgasm ripping through her. Feeling her tight pussy claps onto his solid hard cock growled out harshly, feeling her wet walls draw him in even deeper while hic cum kept shouting inside her.

“FUCK” muttered biting down onto ’s shoulder while feeling both their bodies shake violently against each other.

“Oh My God” panted as they slowly came down from their high, still feeling buried deep inside her.

“I know” breathed, soothing the spot on her shoulder with his warm tongue where he had bit her, before he finally released his hold of her hands on top of her head, letting them drop to rest upon his strong biceps while his own rested against the door on either side of ’s body, framing her with his possessive body.

“There’s no turning back now , now I’ve been inside you, now I know how tight, how wet and hot your pussy feels around my hard dick, I need it again, and again....I’m going to tire you out!” whispered, holding ’s gaze, watching her breathe in his words.

“I don’t want to turn back, I like you inside me” spoke licking her lower lip, immediately seeing ’s eyes smouldering at her action and even though she felt unsure of starting fucking the boss of the firm was a good idea, she couldn’t deny how incredible it felt having his massive dick buried and moving inside her. couldn’t help but yelp as pushed his crotch a little against her, making his cock twist inside her core, making fully aware that was already simi hard again.

“Again?!” gasped, seeing a dark wicked horny sparkle within ’s eyes.

“Ohhh yes, I’m going to fuck you all night Kitten, you’ve kept me waiting for so long after all” smirked while his hands moved to the zipper on ’s dress.

“With good reason Mr. , you’re my boss.” protested, but her objection only made ’s gaze darken even further.

“And now I’m your boss in bed too” grinned devilishly, pulling out his cock from ’s sex, making her take an intake of breath feeling his fullness leave her. Grabbing hold on either of ’s hips made her turn around, gripping the zipper on her dress with his left hand, pulling the zipper all the way down to her lower back. Licking his lips groaned seeing inch by inch of her skin being revealed before him until the dress pooled around her feet, leaving her in nothing but her bra and stilettos, the bare sight of her making groan.

“Kitten, you have no idea the things I want to do to you.” whispered seductively and darkly pulling her naked body close against his, making her shiver against him.

“You’re not going home tonight!” muttered before in a quick move had her lifted up into his arms carrying her through the house in search of a bed....

Chapter 17

Feeling everything around her having swept away for her mind, all could sense was , who gently had just eased her from his arms, letting her stand back down onto a hardwood floor, after having carried her into some room after their animalistic session up against his front door. Now staring into ’s burning gaze, felt completely light headed by the hunger for her he still processed and she knew by his burning stare that he was true to his earlier words, he was going to fuck her all night, and she couldn’t stop him, she didn’t want to stop him. She craved him, like he seemed to do her as he leaned in, biting gently at her lips, penetrating her warm, wet mouth again, tangling her tongue with his, while his all too skilled fingers shoved her bra to the floor in an expert move.

!” yelped breaking their frantic kiss when suddenly pushed her towards the bed making her fall down onto the black satin sheets.

“God, you’re sexy!” growled, staring transfixed onto ’s naked flesh, only wearing her heels, as she lay sprawled onto his bed, with him still standing by the edge of it. Watching her blush red under his predatory stare, immediately felt the throbbing in his cock react to it, making him groan and grab ’s feet, pulling of her heels, letting them drop to the floor. couldn’t remove her gaze from him, watching and feeling his talented fingers stroke her legs all the way up to her thighs while he crawled onto the bed, hovering over her like a wild puma watching its prey. knew by now that was dominating in everything he did but just for a second wanted to feel like she was in charge and therefore she placed her smaller hands up against ’s chest, taking him of guard and pushed, making them roll slightly, so fell back against the sheets.

“Mmmmm I was right, you are a dirty sex Kitten.” breathed husky, a wicked grin sparkled in his flaming orbs, sending tingles all the way down ’s spine. Feeling ’s thick erection push against her wet pussy felt unable to reply to ’s words and instead let out a gasp at the sensation of it. Watching the obvious lust washing over as she sat across his body, and evidently soaked in the pleasure of his throbbing cock pushing against her as much as he did, licked his lips greedily, knowing he had to have more, much more of her.

ground her down above him, rotated his hips, grunted as gyrated against him in return, while her long hair spilled round her face stroking his broad naked muscular chest, as she leaned further closer to his chest, placing a lingering kiss there. Running his skilled fingers over her soft skin down her back, felt his hard cock press against her slippery pussy once more, making him groan in need to feel her tightness again.

“I’m afraid you so easily could become a drug” groaned as he drowned in her scent and flavour, while with slight force his strong hands pushed on her back, forcing her closer down towards him. couldn’t help but moan seeing the greedy hunger in ’s every move as his hungry mouth latched onto her right breast, and his tongue immediately collided with her nipple, making it hard in an instance. felt like she was melting on his tongue. As he flickered and licked her erect nub. ’s fingers tugged into his hair, while enjoying his playful tongue and sighed deeply when reluctantly withdrew his mouth from her breast. The throbbing in his groin was increasing every second, and felt like if he didn’t feel her wet, sleek flesh around his cook very soon, he doubted for his sanity. The mare reality of that made grab a firm hold on ’s hips, and in a quick move had them rolled over with underneath him, gasping surprised at the sudden action. Staring down on her, groaned at the sight of ’ parted panting sweet alluring red lips, and not waiting a second, leaned down capturing hers with his, ravaging her mouth as lust raged through his entire body. felt every nerve in her body ending on fire, while her hands gasped onto ’s firm biceps, looking up into his fiery eyes when he broke their kiss for a second, both having ragged breaths. Having both his hands pushing down into the sheets on either side of ’s body as he hovered above her, once more plunged his probing tongue into her mouth, licking, tasting and colliding with hers. felt lifting his right hand from the bed, letting it slide down over her chest, caressing each breast and nipple, before he slid his hand further down over her stomach, towards her thighs before reaching his final target. Tangling his tongue round ’s at the same time as he slipped one finger inside her dripping wet pussy, groaned at the sensation at her tightness round his finger, while at the same time broke their kiss throwing her head into the pillow, as her body arched upwards towards in pure ecstasy. Adding a second finger, pushing them deep into ’s wet core, grunted content at the sight of giving her body over to him completely as her hands grabbed the bed sheets, driving her nails into them, closing her eyes in wild passion.

“Look at me Kitten!” demanded wanting to see the roar passion in her eyes as he pulled his two fingers out and forcefully smeared her own juices over her alluring breasts. was unable to tear her gaze away from ’s when they locked, the sear animalistic look within his eyes made ’s pussy ache to be filled by his long thick cock.

, please.” cried in need, her mare pleads sending shudders through ’s body and his eyes darkened in a dangerous black.

“Please what, Kitten?” groaned in a thick rasped voice, while he forcefully grabbed hold of her hands, linking his fingers with hers above her head, leaning down so his face was only an inch from hers making them both feel their rampant breaths.

“Please fuck me.” begged, loosing full control, only able to feel the aching need in her body.

“God Kitten” groaned deeply, the plead leaving her red lips making his erection throb that hard, couldn’t hold back anymore, so without any warning he slammed his steel hard cock deep into ’s aching dripping wet hole, making them both cry out in ecstasy.

“Leave your hands there baby!” muttered in an order as he freed her hands from his and pushed his own hands into the bed sheets lifting himself slightly, while he pulled his cock out of ’s hole, before plunging straight back inside. Looking up at moaned feeling her breasts being ever so tender and aroused from ’s utter attention. Pulling his cock back out locked eyes with , letting her see the teasing sparkle within them as he with one hand held his cock, driving wild with teasing the head of it on her clit, and leaned down letting his mouth teasingly play with ’s hard nipples. His tongue started making circles as he licked it over ’s breast, and slammed his hard cock back into ’s pussy walls making her cry out. In pure delirious desire moved her hands, stroking her fingers over ’s broad muscular back, and as he slammed into her once more ’s nails dug into ’s back, bonding to leave marks there, causing to growl.

“I said.....leave your hands above your head!” He commanded, moving both ’s hands back above her head. “Don’t move them. Just feel my tongue. Just feel me fucking your tight little wet pussy.” groaned as immediately obeyed before plunged his tongue into her mouth curling it round hers in a dominating way, showing her who was the master.

grunted loudly as he thrust his thick cock back inside her, filling up, forcing his rock hard dick deeper and deeper into her slippery tight hole. Setting up the rhythm made it go faster and faster as his cock filled her up. Feeling the warm sensation filling her pussy, could tell was seconds away from cumming, while his left trailed down her body and in between them to her wet pussy, finding her clit, his thumb flicking at it forcefully, sending into insane passion.

“NOW!” growled loudly as he continued to thrust in and out, feeling ’s warm walls clasp round his hard cock as she started to cum uncontrollably all over his cock. As both their bodies shuddered in utter pleasure threw his head back, letting out a long deep grumble moan, before he collapsed on top of ’s body, both panting for breath.” whispered, as she felt roll of her and onto his back, lying beside her, his breath ragged.

“Fucking amazing” stated, glancing at her, giving her a wicked grin, while his left hand trailed over his heaving sweaty chest. Breathing in nodded, not feeling able to answer as she still tried to calm down the passion flooding through her wrecked sweaty body.

“Now Sleep Kitten, get ready for round three.” breathed, smiling slyly at the stunned expression washing over ’s tired satisfied face.

“As I said I’m going to fuck you all night...and this...” whispered, watching as followed his hand, which moved down to his cock, which he gave a slight stroke. “Will be rock hard for you again, in a matter of moments, so I suggest you rest for a little while, so your sore delicious pussy can get ready” smirked, licking his lips, while to stunned for words stared at him, knowing he wasn’t kidding but too tired to protest ’s eyelids slid closed.


’s eyelids started to flicker a couple of hours later at the sensation of something licking her. Wrinkling her nose thought she was dreaming, but unable to stop a moan leaving her lips, her eyelids flew open and she desperately tried to adjust her eyes to the dark room. Feeling strong hands claw at her thighs ’s eyes widen as she looked down and saw between her legs, his face buried in her pussy, as his tongue traced along the entrance of ’s wet pussy. The mare sight turned on, causing more juices to flow against ’s tongue, who in response groaned and eagerly licked it up as he slowly inserted his tongue into her tight hole, before slowly pulling it back out, licking his lips with his tongue and with a smirk glanced up at , locking his eyes with hers in the darkness.

“I awoke and wanted to eat your pussy, taste you thoroughly for the first time.” stated like it was the most normal thing in the world. His bare words making gasp, not used to the insatiable hunger a man like possessed. Not waiting for an response from , he leaned his head down again, buried his face into her pussy, letting his tongue trace her dripping wet entrance again, before moving his tongue to her clit, sucking on it, caresses it with his tongue, nibbling on it lightly, making claw at the rustled satin bed sheets feeling her body burning under ’s flaming touch. Sliding his tongue through her wet pussy, plunged his tongue deeply back inside her wetness, causing to clench her muscles to raise her hips up to meet his tongue, but immediately put both hands on ’s hips and pushed her down into the mattress. knew by know that needed control and it was turning her on beyond belief. The rhythm of his expert tongue got faster and faster while suddenly slid a finger deep inside ’s pussy as he continued to lick her hard throbbing clit. groaned as he eagerly licked up her juices, enjoying eating her pussy and hearing her cries of pleasure as he continued his assault. ’s powerful insistent attack on her pussy suddenly pushed over the edge, her body convulsed, making let out a long moan with her heavy breathing. With a last lick against ’s clit lifted his head and stared down onto quivering naked body, as she desperately tried to catch her breath, while still gripping onto the bed sheets. The sight of her and the taste of her still lingering on his tongue, made ’s solid cock scream at him for release. Leaning his body over ’s, deliberately forced her to feel his steel hard cock, pushing against her lower stomach, while he sealed his mouth over ’s lips in an intense need. His craving tongue dipping into ’s mouth making her taste herself on his warm tongue. Needing closer slid her hands over his back, letting her nails trail into his skin as she slid them down over his broad back, meanwhile she plunged her tongue into ’s mouth, licking against his tongue, until broke their kiss and stared down into her glassy satisfied orbs.

“I want to cum inside your dripping wet pussy....feeling your juices covered all over my massive hard dick.” whispered, watching swallow at his blunt words.

“Then take me, I want you too.....but .....” breathed unsure on how to say her words in the mist of the heated passion flooding heavily between them, yet her pussy felt so sore after ’s continuing raw hungry assault upon it, and had a feeling that as soon as was inside her again, it would be rough.

“Kitten?” murmured raising a challenging enquiring eyebrow at her.

“I’m so sore, be gentle” barely spoke audible as her cheeks flushed brightly red, her shyness only adding to ’s heated craving, his cock throbbing dangerously.

“I want you sore...I like the thought of having made your pussy completely sore by my dick.” growled through his lips, and pushed his erection against ’s lower stomach once more while hovering above her body, making fully aware that he wasn’t going to be gentle with her. Dropping a kiss on her lips distracted her, making her gasp as he in a sudden quick move had her rolled over underneath him, her stomach pushing into the mattress. Lifting himself up sat upright on his knees pulling with him, her back flushed firmly up against his muscular chest.

“I want you so bad I think it’s cutting me from inside out.” admitted while he guided her down on all fours, noticing take a deep intake of breath as she realized what he was hinting for her to do. felt hesitate for a split of a second, but then she pushed her ass back against his hard erection showing him it was alright.

“That’s right. You are my sex kitten. Put your hands on the bed and hold on!” said thickly as he moved behind her, guiding his hard cock to her entrance. bit her lower lip to suppress a cry when his large cock sank several inches into her sore pussy, not stopping until every inch of his huge cock was buried inside her. The sensation of her sore pussy clasping onto his dick made a sound of a mixture of a choke and a deep grunt leave ’s mouth in pure bliss. exhaled shakily when started to pound in and out of her slippery pussy, the cry trapped in her throat leaking out through her lips, as continued the painful constant pleasure of his cock rubbing inside her. Pulling ’s hair with his strong hands, prolonged to move his cock in and out of her heavenly taut hole, ignoring that he felt cum and persistent at a rapid pulsating pace. Reaching his right hand towards ’s front targeted her clit, rubbing it firmly, before he suddenly slowed to an almost complete stop. Slowly moved his cock in and out of her, making feel every last inch of his length pulsing in and out of her sore wet pussy.

“Fuck your pussy is heavenly tight and sore.” gasped, pausing with his cock fully sheathed, grunting in such pleasure knew he felt her orgasmic convulsions.

“Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here, deep inside your fucking tight little sore cunt. I want you sore, because of my hard dick, only mine!!” growled in a low tone that sounded a little dangerous to .

“Only you!” shrieked as resumed fucking her from behind, fast and furious, fucking her raw, as wasn’t feeling done just yet. Within seconds after, felt ’s cock swell deep inside her, the sensation sending a powerful shiver of ecstasy to ripple through her body. Groaning ’s hands was clawing into the skin on ’s firm ass while he slammed his thick cock into her one last time, before they collapsed onto the bed, utterly fulfilled and spent.


The sunlight were steaming in through the luxurious cream-colored panel curtains in the bedroom, as rolled onto her back and realized it was now daylight outside. Letting out a long sigh of pleasure reached her hands above her head to stretch her back beneath the soft duvet. The simple action made wrench a little as a feeling of soreness shivered through her, reminding her of the dark night’s steamy delicious activities in this very bed. Thoughts from the night oozing with rough passion filled images flashed before her eyes making smile ridiculously silly, and slowly roll her body onto her side, expecting to see the sexy handsome man beside her in bed. Her smile immediately faltered at the empty space beside her, reaching her right hand over she stroked her hand over the space where lay when she fell asleep. His side felt cold under her fingertips, telling her he had been gone for a while. The realisation immediately sent her mind flooding with thoughts because hadn’t really promised her more than sex, had he? The mare thought made ’s mind spin, while she in a quick move sat up in bed, trying to remember everything he told her, before they went back to his mansion. That was when remembered they had dropped her dress on the floor in the hall, her eyes winding remembering might have his butler walking around and would stumble upon her clothes, and that would then add up to the second embarrassing meeting with him. Just as that thought spanned round her mind, ’s gaze landed upon a closed closet door, where her blue dress hang neatly on a dress hanger waiting for her. Pushing her body to the edge of the bed, sighed deeply, feeling rather worried that wasn’t there in bed beside her....Where was he?

Chapter 18

Brushing her fingertips through her hair tried to straighten the messy locks of hair, while she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She could feel her body ache from all the sex with , and she couldn’t help but feel a bit of nerves washing through her as she now stood in her blue dress from last night, getting ready to leave the safety of the bathroom and see where about in the house had disappeared too. Breathing in walked out of the bathroom and through the bed room, grabbing the door handle, hoping she wouldn’t stumble into Jackson again in the corridor, ’s everything guy, apparently the guy was both a butler, driver and could be more for all she knew. Pulling the door open sighed in relief seeing no one there and slowly started to walk down the corridor until she reached the large kitchen area, her gaze flickering to the Kitchen Island spotting engrossed into a new crisp news paper.

“What would you like for breakfast dear?” A friendly voice suddenly rattled into ’s frozen state, taken her off guard. Moving her gaze towards the stove area saw an elderly woman smile at her, waiting for her answer.

“I’m...I don’t want to be any trouble.” mumbled and flickered her gaze towards , who still had his stare fixed on something in the paper.

“No trouble at all dear, pancakes?” She questioned and noticed the woman had already made some and put them onto a plate beside the stove.

“Yes... please...” murmured and stepped over towards , nervously sitting down upon the chair beside him, and wrenched a little doing so.

“Hmm..” mused while a wicked smile showed in the corner of his lips making fully aware that he had noticed her wrench as she sat down.

“Morning Kitten” added finally gazing to his side and looked at .

“Morning” spoke quietly just as the elderly woman sat some warm pancakes in front of her, followed by a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

“Thank you Helen” said towards the older woman.

“My pleasure Sir” Helen smiled and slowly left the kitchen giving them some privacy.

“You got a housekeeper” blurted out when they were alone.

“I do and her name is Mrs. Helen” replied placing down the newspaper and stared at instead.

“Any more people you’ve got working here I don’t know about?” asked sipping on her orange juice.

“No not here” simply said, while a smirk spread over his lips once more at seeing wrench a little more on her chair. “Are you sore?” questioned, his eyes dancing with sinful insinuation.

“Why would you think that?” murmured, avoiding his gaze as she said so, remembering his words from last night “Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here..” The bare words flashing through her mind making her cheeks blush.

“Because you’re struggling to sit on the chair” stated, holding her gaze when she looked back at him. “Besides, I like your pussy sore, it will remind you that it’s now mine” simplified as it was a statement not to be messed with. The pure heat in his words and darkness creeping into his hazel eyes made swallow and look down onto her plate, unsure on how to eat now with the predatory male beside her.

“Where were you?” finally asked a moment later when she found her voice again.

“What do you mean?” raised an eyebrow towards her while resting his arms on the kitchen island. Looking back at him couldn’t help but drown in the sight of him in his black suit pants and the crisp light blue shirt.

“You where gone when I woke up” said quietly.

“I slept in my bed” shrugged.

“Oh...I thought we were in your bed” frowned, a hurt surprised expression washing over her face.

“No that was the guestroom. I don’t sleep with anyone” stated.

“But...” protested but the warning in his eyes immediately made her stop.

“Remember I said I didn’t date? Well I don’t sleep with women either” solid clarified with frowning at him.

“I never promised I would sleep in the same bed as you , but clearly you just assumed” muttered raising himself up from the chair.

“But last night was....” trailed off.

“Amazing sex!” growled reaching out tugging ’s hair behind her ear. “Off which we could continue now, I could make you even more sore” suggested but pulled away slightly.

“Mr. ...I need it to be more.” ’s voice trembled lightly, getting up from her chair as well and stepping away from him, needing a bit of distance to keep herself together.

“I know you do, I didn’t say it wouldn’t be” replied, confusing as she didn’t know what he really meant.

“But let’s agree on one thing..” smirked stepping up to cupping her cheeks in his hands “The sex was fucking fabulous” he grinned before dropping a earth stopping kiss onto ’s lips, pulling away a moment later, grinning at the melted look within ’s eyes.

“It was” breathed watching as smiled and walked over to a chair and grabbed the suit jacket he had hung over the back of the chair.

“I’m sorry but I have some work to do. Please stay, eat your breakfast and Jackson will drive you home.” explained, making shake her head a little at his blunt change of conversation.

“You’re leaving?” blurted out.

“Yeah...unless you feel the need for a morning shag?” enquired his features one of challenge.

“I’” mumbled watching nod, giving her a sly smile before heading towards the hall, where head him talking to Jackson, most probably telling him to drive her home when she was ready.


Coming home an hour later, stepped into the flat hoping would be asleep so she could sneak quietly into her bedroom without being spotted in the same clothes as last night, even if another part of her was burning to tell what had happened during the night. That she had actually broken her own rule and giving in to without really knowing if it was just sex to him or if it was more. She doubted he felt more, doubted he wanted more even if she had told him she needed it to be more before she would fall into his bed or rather into the bed in his guestroom. The mare fact made groan at herself as she dragged her exhausted body through the flat until a voice suddenly made her stop up abruptly.

“Somebody’s in trouble” sang in a sniggering voice, when was about to walk through their kitchen.

“What?” mumbled confused, unsure of what meant with trouble, her mind still to cloudy with the absorbing scent of .

“Somebody’s in trouble” repeated, a grin plastered on her face when finally looked over and saw sat on the edge of the Kitchen Island wearing only her red silk robe, while holding a cold glass of orange juice in her hand. shrugged her shoulders in confused defeat, the meaning of ’s words slowly started to creep up upon her after a few seconds of silence.

“That’s the walk of shame!” elaborated with words while collapsed down onto a chair beside , wrenching slightly while doing so to ’s amusement.

“Ohh so the sex God was rough on you was he?” sniggered as ’s lips twisted into a weak smile.

“You could say so” murmured.

“OHhh I KNEW it!!” exclaimed, causing to giggle at her.

“You gave in, you had sex with him” grinned.

“Yeah...three times actually..” mumbled feeling her cheeks blush slightly.

“Nice, you needed it” chuckled.

shrieked with wide eyes staring up at her friend.

“Haha what? You did, you’ve been craving him for ages now, and him as well so it seems.” replied, finding the whole thing rather funny, that had slept with her boss.

“Right...your right” sighed knowing there was no point in denying it.

“So, was he as good as he claimed?” asked, wanting all the gossip.

“Actually..” trailed of, giggling at the curious expression washing over ’s features. “He was better. It was mind blowing sex, seriously.” admitted while her cheeks heated further.

“Oh my” spoke watching fall into a heap of jelly in front of her as obviously memorized every moment with in her mind.

“So much predatory controlling lusting male possessing my body, God it was heaven.” sighed looking dreamily into space, not seeing the smile appearing on ’s face at not having seen like that in a long time.

“Well I’m glad you had a fabulous time.” said, while finally turned her gaze back at , her eyes still clouded and all could read in ’s eyes where the name ‘’.

“The best time.” beamed deciding to leave her worries to later, right now she would just revel in the after shoots of having been with him. Shaking her head, gazed at , remembering where she had left last night.

“What?” enquired at the curious expression in ’s eyes.

“How did you speed date end?” asked pushing her chair back and standing up right, not seeming to find a comfortable position to sit in.

are you sore or something, since you can’t sit still?” frowned with a chuckle grazing her lips.

“Ermm’s just that he was huge....and rough and....well..!” uttered unable to look in the eyes, as burst into giggles.

, stop laughing at me.” pleaded embarrassed.

“ I guess you like him huge and rough?!” smiled suppressing another chuckle.

“Yes I liked it. Hey I asked you a question, how did it go last night?” spoke trying to change the subject.

“Well you saw the line up of men, and there actually was one where I thought maybe for a second or two.” said, immediately seeing look at her by her words.

“Really...who?” asked while resting her arms on the table.

“His name was Steven, he was a high profiler in finance, he claimed to be rich and own a vineyard in France. I very much doubt it though.” explained, recalling her moment with him.

“Oh I could see you on a vineyard in a fancy summer dress” blurted out.

“Yeah but we didn’t really click, and I didn’t exactly feel any fireworks” sighed lightly.

“Shame, we need fireworks” stated.

“We certainly do. Anyway he went on talking about wine from his vineyard, and suddenly he told me you could make ice cubes with leftover wine....” told.

“What?!?” laughed.

“Yeah my thought exactly, so I simply asked him what leftover wine was...haha you should have seen his shocked expression, it was priceless” giggled.

“It really wasn’t the best selection of London’s men.” chuckled.

“It really wasn’t” agreed.

“So did you just dump them all and leave?” enquired, as their laughter settled down.

“Actually no, I got a drink at the bar and called Olly, and faith would so happen that he was in town and out partying at another club.” smirked.

“So you met up?” raised an eyebrow in wonder.

“We did.” admitted.

“What is it with you two, you keep hooking up...are you a couple by now then?” frowned.

“Hmmm no....we’re just having fun” smiled and just as was about to answer a noise made them both turn their attention in the direction.

babe, we’ve....Oh morning you must be ’s roommate.” The male grinned stepping into the kitchen spotting there with .

“Oh....My....Good....GOD!” hissed in a whisper towards , as she stared at the man smiling like someone who had won the lottery and in this lottery knew for sure what he had won and it for sure would involve some tussled bed sheets by now.

“Yeah I know” chuckled, looking at him with a satisfied beam.

“He is hot” exclaimed in a whisper, taking in the sight of him as he slowly stepped towards them in only a pair of snug grey dark worn jeans, his broad tanned muscular torso on display.

“You can stop ogling him” giggled turning her face towards .

“Yeah sorry, but it’s not every day a fine piece of male art steps into our kitchen all of a sudden.” defended herself, making shake her head in a chuckle just as he stepped up to them and reached his hand out to .

“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced, I’m Olly” He smiled a megawatt smile to who instantly shook her head gathering her senses.

“Oh, hey...I’m , ’s roommate” mused while Olly shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you, you’ve had a great night too I take it” Olly smirked with a cheeky grin at ’s appearance. “ told you were out last night and wouldn’t come back home until sometime today” Olly added.

“Oh did she now?” blurted out shooting a glance at for spilling the beans to Olly.

“But that’s all she said” Olly assured suddenly getting the impression he’d said the wrong thing, but hearing laugh eased his worry.

“Yeah I bet but yes I did have a great night thank you and it’s nice to finally meet you, heard a lot about you” gave back as good as she got feeling suddenly stare at her.

“Really, she have?” Olly beamed clearly not minding at all while looking between the two and a thought seemed to stroke his mind. “You two are man eaters, aren’t you?” Olly joked immediately getting both women’s attention.

“We’re been called a lot of things but not that” chuckled while slid down from the table she sat upon and stroked her index finger down Olly’s broad chest while holding his gaze.

“You’ve got no idea” teased, biting her lower lip, loving the heat erupting in his eyes, while tried desperately to hold a laugh in.

“I ermm think I’ll just head back. Nice to have met you ” Olly uttered turning around and walking back into ’s bed room while called after him “you too”.

“Oh the poor boy” giggled when he was out of sight and she turned to .

“Hmmm should I say the same thing about this morning?” raised a teasing eyebrow.

? The man which is always in control, I don’t think there’s any poor boy about him.” spoke.

“Trust me , every man has a weak point, you just haven’t found his yet.” stated and started padding out of the room.

“You are alright though, right? I mean about last night with ?” asked casting a glance before leaving the kitchen.

“Yes I am, I’ve never knew it could be that incredible” replied quietly.

“Good…I better go back to Olly, we’ll speak later okay, when I’ve send him out of the door” smiled.

“Of cause, have fun.” chuckled.

”I need a long warm bath now anyway” added dreamily, getting a wink from before she disappeared in the same direction as Olly.

Chapter 19

Stepping into the lobby of 5 Th. Ave Advertising Monday morning immediately felt her pulse quicken at seeing standing waiting for the elevator. couldn’t help but letting her gaze wander over his broad frame, standing there in his tailored suit looking every bit of the CEO in charge. With her heels making a clinking sound against the floor as she walked, reached the elevator just as it announced its presence and the doors slid open.

“Good Morning Sir.” spoke trying her hardest not to let her nerves show in her voice.

“Miss. acknowledged her stepping aside for her to walk in first. Feeling her heart beat raise smiled towards a guy walking into the elevator after them. Sneaking a glance at , she saw him looking straight ahead, a briefcase in his left hand, seeming like he wasn’t affected at her presence, like she was him. He wasn’t even giving her a glance, and it made feel anxious, she knew he had to keep up appearance but he had never been this cold before. Suddenly the sound of the elevator tore out of her thoughts and casting a last glance at as she stepped out on her floor, she only saw him move his gaze to take out his phone from his pocket, not giving her as much as a glance. With a dreaded feeling in the pit of her stomach breathed in and braced herself for the day ahead.


The hours seemed to drag at office and had had no contact with , he seemed completely indifferent towards her. had come down once but had just walked straight into ’s office and closed the door. When he had left ’s office he seemed to tell some joke by the laugh erupted in before had closed the door, and headed straight back out through the revolving doors, not as much as a nod in her direction. stared ahead on her computer screen feeling like she was reading the same thing on her screen for the hundred time, she just couldn’t gather her thoughts.

“Hey, you alright?” Ethan asked suddenly hanging in over her cubicle with a grin.

“Yeah, I’m fine” stuttered looking up onto his happy face.

“You sure? You’ve seemed miles away all day” Ethan elaborated.

”You’ve noticed?” blurted out, cursing herself as soon as the words left her mouth, but by the smile on his lips he didn’t seem bothered.

“Of cause, how could I not? I work almost right beside you” Ethan explained.

“Oh, I’ve just got a lot on my mind” muttered.

“Care to talk about it over dinner? We’re off now anyway” Ethan spoke making aware of the time.

“Thanks but can we do a recheck, I really just need to go home and get some sleep, that might do the trick.” excused herself with a weak smile.

“Sure, any time. Have a good night. Ethan smiled and headed off. Seeing Ethan blend out of the office with the rest of the staff, closed down her computer screen and grabbed her purse just as the door to ’s office sprung open.

“Oh Miss. good thing I caught you, is asking for you to help him sort out some files” called towards her from his door opening.

“Now?” uttered feeling her pulse raise.

”Yes now, so head up, you are off for the day afterwards” simply stated and headed back inside his office leaving standing with a pool of nerves. couldn’t understand what was going on and the last thought to enter her mind as the doors of the elevator closed was “fuck what is he going to say?”

Seeing ’s secretary already gone nervously knocked on the door to ’s office and hearing his crisp voice telling her to come in, Linda stopped right on her track at the sight of him.

“I need your help finding a document; I fucking can’t find the damn file.” fumed while stared at him with a beating heart watching him in his tailored pants and white shirt that did nothing to hide his muscular torso behind its fabric.

“Miss. ?” almost snarled frustrated tearing out of her trance.

“Sir. sorry, never thought you would lose any documents!” blurted out and at once saw him stare at her.

“I don’t normally but my damn secretary just walked in here while I was out and placed it wrongly without remembering where she put it” barked, making put a mental note not to cross ’s temper where work was concerned.

“I’m sure it can be found” spoke, trying her hardest to shake of her insecurity of being with him and he still hadn’t as much as given an any sign that what happened between them meant anything to him. Watching him bend down by a cabinet and scroll through files stepped over to another cabinet beside the one he was going through. Grabbing a file, stared at it but found it impossible to concentrate on the task, she just couldn’t believe how indifferent he seemed and it bothered her.

Her eyes caught sight of that hard play of muscles under his shirt and it made her mouth go dry. Sensing her fixed hungry stare made cast a glance at , recognizing the heaving need radiating from her body, setting his dick to push against the fabric of his pants.

”Is something wrong?” spoke trying to ignore the throb in his groin and watched intently, his gaze never leaving hers while she placed the file in her hands on top of the cabinet. His sudden intense attentiveness, made feel nervy, it was like he was running hot and cold on her, and she didn’t understand what he was playing at.

“I don’t understand you” said quietly, swallowing a lump in her throat when got up and turned to face her completely, standing a few steps away from her oozing of radiating male, his arms flexing as his left hand grabbed hold of his blue tie, and loosened up the knot slightly, making it hang a little ruffled down his broad shirt clad chest.

“What’s to understand?” frowned, not getting what she was complaining about, to him they had had a incredible night of rampant sex and he wasn’t intending for that to stop but he had been like he always was during the day, so rolling his eyes groaned, at the frustrating spices of women who in his mind had a tendency to over think things.

”So it was just a game and now you got what you wanted, you’re just done with me?” hissed, her eyes shouting daggers at , causing his dick to throb even harder in the confinement of his pants.

“I never said I was done with you!” fumed back, finally grabbing a harsh hold of his tie and throwing it to the floor.

“But you’ve been acting like I don’t exit all day, like what we did this weekend doesn’t mean anything!” argued her voice quivering as suddenly strode towards her.

”Would you rather I fucked your brains out over my desk?” growled pushing back against his disk, his large hands grasping hold of her arse cheeks pushing his groin against her. The contact made whimper at the feel of ’s thick erection pushing against her lower stomach, while he shovelled his tongue into her mouth. soon heard moan into his kiss while his tongue masterfully and forcefully, licked, sucked and curled round her tongue, making putty into his hands. Her sweet sounds of need, made fully aware that he had her right where he wanted her, and right now all he wanted, all he had wanted all day was to fuck her roughly and senselessly. In one quick move had lifted onto his desk, pushing her skirt up over her hips with his skilfully hands, breaking the kiss glared into ’s cloudy heated orbs, as she felt her body shake and react to ’s every act.

…”His name trailed of her lips, like sugar in ’s ears, making his eyes turning a shade darker. His hands were leaving her body to roughly pull down the zipper of his pants while watching take an intake of breath at the sight of his large thick hard cock springing into view, making groan by the mare freedom.

”Would you like to feel my huge dick pulsating inside you?” asked in a thick crisp voice, while ripping ’s panties of throwing them to the floor, and making hiss as his right hand grasped hold of his thick erection, teasingly pushing the tip of his dick against her slippery hole but not enough to penetrate.

“Yes” ’s voice shook.

”Yes what, say the words!” demanded, keeping the teasing up sliding his dick through her labia lips as he leaned his broad muscular body over hers.

“Please fuck me Mr. begged having lost all sense of self control, her mind to clouded with need of having fucking her. Hearing the words made instantly growl and slam his huge throbbing cock deep into ’s heaving body.

“Fuck” snarled at the sensation of being sheathed completely inside her dripping wet pussy. Leaning down ’s mouth claimed ’s lips possessively, while his hands, held her body in place, as he fucked her rampantly, and roughly thrusting his huge hard dick in and out of her slippery hole, to her cries of pleasure against his lips. ’s fingers where tugged into his short hair at feeling slam his cock deep into her repeatedly, his cock throbbing violently inside her each time he sank deep inside her, forcing her to feel every inch of his length as he fucked her. Feeling himself getting onto the brink of orgasm, plunged even harder and faster.

“Come!” demanded breaking their kiss holding her gaze fixed with his in a predatory stare. Her body giving in to ’s every demand, threw her head back when her pussy walls clasped round the length of ’s throbbing dick. Pulling out of her slippery walls pushed back into her one last time both coming with shaking screams of pleasure while the orgasm rode through them both. ’s eyes cloudy at the feel of ’s load that kept shouting deep inside her.

“As I said I’m not done with you. We’re going to fuck again, but for now I’m going to let you go home and get some rest.” muttered pulling his cock out of her slippery canal and helping her stand back up on her shaking legs. Easing her skirt down while her pulse was still raising, watched tug his cock back into his pants. Not saying a word reached down to grab her panties, but the sound of ’s voice made her look up.

“Give them to me, you don’t need them” ordered nodding towards the panties in her hand.

“I can’t go home without any panties” protested in an insecure voice.

“You can, that will remind you that I just fucked you over my desk, and that you won’t have anyone else fucking your pussy until I see you again.” insisted, his dark eyes shouting a stare at her not to be messed with. Raising herself into a standing position quietly let her panties drop into his outstretched open palm.

“That’s it Kitten” smiled devilishly, holding her stare while he held her panties up to his nose and inhaled her scent, the display making ’s voice hitch.

“See you tomorrow Kitten” smirked, his eyes sparkling dangerously back at while she unsteadily left his office with a frantic beating heart.


Reaching home went directly to her room, letting her bag drop to the floor and grabbed a fresh pair of panties and headed straight for a calming shower, still unable to believe had kept her panties, almost like they were a trophy. On her way to the bathroom she had noticed the music coming from ’s bed room, and even registered humming along to a song but just needed a moment to herself, needed a moment to gather her thoughts. The first day back at work after her passionate night with hadn’t gone the way she had thought, she still couldn’t believe how cold he had seemed all day until he had fucked her over his desk. The last thought making close her eyes with a sigh as the steam of warm water poured over her drained body. Frustrated pushed her left hand against the shower wall, annoyed with herself for having just giving into so easily, and just let him have his way with her on his desk. She could still feel the pleasure her body felt from the spurn of the moment sex but her mind couldn’t keep up, and her heart was putting up warning signs for her. Opening her eyes felt the signs wrench her soul, she wanted more and so far it seemed all was going to give her was incredible sex, but how could that be enough? Closing the water tap was sure she was going to end up hurt. Quietly got out of the shower and dried her body with a big white fluffy towel before heading back into her room, pulling on her purple comfy pyjamas pants and white tank top. Hearing music still coming from ’s room, slowly walked towards ’s room, seeing her stand in front of her floor length mirror and applying a touch of makeup.

“Date?” mumbled glancing at in her cream coloured business suit as she sat down onto the edge of ’s bed.

“No, business dinner with the hawk and a client” spoke as she added a touch of lipstick.

“Oh..” whispered looking down onto her fingers in her lap.

“You’re going for a quiet evening in?” asked at ’s appearance.

“Yes, just need to sleep I think, I’m sooo exhausted” sighed.

“That would be all the sex with the sex God” smirked making instantly glance up seeing look at her.

“What?” blurted.

“You had sex with him again, didn’t you?” said with a seemingly knowing look.

“How did you know?” exclaimed nervy.

“The look on your face says it all. Mind you where on earth did you do it? In the elevator, the copy room, the…..” laughed pointing out places.

“In his office after hours okay?!” cried out

“Sure it’s okay, I’m sure he enjoyed it” winked. “So what is wrong?” added.

“He ignored me all day, like nothing had happened, like I didn’t exist, and then when I’m about to go home I get called up to his office to work overtime on one of his deals. Which ends up with him fucking me over his desk, he is not going to give me more is he? He is only going to give me incredible sex isn’t he?” rambled, letting off all her anxious feelings.

, I don’t know but by the sound of it then I would have to say yes. He doesn’t seem like someone who gets involved in a relationship and I know that’s what you want.” said softly.

“But I both want him and don’t cause like this he won’t be any good for me” complained.

“I know hun, he would possibly end up hurting you if you get attached and I know you, you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling from him, because you do get attached. It’s not a bad thing, unless you pour yourself onto a man like him, a big shot.” replied before reaching down and grabbing her heels for the night ahead.

“But he is so damn mouth watering” rolled her eyes.

“Hehe yeah I’ve noticed” chuckled and put on her heels.

“I don’t know if I can do this murmured.

“So you want to dump him?” asked looking at with a question in her eyes.

Chapter 20

”Hey wait a second” called out just as grabbed the door handle the next morning, ready to leave for the office.

“Yeah?” questioned, stopping up and glancing towards watching her step into their hall with a bowl of yoghurt in her hands.

“About trailed off putting her spoon into her mouth.

“Yes?” raised an eyebrow, feeling tense just by the mention of his name.

“You sure you won’t change your mind about him?” asked while instinctively dipping her spoon back into her little bowl of yoghurt.

“I’m….yes I’m sure” replied although to , it didn’t sound convincing at all.

“As long as you’re sure cause with a guy like him….” spoke but stopped at the warning signs in ’s eyes.

“I have to go now, or I’ll be late” mumbled and opened the front door.

“All right, call if you need to chat” smiled seeing nod before she was out of the door.


Holding herself together greeted the others good morning on her way through the lobby before she stepped into the lift to head up to her department. Feeling relived having the lift to herself, barely got five seconds to reveal in it, before every nerve in her body stood alert, sensing his presence before he even stepped into the lift just prior to the lift doors closed in front of them. couldn’t stop her breathing from making a small hitch at having him this near, his broad strong frame, making her feel fragile beside him.

“Morning Kitten” ’s raw voice spoke, making her aware that his business tone was in action.

“Morning” mumbled taking a step to her left trying to gain some distance to him, but her action immediately caught ’s attention, his eyes glancing over and running over her body before boring into hers, holding her gaze in a firm lock.

“That’s not a decent enough morning greeting. You’re cross with me!” bluntly stated, his eyes narrowing at her darkly, making swallow and silently curse at for taking notice.

“What’s wrong?” asked simply.

“Nothing” shrugged not wanting to get into anything with this morning, it was too early for anything and her mind hadn’t even set into full gear yet.

“The HELL there is!!” fumed, his arm reaching out hitting the big red button that made the lift stop abruptly. Seeing all his forcefulness lightning up this early in the day made ’s body shiver, shaking her head trying to get out of the grasp his boring eyes held over hers. Definitely not wanting any conversation with him this early with her emotions out of check, felt her anger rose. She knew she was still feeling very soar at just being used for sex, she was not that kind a woman, yet had turned her into one. Moving her gaze back to meet his, she knew by the way he stood brooding in front of her, that he wasn’t given up.

“Get….The….Elevator….Moving!!!” hissed, spilling the words out one by one.

“No!” muttered not faltering at all.

“You’re SUBBORN PIECE OF MAN!” cried out frustrated.

“Likewise.” snarled “So who has gotten you into this foul mood already, it’s not even nine yet”

“You did, you bastard!” spit out before she could even think to stop the words, but her words immediately made storm towards her, pushing her backwards until she hit the wall and pinned her to it, holding her locked with his strong frame. Both of his large hands grasped hold of hers, pinning them to the wall on either side of her face while his flaming orbs bored into hers.

“There now, tell me what the fuck is wrong?” groaned aggravated close to her lips.

“You’re using me. The only thing you want is sex and that is not all I want!” fumed, the words tumbling out of her trembling mouth.

“Oh really?” whispered hoarsely, his left hand slipping its grip on hers and darted down to ’s black colored skirt, pushing it upwards, while leaving a trail of fire against ’s skin with his fingers heading right for its target, pushing her g-string to the side and cupping her aching pussy with his large hand.

“That’s not what you’re body are telling me” murmured into ’s ear. “You’re so wet baby” groaned as his finger slid through her labia lips.

“Stop it!” groaned infuriated at and at herself from not being able to push him away and for instinctively throwing her head back against the wall in a moan as ’s thumb pressured onto her clit.

“See your body is begging for it” groaned, nibbling onto her earlobe, when finally gave in, unable to stop herself and lifted her left leg, curling it around ’s waist, giving him better access.

cried out when he pushed a finger deep inside her.

“Just imagine this was my massive….hard….cock slamming into you…” breathed ragged, kissing her jaw “…instead of my fingers” whispered feeling shudder in his arms when he added a second finger, pushing them in and out of her slippery aching hole. could feel her clit pulse against his thumb and the sweet sounds leaving her delicious mouth told him she was close. grunted at the feel of his fingers inside her, it amazed him how wet she got for him, he was sure it was every man’s dream and right now it made his cock throb dangerously in his tailored dark grey pants.

“mmmm” cooed delirious, pushing herself down onto ’s fingers but groaned deeply frustrated when her action made pull his fingers out and away from her.

“Don’t stop” cried frustrated, having been on the brink of cumming.

“This Miss. ..” trailed off glancing at his two fingers glistering with her wet juices. “ your punishment for yelling at me, trying to deny me what is mine” spoke hoarsely, his eyes dark as he held her gaze and sucked his two fingers with her juices into his mouth, licking them clean with a content groan, making ’s pussy ache even more for his touch.

“You’re punishing me by not letting me cum?” blurted out shocked, her own eyes darkening frustrated at the cheeky grin appearing in his eyes.

“It might teach you some manners” smirked stepping back away from her.

“You bastard!” snarled realizing he was indeed going to let her hang, denying her the one thing her whole body was now screaming for, his delicious touch to make her cum.

“I would be careful with calling me that” muttered an alert warning shinning in his heated gaze, as stroke her dress back down and ’s hand once more hit the red button, setting the lift back in motion.


“Heading home on foot?” Ethan asked with a raised eyebrow as the work day had come to an end and they had just walked down onto the busy street where people where walking in each direction.

“Just until my feet gives up!” muttered, her build up frustration during the entire day, caused by letting her hanging, had made her curse the living daylight out of him.

“Well if you make it all the way home in those heels, I’ll buy you a drink next time we meet at a club” Ethan winked glancing at her heels, making ’s gaze follow.

“I just need to walk some frustration out of my system but you got it, deal” spoke reaching her right hand out for Ethan to shake to close their deal.

“Yeah I noticed you were a bit beside yourself today” Ethan laughed shaking her hand gently while sarcastically mumbled “a bit” thinking it had to be the understatement of the week.

“Yeah well I’ll see you tomorrow, have a nice evening.” forced a smile before turning around and started to stride down the street, leaving Ethan to head in the direction of the underground to catch the tube home. She hadn’t walked far before she sensed an unease wash over her, and reluctantly she glanced to the road catching the sight of a familiar black BMW driving slowly by the curve. She knew who it was in her gut before she heard his voice sliding over her senses like some kind of drug. Ignoring his voice she kept walking, she wasn’t going to give up on her standpoint, he was using her. The incident in the elevator this morning was a clear example of just that.

!” grumbled just as she rounded a corner and the car still followed her, while she grasped tighter round her bag to keep her bearings intact.

for God sake stop!” growled slamming the car door up and storming out from the backseat, grabbing her arm, forcing her to stop.

“You stubborn, stubborn woman!” He cursed while glared at him as they came face to face.

“I’m your boss!” blurted through gritted teeth, his frustration with her oozing from his strong broad frame.

“Only at work, not when I’m off duty” snarled making narrow his eyes in an incensed irritated manner.

“Are you defying me?” fumed pushing his body up close to hers, their faces only inches apart, as held onto her upper arms in a tight grip staring at her, trying to catch her gaze but knowing she was domed if she looked back into his dangerous eyes, looked everywhere but him.

“I asked you a question” muttered, his left hand coming up cupping her chin forcing her to gaze back at him, and the minute their eyes locked felt some of her resistance ease away from her body, yet her eyes was still clouded with something he couldn’t quite comprehend.

“I’m simply going home.” said quietly while cursing herself for getting weak at the slightest look into his deep hazel orbs.

“No. Get in the car!” ordered a warning not to defy him flashing in his eyes, yet knew he would be even harder to fight off in the car so she stood still standing her ground.

“No I’m going home to play with bob, coz at least I can count on him. He won’t let me hanging frustrated all fucking day!!” hissed infuriated not even caring about the shock brimming in his eyes for a second before he shook his head, and angry possessive eyes bored into hers.

“No one is fucking touching you but me, not even some fucking plastic toy. You got that?!” spit harshly. His hand grasping even tighter round her arm as he forcefully dragged her to the black BMW, pushing her into the backseat and slammed the door closed. In stunned silence tried to settle into the seat but her mind was a whirlwind and her body felt incredible apprehensive, and the thick tension between them could be cut like a knife, all she wanted was to go home and not having to deal with the mad demanding boss of hers. There didn’t pass more than a few seconds before the other car door was swung open and slid into the seat closing the door and giving Jackson directions, before he leaned back in his seat and took a deep breath to calm himself. glanced at him looking ever the hot piece of male he was, making her body ache even more. Her own breath hitched when he suddenly turned towards her, leaning his muscular body towards hers, his left hand falling to her knee as his face came so close to hers that she could feel his warm breathe on her face.

“Your craving is for me, my body, my tongue, my fingers, my dick, my cum inside you” whispered in a low raw voice making every fibre in her body react to him. tried to answer but his words made her speechless and her pussy tingle in mare want of his touch.

“You’re going home with me, you need dinner coz you need to build your strength for what I got planned for you” murmured, his eyes dropping to her lips, but his demand clicked into ’s mind and her frustration rose back instantly.

“I’m not just your hole for you to use” spat pulling an inch away from him, the only space he let her have from him.

“No but you belong to me and you know you want it too” spoke relentlessly, making her whimper in frustration when he leaned in and possessively nibbled her lower lip with his delicious lips. Needing some sort of distance lifted her hands pushing them against his broad shirt clad torso, but he didn’t move an inch, he was too powerful.

“You need me to make that little pussy of yours cum, only I can satisfy that ache inside you” breathed hoarsely locking eyes with her, to ...staring...debating with herself, the sensible thing would be to get out of that car the quicker the better before he would swallow her up completely.

Chapter 21

“I can’t believe I let you take me here!” sighed as she turned around from the window and glanced at standing by his bar mixing up drinks.

“You didn’t” spoke not even flinching on his statement and his eyes never leaving the red wine he was pouring into a wine glass. “You want to be here. You and I both know it” added knowing full well was glaring at him apprehensively.

“You are really very sure of yourself” blurted, vagueness showing in her voice, making shift his gaze and look at her.

“I wouldn’t be where I was if I wasn’t” replied, making unsure if he meant in resembling to his high career status in life or he’s self-assurance round women.

“Do you want anything?” asked changing the direction of subject and hinted to his bar. “I got everything here, well almost, I got everything down in the game room” He added while nervously looked at his bar knowing all too well she wouldn’t be able to get the red wine down. As she saw tip his wine glass to his mouth, couldn’t help but let her inner voice secretly whine about not liking the red stuff of which obviously enjoyed.

“No thank you, I’m good!” finally breathed when put his glass back down onto the bar counter.

“In that case make yourself at home” nodded towards a black very soft looking sofa at her right side. Feeling a little nervy slowly sat down on the edge of the soft sofa, crossing her right leg over the other while adjusting her skirt, meanwhile feeling ’s burning gaze on her the whole time.

“Still mad at me?” questioned tearing his stare from her legs and boring his gaze searching into hers.

“Yes, you left me hanging!” muttered unable not to notice the sly satisfaction of his own game slid over his dangerously mouth.

“You needed a reminder about who is in charge here” shrugged and leaned his broad frame up against the bar counter.

“You forget we are two in this and I didn’t agree on these terms. I wanted more and you…” argued but was abruptly interrupted.

“Promised you more?” raised an eyebrow guarding her reaction as he finished her sentence with a question.

“Yes!” muttered.

“I didn’t say that directly now did I? As I recall I just promised I would make you explode in pleasure and I know I certainly kept that promise.” smirked, his stare turning that bit darker, sending jolts of shivers down her spine, her body seeming to succumb to his every wink. Narrowing her eyes at him tried desperately to remember him promising her more in direct words but for some reason the words didn’t seem to find her. Just as she was about to open her mouth they both turned towards the door at a soft knock…

“Dinners ready Sir. “ Helen spoke softly coming into the room and gave a gentle smile.

“Thank you Helen” answered sweetly before shifting his gaze back on .

“We need to get some food into you and then I believe I owe you to cum.” spoke darkly.

“But we still have a problem don’t we?” protested trying desperately to hold onto her problem with him.

….go with the flow, now food” said determined his order not to be messed with and reluctantly got up and walked towards the door. Soon feeling his strong hand sprawled across her lower back, guiding her into the kitchen.

Settling down on the dark wooden chair watched Helen leave the room giving them peace and privacy while sat down beside her tugging into his steak with a satisfied smile. Gazing at her own plate felt a mixed sense of being hungry and at the same time unsettled at the act of eating, her mind to troubled with how easy she just bended her ways for .

“Go on, dig in, it’s very tasty…” sly smiled at her, making breathe in as she carved out a piece of steak but her fork stopped abruptly by her mouth when she suddenly felt ’s breath by her ear. “…it’s almost as tasty as you.” murmured before nibbling her earlobe, sending her body into jolts of shivers. Turning her face closed her mouth and almost breathlessly looked at digging into his steak once more, like nothing had happened. He knew exactly what he was doing she was sure of it but she was hungry and he sure as hell wasn’t going to put her off food with his steamy ways. Digging in to her food and tasting the deliciousness of it on her tongue, she slowly relaxed and concentrated upon her dinner, not even noticing the burning stare from beside her before she placed down her silverware onto her plate. Shifting her gaze her eyes was met with a flaming stare undressing her with his orbs.

“Sorry guess I had worked up an appetite.” mumbled nervously stroking her right hand through her long hair.

“I’ve got quite an appetite too but food doesn’t quite satisfy what I’m hungry for.” smirked licking his lips suggestively.

“What would satisfy your appetite Mr. ?” asked raising a challenging eyebrow.

“You!” growled quickly turning ’s chair around and in a raw move grabbed her pulling her onto his lap, her legs on either side of him, their eyes locked firmly. With her hands on his shoulders to steady herself felt a raw determination start to flood through her, and her mind settling on playing back on the cards he had played, if he wanted the game like this she was going to play a long…..for now!

“So this is what you want, sex?” purred her right index finger dropping onto ’s lower lip, tracing it over his lip but just as slid his tongue out to lick on her finger, moved it, sliding it further down, over his chin…

“Simply pure and raw sex with no strings?” added on a crooked tone, his eyes narrowing on guard, knowing she was playing him but not yet to what measure.

“Right now” snarled feeling his hard cock twist in his pants at her tempting manner. “I just want to fuck you” growled his fingers digging into her hips, holding her in a locked grasp by his powerful hands.

“But you won’t….” breathed trailing her finger down his throat, making him hiss.

“The hell I will!” snarled and was just about to move, when quickly smacked her hands over his on her hips.

“NO! Cause this time, it will be me fucking you!” snapped, his movement stopping instantly, his dark eyes searching hers on guard.

“That’s right, I’m….going….to ride……” purred moving her hands up opening the buttons on his shirt, licking her lips as she watched his dark chest hair coming into view. “…you!” leered shifting her gaze to his, noticing his eyes had gone dangerously lust filled.

knew she was treading on a risky path but just for once she wanted to feel in charge of their sexually fiery attraction. She felt his hands push her skirt up above her hips and without stopping him she felt his right hand cup her aching pussy. Biting her lip felt two fingers clasp round her g-string and staring right into his flaming eyes she read the question within them, asking her if he could rip the string and at the same time gave her the power she was seeking…at least for now. Nodding slowly it didn’t take more than a second to follow through, her string was ripped, making his eyes flicker in heat. Swallowing the nervy lump in her throat, she felt nervous at taking the power in her hands yet now that she had started she wasn’t going to stop. Her hands found the zipper on his pants, unzipping him she could feel him growing harder and larger by the second, while his fingers dug further into the bare skin on her upper thighs, making her sure he would actually leave marks on her skin but she was too flooded with passion to care.

“Fuck” snarled darkly as his huge erection was set free and grasped him in her hand. couldn’t help but whimper at the feeling of his hard steel in her hand, throbbing just like her pussy where. Lifting slightly upwards by the help of ’s hands trailing to her hips, holding her, leaned in close to his lips, biting down on his lower lip making him groan in need.

“I’m going to ride your big….hard…massive….cock….so you won’t be able to think about anything else tomorrow” croaked against his lips, knowing she was playing with fire, pushing him was a daring thing to do.

“My dirty Kitten” muttered under his breath before plunging his craving tongue into her mouth, just as the tip of his throbbing cock pushed against her slippery pussy, making them both moan into the heated kiss.

“You’re so huge” ’s breath ragged against his mouth and she felt him smirk against her lips, followed by a low growl when his tip sank into the entrance of her slippery hole. Wanting more and quickly slammed down onto his solid flesh, making harshly break their kiss on a horny leer. Feeling him fill her to brink made moan in bliss, delirious with pleasure as she started up a constant rhythm, sliding up and down his hard shaft, their panting groans of pleasure filling the atmosphere of the kitchen.

“Faster!” snarled on the brink of exploding at the sensation of her soaking tight pussy walls clasp round his hard flesh over and over again as she rode him like she would never stop and he found himself wishing she wouldn’t. Giving what he wanted with his furious help as he pushed upwards on her downwards thrust it didn’t take long before felt that familiar tingle starting to surface in her body.

“GOD!” fumed as he hit her to the brink with a last slam into her body, her walls clasping round his cock like a fist, drawing him in, as he jolted into explosion, mixed with the sensation of falling apart in his arms.

!” cried out her body shattered into orgasm round ’s jerking flesh.

“Fuck Kitten!” muttered in a ragged breath leaning his forehead against ’s as they both slowly got their breaths back. Lifting her fingers letting them tug into ’s short hair sighed contently.

“I’m not hanging anymore” smiled remembering how he earlier had let her hang on the brink.

“I should hope not but just in case…” spoke scooping her into his arms and raising himself to his feet with her chunked against his broad frame “…I’m taking you to the bedroom to fuck you. I’m taking the power back!” breathed unwavering and headed in the direction of the bedroom had come to know.


Sitting in the backseat of the black BMW gazed out into the darkness through the car window as they neared her street. Jackson sat in front driving the car skilfully through the streets of London. had been determined that Jackson drove her home, wanting to make sure she was safe, if she actually wanted to leave in the middle of the night. With a quiet sigh remembered how had left the bed, obviously still true to his word by not sleeping side by side with her in bed. She had stayed in the warmth of the bed covers hoping he would come back but he hadn’t and eventually she had fled the bed and picked up her clothes, putting it on and gone searching for her purse in the kitchen. To her surprise she had found there in nothing but his boxers, giving her the perfect view of his muscular body and swore to herself that she would never get tired of looking at his striking strong and sexy frame. Shaking her head softly as Jackson tore her from her thoughts by opening his car door, already having parked the car without taking notice, having been to lost in thoughts.

“Good night Miss. ” Jackson spoke when having opened the door beside .

“Good night Jackson. Thank you for the ride.” replied quietly while getting out of the car.

“My pleasure” Jackson hummed and closed the car door. He stood still and leaned his body back against the car watching walk all the way inside the building, obviously making completely sure she got home safe. Not seeing a soul walked up to their flat and quietly locked herself in. Walking through the dark apartment guessed were sleeping, and just walked into her own bedroom, dropping her purse on her chair before sitting down on the edge of her bed. Feeling her head spin with the thoughts in her head, leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees and hid her head in her hands. She had done it again. Giving in to the power that was and she knew she would do it again and yet she didn’t know how long she could keep doing it, the feeling of being used just for sex playing tricks with her emotions. He was drawing her under his spell and she seemed unable to stop it, saying no to him seemed impossible....